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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Friday!

    Rave: Happy Hour at Thunderburger tonight means $5 nachos.

    Rave: I mean, it’s incredibly flattering that a 27 year old is interested in wanting to go on a date, but – he’s 27.

    Rant: I got some kind of oil stain on one of my favorite sweaters and I am not sure if it will come out.

    • I’ve had good luck with online home remedies for stains. I think you’ll need some powder: talcum, baby, etc.

    • Just putting this out here: my husband was basically an embryo when we met, and I had a ton of trepidation about dating someone younger than me. But I gave it a shot, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Sometimes the 27-year-olds of the world surprise you!

      Re: oil stain, try making a paste of baking sode and dish soap. That sometimes works.

      • How many years apart are you and your husband? I mean, maybe he will surprise me, I just…there’s a gap, there. over 10 years.

        I’ll definitely try your home remedy for the stain, thanks for that!

        • Six years – so not quite so large of an age gap. And I will say that if you have to “talk” yourself into going out with the guy, probably isn’t going to work straight out of the gate. But if you are interested, would one meeting for drinks hurt?

    • I know we sometimes like to hate on dry cleaners, but mine got pork juice and craft paint off my favorite cashmere sweater.
      Also, try Folex, it is magic. I got mine at Home Depot.

    • 27 is whats up.

    • houseintherear

      Oxy spray in the blue bottle has worked for me on oil stains.

    • 27 is as 27 does.

    • try dawn dish soap on the oil stain.

    • I recall getting interest from a 24 or 25 year old when I was single. He lobbied hard for a date, But I really could not get past the fact that he was starting kindergarten the year I graduated high school. I am pretty ageist though. I almost didn’t swipe right on my now BF of nearly 2 years because he was a year younger than me lol

    • It’s the 21st Century! A guy wouldn’t think twice about dating someone 10 years younger. I myself dated a 27 year old — ,making her literally half my age. OK, sure, maybe it was doomed from the start, but it was fun for a while. Just role with it. If you’re clicking otherwise, it will literally only be awkward for the first 20 minutes — unless he keeps getting carded while they serve you without questions. And if anyone uses the term “cougar” within earshot, have the kid punch them in the nose.
      More seriously, a friend of mine has been been married for 20 years to a guy she first fraternized with when she was a legislative aid (possibly LD) and he was an intern. If it feel right, go for it.

      • What’s that rule? A woman has to be your daughter’s age plus ten years to be eligible to date (assuming that your daughter is over 11, of course). Or maybe it’s half your age plus ten years? Or both.

      • The rule I always heard was “half your age plus 7.” I had an informal rule of “closer to my age than my son’s” but that obviously fell by the wayside.

        • Yes, that’s the rule I’m going by — and he passes just under the wire! I’ll meet him for a drink, I guess. He made me laugh, which is important.

          • I have a friend who’s 41 and married to a man who just turned 28. He was 25 when they married, 23 when they started dating. One of the benefits of a younger husband, she says, is that he’s more comfortable with evolving gender roles than the average man her age. He’s totally happy to be the more home-focused partner, while she’s the higher-earning, more career-oriented one. In most of his FB pictures, he’s wearing the baby in a carrier, and has the biggest, happiest smile. She jokes that he feels like he scored by marrying a powerful woman. 😀

          • My mom is 10 years older than my dad- and my dad was 19 when they started dating.

          • “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” — Marilyn Monroe
            Which sticks in my head because my highly stressed, sometimes intense girlfriend often says “I like you because you make me laugh.” Still can’t get her to paint the living room, though.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: hands and feet are so cold. It’s not like I was outside either.

  • Rave: So appreciative of your support here – talked with my husband, he ran interference with my family, and we have a compromise that works.
    Rant: Steroids for Shingles making things tough.
    Rant: Feeling disenfranchised at work due to a variety of issues that everyone knows about and everyone talks about but no one who has power does anything about.
    Rave: Focusing on an awesome family trip that’s shaping up nicely for Paris/Brittany/Normandy in June for the Euro Cup.

