Shooting in the 3400 block of 14th Street, NW just before 4:30pm

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Update from MPD:

“On Tuesday, January 19, 2016, around 4:15 PM, MPD responded to the sounds of guns shots in the area of the 3400 block of 14th Street, NW. An adult male victim was located suffering from a gunshot wound, he was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The injury was non-life threatening. The Fourth District Detectives are investigating the case.

Anyone with information regarding his offense is asked to call the MPD CIC at (202)727-9099 or text at 50411.”

A reader reports:

“Newton street closed between 14th and Holmead, news crews out, one reportedly injured. WTF??”

Update from a reader via twitter:

“Building mgmt email to residents: shooting victim came to Allegro for help. Incident did not occur in building.”

Alert DC reported:

“Alert: Shooting at 1621 hrs in the 3400 block of 14th Street NW. Lookout for:2 black/males, Suspect (1) light complexion, long red dreadlocks, weapon, Suspect (2) ski mask, bike.”

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  • FYI – according to police on the scene, the person was shot across the street (maybe in one of the restaurants) and then ran INTO the Allegro lobby.

  • The news reported the male was shot in the alley around Newton and 14th and he ran from the alley into the Allegro apts after being shot.

  • Wow, I hope everyone is okay.

    The greatest gift to me from the Fates, was allowing this place to go rental during the economic crisis. I bought in pre-construction at the top of the bubble and luckily got my deposit back–this building is a bit of a disaster.

    • Bro someone was shot. Obviously everyone is not ok. Right?

    • Being in close proximity to crime is part and parcel with living in a city, however unfortunate it is. A bit of a dramatic reaction…

    • Example 1 of why some people react with such vitriol to the concept of gentrification. Your halfhearted concern followed by two sentences about the value of a building. I’m not critical of your good fortune, but some things are best left unsaid.

      • This building is a disaster beyond the violence–it has been long documented here and elsewhere. When you begin a new paragraph it is safe to say that there can be a different set of thoughts unrelated to the prior set of sentences. I’m not unaware of the crime that exists in the world–even in areas that have not undergone gentrification in the last handful of years–it happens everywhere.
        What has become a growing annoyance of this board over these years that DC has shifted in it’s population, is the ever need to correct and criticize every word someone writes on a blog. Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your feedback of how I responded to the crisis. You don’t know one thing about me other than my statement that I am happy to not have invested in a specific building. If you’re interested in gentrification, I can tell you all about it, I grew up in Manhattan and there is no clearer example.

    • As a resident of the Allegro, I can attest that the building is far from a disaster. A sad event happened in Columbia Heights and the folks at the Allegro were the ones to call the policy and EMS, hopefully saving someone’s life.

    • But you could have lived on top of Thip Khao!!

  • My office is on the same block and I walked by right after the event. There was a pile of pants, blood, and shoes in the front of the lobby. Looked bad. Hope the victim is ok. I recently leased an office in the area and been concerned about groups of teens loitering around, smoking pot, and getting into fights. I love Columia Heights, but I hope the community can band together to make it a safer place because despite the development, many problems still persist.

    • I’d suggest contacting Brianne Nadeau with your concerns. She is the Councilmember for this neighborhood.

    • too many remnants from the old neighborhood still remain for columbia heights to move on from the violence. government housing should be torn down, welfare leeches thrown out.

      • DC needs to get a handle on this before those with choices leave and the city is left with another 45 year cycle of disinvestment before another generation steps up to take the plunge into city living again.

        • Actually, all over the US people with choices are moving to cities. If DC’s housing market crashes, it won’t be because people don’t want to live here due to fear of crime; it will be because whatever jobs people have that allow them to pay $2500/month for a lux rental dry up.

          • +1. People talk a lot about crime, and some people choose to relocate to the suburbs because of crime and/or wanting better schools/more space for their kids… but there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of people moving into the District to replace them.
            That’s not to say that crime in D.C. isn’t a problem — it IS a problem. But it doesn’t seem to be prompting significant flight from the city.

      • I won’t go into why public housing isn’t the problem because I doubt you really care. But I will say that someone who has a problem with public housing shouldn’t buy or rent an expensive residence in a neighborhood where there are public housing projects with the expectation that those projects will magically be torn down just because the person has moved to the area.
        There was public housing in Columbia Heights 15 years ago when the last real estate boom began and 5 years later when that boom ended. There’s still public housing there. It’s not going anywhere.

        • I agree with you. This is the risk that one takes when purchasing in a “transitional” area. You don’t get to pick the timeline in which it will transition, or the outcome of the gamble that the neighborhood with ever fully transition into what you want it to be.

      • Yes, because all violent people are poor, all poor people are violent, so poverty is inherently criminal, poor people don’t deserve to live where non-poor people live, and displacing the poor is is not only right but also solves problems. Flawless logic, thanks.

  • “I’d suggest contacting Brianne Nadeau with your concerns.”

    Hahahhahahahahahahah. That’s rich. Nadeau cares nothing about issues that don’t put money into her buddy Bowser’s fund. Good luck with that.

    • Wow, this is really off the mark. Bowser and Nadeau are not allies. Not enemies, but not allies.

      • LOL, seriously?
        Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

        • On what basis are you saying this?
          I’ve never been a fan of Muriel Bowser and have become disenchanted with Nadeau, but as far as I’ve been aware, they’re not allies. IIRC, Nadeau opposed the Exelon merger proposal.

  • It is fair to say that Nadeau only cares about the concerns of certain segments of the population. I suspect that you (we) are not among them.
    Also, residents policing/patrolling their own neighborhoods is something Nadeau champions. Following that logic, this shooting is the fault of the residents of the Allegro building for not walking the sidewalk and offering tutoring and cheerful words of encouragement to the shooter.

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