• ECfromDC

    Yeesh need a lot of work.

    • Anon

      I’d guess they went for this look on purpose – I like it. Looking at the close-up brick photo, you can tell that the brick had been (relatively) recently repointed. Part of that process involved power-washing off the old paint, leaving a facade that looks quite weathered.

      • textdoc

        I don’t think it’s been recently repointed — there are still slivers of paint covering the mortar, whereas with recently repointed brick, the mortar is entirely clear of paint, but there might be paint still attached to the bricks. (The back of my house was recently repointed.)
        It looks as though this house used to be painted beige (or maybe white) and recent owner(s) have been waiting for the paint to wear off.
        I disagree that the house “needs a lot of work” per se — we have no idea what the interior looks like, and the paint peeling is really a cosmetic thing. I’d be more worried about the greenish area (moss?) above the basement window, and the greenish patches on the riser portions of the front stairs. (And the stairs’ lack of a railing.)

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Looks pretty great until you spot the 1970s porch lights.

  • Emmaleigh504

    nice brick work

  • wpk_dc

    I love interesting brick patterns, like at the top of this house. Very nice!


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