“recommendations on pocket door repairs”

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“Dear PoPville,

I am writing to see if your readers could provide recommendations for a contractor who specializes in pocket door repairs. I live in a historic building in D.C. and one of the two large pocket doors separating my bedroom and living room has been stuck for some time. Ideally, I’m looking for someone who has experience working in older/historic buildings.”

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  • Phred Pham, Phixit LLC, fixed mine.


    • C’mon. You couldn’t have said he “phixed” yours? A chordal progression like that demands resolution!

  • My mom has a historic home in Baltimore. She found some guy in another state that travels all over the NE and you have to put him up for a night when he drives down… told me she wasn’t able to find anyone closer. I can ask her when I see her this weekend.

  • Why do older pocket doors require some kind of specialist? This surprises me. I have a newer pocket door and the main thing for fixing that is just limiting the amount of demolition and then doing good repair to the damaged trim and wall.

  • Nolan Brook installed my neighbor’s pocket door and I’m considering having him do mine. He renovated my kitchen and bathroom as well. We live in a historic building too.


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