  • rave: friday
    rant: metro and their employees
    rave: going out for serious drinking with my girlfriends after work
    rant: hoping i can see a movie this weekend, but i have so much i need to do.
    rant: got to find a new nail salon. cuticle bleeding isn’t fun 🙁
    rave: I may quit facebook. lol

    • I quit facebook 5 years this month and never looked back. Granted I had only signed up the previous year.

    • houseintherear

      I went to Nail Saloon (14th and Church) for the first time a couple weeks ago, thinking it would be ridiculous and was way too overpriced… holy moly it was HEAVEN. It took them over an hour to do the manicure, and I actually *fell asleep* sitting up while they gave me a hand massage. The manicure is still on my nails and was 100% perfect, which I love since I have severe OCD. $32 but very much worth it! They also serve you beverages, basically anything you want, and the staff is so nice.

  • Rant: Why does WashGas think it is acceptable to have someone wait a full day to activate a gas service. Why can’t they give a 2-4hr window. Then to say that it’s up to the technician to give a courtesy call when they are their way. Proper bs!
    Rave: I have five days to calm down before coming face to face with the tech and not have choice words on their scheduling.
    Rave: A lazy weekend on deck.

  • Rave: Date night tonight!
    Rant: The other Mrs. Rabbit dropped a full pint-sized mason jar of chia seeds on the kitchen floor this morning. Glass shards and chia seeds everywhere. That was fun to clean up.
    Rave: We’ve started to talk about the possibility of trying for another child. We’re not ready yet (still too soon) but at least we’re talking about it.
    Rave: I’m generally feeling more upbeat again. I still have some pretty bad moments but they’re getting easier to deal with.

    • Yay for feeling more upbeat! I assume it will never be “easy” to deal with, but that it will get easier. Also, your chia seed rant reminds me of a few weeks ago when my parents were hosting a dinner party and my mom accidentally smashed a glass vial of spices, scattering spices and glass all over the beef tenderloin she was marinading. Chia seeds sounds like a pain and a half to clean.

    • Yay date night! And I’m glad you’re starting to feel upbeat again, even if it’s somewhat of a roller coaster ride.

      Holy moly, chia seeds and glass? That sounds crazy to clean up. I once dropped a pyrex mixing bowl in our kitchen and though they are usually reasonably durable this thing shattered into a million pieces. I was in bare feet and my spouse had to go get me shoes before I could even think about moving. We are still finding the occasional shard even though that must’ve happened a year ago.

    • I’m so glad that you’re broaching the topic, but more glad that you’re starting to feel better. That is wonderful. Hope you have a great date night!

  • Rave: Re-joined the fitness/dance studio I used to go to. I really need to make it a habit again!
    Rant: Puppy sometimes paces back and forth between my side of the bed and the bf’s side of the bed at 5am until we make enough room for her to jump up, gets under the covers just long enough for us to fall asleep again and then gets too hot and decides to go back to the couch.
    Rant: Jet lag and congestion. Not a winning combo.

  • Rave: Slept like a baby last night for the first time in ages and woke up in a great mood.
    Rave/Tip: For those dealing with dryness-related sinus/sore throats – Night four with running the humidifier plus “breathe easy” essential oil and I feel back to normal. Also, my skin is less dry now. My hair is still a static mess, but two out of three plus a bun and hair clips and I’m not going to complain. Hope this might be help to some of you.
    Rave: I love my kids’ teachers. I had a really wonderful conversation with one of them at pick-up last night, and it made me super, super proud. It’s great that a teacher would take the time out at the end of their (very) long day to make sure to give some positive praise.

    • Thanks for the tip – where did you get the “breathe easy” stuff?

      • Amazon, I’ll email you the link, but it is a blend of peppermint, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus. I should note, I have the kind of humidifier you can put essential oil into, it probably shouldn’t be added to the kinds with filters as I imagine it would degrade to filter.

        • Which humidifier do you have? I’ve been looking for one that you can put essential oils into but there are so many options out there that I can never decide. Also, does yours last through the night? The other issue is that the ones I see online are usually really small.

