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  • Yeah, for awhile now. Though the sign is fairly new I think. Same owner as Biryani Xpress.

  • it has been this way for about 8 months now..never tried it though. any good Prince?

  • It’s been that for at least several months (first a temporary banner, then the permanent sign). I can’t say I’ve ever noticed anyone going in or out. Even when the weather was nice in Oct-Dec and everyone else’s patio was busy, I never saw a single soul eating on theirs.
    I guess everyone is going someplace else… [rimshot]

  • Years ago I loved this place for its cheap drinks and quality jukebox. Thinking of setting foot in there today, much less eating any sort of food there, makes me very queasy.

  • The place is in the process of being completely renovated, but they had their soft open a few months ago. They just finished the downstairs, which has a chill vibe with comfy couches. There is hookah, cheap drinks, and fast food (North Indian and Pakistani style). The upstairs still needs work done. It certainly is a far cry from what I remember the building being like in college.

    I have enjoyed all of my visits there. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know one of the owners/managers. He is a fascinating man who used to be a well-known journalist in Pakistan. I think it is a nice place if you are looking for a relaxing night to get some cheap drinks and chat with friends.

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