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Metro Transit Police Releases Photos of Persons of Interest in Connection with “Attack on Metro at Rush Hour – guy had a broken jaw and his face was swollen beyond recognition”

by Prince Of Petworth January 5, 2016 at 11:10 am 19 Comments

noma metro
Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

From Metro Transit Police:

“The Metro Transit Police Department is seeking assistance in identifying the individuals pictured below as part of an investigation into an Aggravated Assault that occurred Monday, December 21, 2015, at approximately 5:00 p.m. aboard a Red Line train in the area of NoMa-Gallaudet Metrorail Station.

Anyone who is able to identify the individuals pictured below is asked to call Metro Transit Police Detectives at (202) 962-2121 and reference case #2015-61461. Tips also can be sent via text message to “MyMTPD” (696873).

There are no current warrants for the individuals pictured below in reference to this case.”

  • Anonymous

    The perps’ last known whereabouts: heading to The Pajama Jam.

  • Shaw

    Why not put the actual photos in the article instead of some random shot of a Metro station? Wouldn’t more people see it if they didn’t have to click through, and wouldn’t more people seeing it increase the likelihood of catching some dangerous criminals?

    • Aaron


  • spookiness

    Same $h!+, different day.

    • KP


  • Marty

    Hopefully having a unique hairstyle is downfall for at least one of these guys.

    • Anon

      Number 3? :D

  • Anon

    Well, this shouldn’t be all that difficult assuming these kids went to class at all this school year.

  • anon

    Dear Criminal Youth of DC,
    As you may or may not know, it is 2016. As we have been in a period of rapid technological advances, our public areas are more and more under constant surveillance. If you are the type of asshole who will commit a battery in public transportation, it is almost certain that you will be on camera at some point and the police will be able to distribute your photo to the public. You will almost certainly be caught, as someone will turn you in after the photos are made public. Unfortunately for those of us who constitute the non-violent public, your crimes are unlikely to receive the punishment they deserve.

    • spookiness

      You make a lot of assumptions, beginning with 1) they are actually sought 2) they are actually caught 3) anything actually happens thereafter

  • Dan

    I have seen those kids on the green line quite a few times before.

    I believe they ride the green line to Greenbelt via Gallery Place around 6 PM most weekdays.

    • madmonk28

      Call it in.

    • llinds

      +10000000 call in!

  • Anonymous

    I am going to assume/hope that these kinds of alerts are circulated to every school in the DMV area.
    Also, why not include a small reward for the info. Guaranteed that even the “no snitching” crowd would drop an anonymous dime on someone for the right payout.

    • Anonamom

      lol, you’re funny. You realize that murders, with significant rewards that are known to have been witnessed have never been solved because no one has ever come forward?

  • Duponter

    Recognizing that this is not a Law & Order episode and things are never as easy as it seems, it doesn’t seem like it would be very difficult to find these kids. Go to every local public school that kids would use this Metro line for, show the principals of those schools these photos and demand they identify them.

    If somehow that isn’t possible, high school kids ride the metro for free, but still have to tap in and out of the system every day. I find it hard to believe through surveillance at metro stations along this line, the police could not, were they to put a minimal amount of effort in, be able to identify where they entered the system and then identify them by their smartrip cards.

    This should seriously be an easy crime to solve. If it isn’t, we should all be very, very worried about the state of security on Metro in our nation’s capital.

  • Karin

    Metro detectives do distribute the still shots to area schools. The 18 year old that mugged my son at Stadium Armory was identified this way, was prosecuted and received an 11 month sentence for that crime, plus another 11 months for another similar crime. It all worked like clockwork or a Law and Order episode which was comforting after my 14 year old was threatened with a gun and scared to death. I cannot believe that these kids do not understand that surveillance is everywhere in Metro, they are likely to get caught and that they could go to jail. This was a heinous crime and I hope they are punished. Sad on so many levels that teens do things like this for sport.

    • Johnny

      An adult only got 11 months for pulling a gun on a minor? That’s ludicrous.

      I’m sorry for what happened.

      • Karin

        Son never actually saw the gun, but was told by the kid that he would shoot him or someone else.

        Regarding other comments about Smartrip, the kid that robbed my son jumped the turnstile. My son and his friend felt like they were being followed, so pretended they were lost and exited through the turnstile. The kid and some younger proteges again jumped the turnstile.

        Thankfully my son gave up his phone and money. Person had previous weapons charge, so possessed a gun at some point in his young life. Plea deal. “Attempted Robbery.” Hard to explain the “attempted” part to a 14 year old when the phone was taken and never recovered.

        Despite everyone advising me otherwise, I went to the sentencing and the judge let me make a statement in addition to the written victim impact statements we had submitted.


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