          • I got the Amiri Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser (Amazon). It is very small, and it does not work for making the room more humid, but I have it right next to my bed on my table, and so it works great for helping me breathe (which is why I got it). It only holds 100ml of fluid, so at first I was concerned, but it does work all night. There is a mode where it runs continuously and one where it puffs for 30 seconds, the off for 30 seconds. The continual run mode will last for probably 8-10 hours on one fill-up, and the intermittent mode lasts much longer (not sure how long though – it has automatic shut off). It also has a light mode, but I don’t use that.
            My suggestion would be, if you need a general humidifier because your room is bone dry and you are having other issues (like super, super dry skin, trouble staying hydrated) then do a large, bog-standard humdifier. If you are having sinus issues/congestion, try the diffuser close to your bed at night. You could even have both running and that would probably be the Holy Grail of winter dryness.

          • Awesome info, thank you! I think I may have to do both a regular humidifier and an essential oil diffuser.

        • Great, thanks!

    • If you ever solve the static hair problem I’ll bake you cookies… my hair is like baby hair and during the winter it’s like I have my hands on one of those static ball contraptions from science class where people would put their hands on and the class would watch their hair turn into a static nest.

      • This is me!! Wearing hats is the worst. Then my hair just randomly stands on end for no apparently reason, so I’m better off keeping it on. Not helping right now are my longish bangs. I tried to blow dry them and look halfway decent yesterday – yeah, no. To say I look like a hot mess hair-wise right now would be a complete under statement.

        • Try wiping a dryer sheet around the inside of your hat before you put it on. Totally weird, but it works for me. I suppose it’s supposed to reduce static on your clothes so it should work for your hair. I like John Frieda’s Secret Weapon too – but I have the thickest hair you’ve ever seen on a white girl so it may be too much for thinner hair.

          • This totally works sometimes if I rub it literally on my hair hahaha…. Then my hair smells like bounce. Not terrible per se. Anonamom, I am also rocking a side bun right now too. I’m rethinking my long hair, but short hair would maybe be even worse in terms of standing on end.

          • I will try the dryer sheet!
            I had the same though about a hair cut, but I know I will regret it!

          • Yes my hair stylist recommended this as well. Use it actually on your hair but also can do the wipe down thing in hats and on sweaters etc…

      • Static Guard. It stinks, and it’s aerosol, and god only knows what it really IS, but it’s the only thing for those few ultra-dry weeks in winter. I spray it on my cuffs to keep my trousers from sticking to my socks, and on my hairbrush, and inside my hat.

      • Aveda has a finishing cream that you add to dry hair which helps with the static electricity. I have also discovered that lined hats (rather than just knits one) really save my hair.

      • Allison

        Sometimes I put aloe vera gel in my hair (the kind you’d use for a sunburn) and not only does it work as a super cheap, nice, light hair gel, it also keeps some of the static at bay.

  • Rant: Work again. I know I should be grateful that I have a job (and one many would consider a dream job) but I have been rollarcoastering between feeling annoyed at everyone else and inept myself all week. Any advice from the PoPulace on how to create work for myself? Apparently I am no good at this, and since my office hired me without any particular duties in mind as a full time employee to take the place of a part time intern, they now want me to figure my job out for myself. (For example, write research papers. Not a problem but I’ve offered for them to take a look at my past research on the same country /issue and they never took me up on it…..)
    Rave: So close to the weekend.
    Rant: Do I need antidepressants to make me want to work more? It’s not that I don’t want to… I want to feel accomplished. I just feel like my enthusiasm and motivation has withered away.
    Rave: PoPville, supportive family and wonderful friends — the important things.

    • You must work in the IC?! This sounds all TOO familiar to my previous govt job! I guess you could write a new research paper on the most relevant topic to current events and your expertise. Can you find a good therapist that takes your insurance? Therapy REALLY helped me when I was going through a tough time with work and personal life.

      • Very close. (Frankly, I’m hoping whatever paper I write I can also use for a class this semester that I’m taking on ::drumroll:: the same subject. They don’t seem to want school work as a work product but no one said anything about using it the other way around — it would be all from public sources. I don’t have the brain capacity right now to write two different papers on the same general topic.)
        And I have looked for a therapist before (see my re to spite cupcakes down further) but it didn’t work out. I could try again but I’m wondering if it’s more effort than it’s worth when both my current position and school will end this summer. It’s just getting through until then without loosing my temper or my sanity.

