Bistro Bohem Changes Ownership in Shaw – Briefly Closes – Will Reopen Friday with New Hours


“Dear PoPville,

I saw the below sign on Bistro Bohem‘s door the other day and was wondering if you knew anything about the change in ownership or had any intel about this. Looking at the new hours of operation, does this mean no more morning coffee shop? If so, a real loss to the community.”

And I pray they don’t mess with the schnitzel. I suppose for morning coffee – folks can head nearby to The Royal. Updates when more is known.

600 Florida Ave, NW

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  • Oh bummer. I worked the Kafe this summer. They had a good coffee program and great regulars. It was an experience for sure. ( I also kinda have an idea why they cut the morning hours.)

  • I hope they don’t permanently end their early morning hours, but I’m rarely in there at those times, so I don’t have much of a leg to stand on. Just don’t mess with the happy hour burger, please!

  • I’ve always wanted to support Bistro/Kafe Bohem since they arrived #2 on the scene after Shaw’s “we need a cornice” Tavern. What’s not to like about good coffee, schnitzel and piergoies? But they’ve lost me, slowly but surely. Mainly they made a mistake with their redesign, and the confusing way they use different rooms at different hours.

  • OP here, I’m one of the regulars that came for morning coffee 3-4 times a week and generally at least one day each weekend for bottomless mimosa and to work (mimosas = productivity) so I’m quite sad by this turn. The morning barista crew was always so warm and friendly and made a mean mocha.

  • They had a very friendly morning crew and THE strongest iced coffee. Hope they can make morning hours work someday.

  • Really like this place for breakfast/brunch on weekends. Hoping the menu doesn’t change much (unless it expands)

  • For those that are worried, don’t be. Ownership has transferred to Daniel, who has been working there since day one. Tall, hunky, dirty blonde dude.

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