    • From what I have found as a consultant for the government your job is really what you make of it, and a lot of it is building relationships with Gov Managers and working with Contractors. If you make good relationships you will get assigned to more interesting work.

      • You are very right about this. My last position was like this and I’m trying to keep in touch with many of those connections despite being out of their area of work now. The main issue with being assigned work in my office is that I work two steps below two quite high-level people and so a lot of the work seems to hover up with them and not fall down to me.

      • I don’t like the phrase “it is what you make of it.” It’s a way to place blame for a bad situation on the person for whom it is bad, while implying that your (or others’) good experience was due to your (or others’) superior handling of (usually) a completely different situation.
        Can’t we just concede that some situations suck, no matter how hard we try to “make” it unsucky?
        That small rant isn’t directly exactly at you, Anonynon, because you do go on to explain. I just don’t like that phrase. It’s so loaded.

    • If your job is to do research and no one seems to care what it’s on as long as it’s somewhat relevant to whatever your job is about, then brainstorm things you find interesting about that topic, think about what research is lacking in the field, etc. and just jump in. If no one is going to give you direction, just do research on whatever you want and if they don’t like it, at least you got some feedback and can then turn that conversation into what they think you really should be writing about.

      • “at least you got some feedback and can then turn that conversation into what they think you really should be writing about.”
        THANK YOU. This is a very valid point. I think I will go ahead and start this today.

    • I had a similar problem several years ago (my role was mostly defined, but I had a lot of downtime and little guidance on what to do with it). I had a hard time as well, everything I thought up was way beyond my abilities or unrelated to our work. It took time to learn how to pick out what would be interesting from an agency perspective and doable.
      Are there any old reports that could be updated/redesigned? When I was blanking on ideas I went through the standard reports we regularly update and re-designed them (they were really old fashioned, in some cases just a set of PowerPoint slides with little analysis), which got really good feedback. But, I kind of like graphic design (not that I know what I’m doing, but it’s fun to make things pretty and informative). We’ve had a big push towards making more infographics, so if your office is the same and you have the interest, maybe start mucking around with transitioning some documents or creating graphic summary fact sheets for the more technical papers to make it more accessible to a wider audience?
      As for research, I’d just reiterate ParkViewRes. Look at any relevant current events and try to shape some sort of useful product out of it. For example, I had free time in 2011/12, so I created a briefing breaking down the EU crisis and potential implications for the U.S. economy. The analysis wasn’t overly complicated. It wound up being enormously useful and well-received. Also think about the format that’s likely to get the most traction in your agency: a briefing-style PowerPoint? Academic-style paper? Talking points/fact sheets? Papers are great, but keep in mind that there’s a select number of people who are really willing to dive into a technical paper.
      And ditto for therapy on insurance. I saw my therapist about both job and personal issues (which is why I think I needed to talk to someone…was getting hit on all sides) and it was really helpful. She had a government job prior to her therapy practice so it was interesting getting her input on my fed job issues.

      • I’m going through old folders right now seeing what I can pull to update! I’m sure we have a lot of updates to make somewhere… we’ve had a busy few days….

  • Rave: Spinach, mint, matcha smoothie as part of second breakfast.
    Rant: I did not sleep well last night. I kept waking up and could not get comfortable. I think lots of naps are in order this weekend.
    Rave: Friday! Let’s hope this work day goes by quickly.

  • Rave: Nice little impromptu-ish get-together with textdoc last night!
    Rant: I am so exhausted. I know I haven’t been getting enough sleep, but this is ridiculous. I’m that “bone-tired” where you wake up and your bones ache from being tired. At least I’m getting my thyroid levels checked again next week, in case that’s part of the problem
    Rave: Kitty is better, and she’s been surprisingly non-psycho and good-natured about her mandatory diet / restricted palate.
    Possible Mega Rave: Talked to my mom last night and she informed me that my brother has decided he wants help and is trying to get into a rehab program. He’s working with some sort of social worker to help sort out if he needs to be in a residential program or what. So…maybe things are looking up?
    Rant: Rehab programs vary widely and all of them are stupid-expensive.
    Definite Rave: My uncle is slowing regaining sight in his eye! Surgery was successful!

    • Glad to hear about your brother!

    • Not saying this is definitely the case for you but I’ve felt this way pretty much as long as I can remember just so tired and exhausted ALL the time. I could have slept 15 hours and still wake up and be tired. So yes part of that was depression (which is an ongoing issue that I deal with) but I finally got my vitamin D levels checked and as it turns out they were shockingly low. I now take prescription vitamin d supplements and feel 1000 times better – seriously.

      • hmmm….thanks for the info – I already have thyroid issues so it may just be a case of needing to adjust dosage, but if it turns up fine, I’ll ask my doc about Vit D levels.

    • Bear

      I am right there with you on the fatigue…what’s frustrating is that I just had my thyroid levels checked and they’re fine, so there’s no real explanation. I also need to get more sleep, but I am seriously dragging these days. Maybe we need more daylight…

      • Same here. I have a family history and multiple symptoms that would indicate thyroid or cortisol problems, but my levels are all normal. I’m happy there’s no problem, but still really frustrating to not have a solution.
        Wonder if I should check my Vitamin D levels now…

  • Rant: I forgot to clean my humidifier so I haven’t been using it, and when I woke up in the middle of the night dry and reached out for my glass of water, the dog took that as a sign that it was petting and attention time. It was not. The paw on the bed is only cute when I’m actually awake.
    Rave: I scheduled what seems like it’s going to be a very promising dog training session. Hopefully there is an end to the barking in sight.
    Rant: sinus infection.
    Rave: clean kitchen.
    Rave: local wedding this weekend.

  • janie4

    Rave: I have a signed lease, deposited the first month’s rent and deposit, and have handed over the keys. I have tenants!

    Rant: Now need to get all the work in my unit done, and put up a mailbox, and get the railing installed, and find a rug – busy.

    Rave: At least I can afford it. Financial solvency, here I come.

  • Rant – Work has been a total pain in my ass this week.
    Rave – Friday!! I thought you’d never come.
    Rant – Have to go to a cousin’s baby shower this weekend. Baby showers are not my favorite.
    Rave – I’ll get to see my family. And I’m taking an earlier train home so I have an excuse to the leave the shower early.

  • Rave/Revel: Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you so.

    Rave: Great business trip this week. Very proud of my team and to be working with such smart and caring people.

    Rant: I need a new gym with the closing of National Capital YMCA. I’ve only ever belonged to Ys as I love their community feel, but I can’t make the trek to Anthony Bowen. I work near Metro Center/McPherson and live on the Hill. I’m thinking of switching to Balance since they have a class I like (Body Pump) and are located near where I work and live… but does anyone have any suggestions?

    • FtLincolnLove

      I recently joined Ambitious Athletics on K & 20th and LOOOOOVE it! Every session is group training where you are given various sets to complete. Some days focus on lower body, some on upper, and the rest are conditioning days. The workouts are incredible, Carmen and Lori are phenomenal coaches, and the entire Ambitious community is amazing! I have a regular gym membership through my work, but prefer going to Ambitious Athletics because it’s unlike any workout I would ever do on my own and it’s just so much fun. The atmosphere is wonderful- everyone is welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend checking it out!!

  • Rave: my trash collectors. There’s one who’s beyond cheerful. He swaggers down the alley behind the truck shouting at everyone he sees, “Hey, good morning! Ain’t it beautiful today? How’s that baby? Love you, man!” But it’s not just some people. It’s anyone he sees. I’ve gotten “looks like you slept gooooood last night!” and “you ready for a GREAT day??” All at absolutely top volume. Which is great, because if I’ve forgotten to put the trash out, I can hear him a block away and get there in time.
    Whatever he’s on, I want some. But I’ll settle for his twice-a-week 10-second pep talks.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: why does no one ever put the chair back properly?
    Rant: it’s going to be a busy friday
    Rave: a busy day means it will pass quickly, I hope.

  • Rant: having trouble with therapists. The one I recently saw seemed promising but with my schedule, we can only meet biweekly, which she doesn’t think is worthwhile and now I’m having trouble finding someone new who takes carefirst, has appointments after 330 available, and is taking new patients. Any recommendations?

    • I so wish I could help you but I went through this last year (saw one person at a convenient time only to find out they only had 10am appointments left, which didn’t work for me, contacted at least 10 others who weren’t taking patients or didn’t accept Carefirst)… and I never found anyone :[ Does your school district offer any type of employee counseling like other jobs do? I don’t know anything about schools….

    • PGW! They are awesome and have appointments available until like 8 pm which was awesome for my schedule. However recently we’ve tried like a Skype-ish type version which is SUPER convenient – although is probably not for everyone.

  • Rant: grrr, take your backpack OFF on a crowded bus!
    Rave: Only one in the office!
    Rave: It’s above freezing
    Rave: 4 lbs down since Christmas
    Rave: It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Journalism is by and large garbage in 2016. The Times’ Modern Love column this week was about a woman letting a serial creep suck her toes and both Salon and Buzzfeed ran trend pieces on people drinking their own piss. This doesn’t even broach the consistent lunacy of WaPo’s PostEverything. I miss when WaPo and NYT didn’t shamelessly go for hateclickz and Salon wasn’t a dumpster fire of manufactured outrage.
    Rave: Kid turns two on Saturday and she’s awesome and watching her grow up is singularly the most incredible thing in life.
    Rave: My current office location allows me to get sandwiches from Litteri’s as often as I like. A Litteri’s may be DC’s best store to see a true cross section of the city. Also it’s delicious.
    Rant: The owners of the new “restaurant” at Georgia and Hamilton appear to be shady as hell and trying to back their way into opening a nightclub there.

    • The troublesome thing for me is that some of these outlets do proper journalism. Buzzfeed puts out some very strong investigative jobs. But I hate that they have to run all the juvenile tripe to be able to do so. Like earlier this week, the piece sub-titled “I had to throw the cum-caked carpet away.”
      I wish they would put the tripe on one page and the good stuff on another, and fund the stuff I like with the revenue from one billion clicks on the latest paean to Blue Ivy.
      Also, I share your pleasure and wonder at watching your own kid grow. Who knew?

    • Agreed, I was thinking the same thing the other day. Journalism sucks these days.

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Friday
    Rave: Getting my costume ready for the Star Wars half marathon is so.much.fun
    Rave: Waking up to 2 of my 3 cats cuddling me
    Rave: 6 days until mini-vacay to LA!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant1: I’m spending most of 2016 at work under the proverbial bus.
    Rave1: So far my boss has been very supportive and understands it’s not my fault and I’m only trying to be the messenger.
    Rant2: I’m trying to get information on this ”surprise” project from the new owner who can’t answer my questions yet won’t go to the previous owner who apparently she doesn’t get along with for the answers my VP is looking for so we can staff the project . See Rant1 above.
    Rant3: New project owner is freaking out because I can’t tell her who needs to be at a meeting next week because she won’t answer my questions. See Rant2.
    Rave2: I needed a break so I went to Target to purchase some items and
    Rant4: Left the super-duper package of toilet paper at the cashier station.

    Rave3: I’m glad it is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Call Target about the TP — if they have footage showing that you left it behind, or if the cashier realized it him/herself, they might let you pick it up later.

      • I Dont Get It

        I’ve left things before and Target unquestionably refunded it but they want you to come in. Such a pain!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Flaky healthcare providers.
    Rant: Flaky small businesses.
    RANT: Street harassment.
    Rave: Lunch is a burger with pimento cheese and a chocolate peanut butter shake.

  • RAVE: DJ Harvey. Get on up.
    RANT: Too much work to finish before this evening.

  • Rant: While biking into work this morning a driver turn right at an intersection about 5 ft in front of me.

    Rave: Thanks to my gazelle-like reflexes I was able to slam on the brakes and negotiate some slight fishtailing to avoid slamming into the back of his red Nissan Sentra.

    mini-Rave: At least the driver did use his turning signal. Small victories, I guess.

    P.S. Since I know it’ll be asked, DC tags.

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