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Bistro Bohem Neighborhood Preview Tonight in Shaw/Ledroit Park Plus Will Expand Into Former Zee’s Restaurant Space Next Door

by Prince Of Petworth March 9, 2012 at 10:30 am 30 Comments

In April 2011 we first learned of Bistro Bohem coming to 1840 6th St, NW (the corner of 6th and Florida Ave, NW.) Well, add this to the pile of amazing transformations hitting DC. I was lucky enough to get an early preview last night and I still haven’t stopped smiling. Not only were the food and drinks amazing but the space itself is super chill. I can see this being a great date spot too. And they had schnitzel – I love schnitzel!

You can see their drink and food menu in pdf below:

Bistro Bohem Menus (PDF)

You’ll soon see an announcement on their Facebook page announcing a preview for the neighborhood tonight from 7-10pm and a grand opening next week.

Oh yeah – this also only part one! They also will be expanding into the former Zee’s restaurant next door at 600 Florida Ave, NW. That expansion which should take place over the next month will feature a coffee cafe featuring Julius Meinl coffee and fresh pastries which, will be open during the day.

It’s just amazing to watch this section of Florida Ave blossom before my eyes. Remember this is what it used to look like not too long ago.

  • ew

    That’s awesome. May be a reason to go back to the old hood to visit. Although after that scary story about the robbery, I’m still glad I moved. Schnitzel!!

  • AC

    This super duper awesome!!!! Have they gotten their liquor license I assume?

  • bb

    Looks like a nice place, but another “small plates” joint…? They didn’t put the prices on the menu, either. You’d think a place with schnitzel and goulash would be all about large plates and good value.

  • Sean

    Wow, the menu looks awesome with some really tasty sounding dishes from Central Europe. I can’t wait for this place to open!!!

  • Anonymous

    i’m so glad to see so much happening along florida avenue.

    • H Street Landlord


  • shaw

    I hope they have their liquor license in order before tonight! Don’t want them to make a mistake …

    • mark reyburn

      we actually have had our liquor license for a week now and the ABRA have been very supportive in our efforts to legally have alochol in our bistro.

      • shaw

        Excellent! I live in the neighborhood and can’t wait to come by!

  • I live in the area and it is so great to see all these new spots come in! Boundary Stone, Rustik, Bacio, Shaw’s Tavern (despite the liquor license woes) now Bistro Bohem and perhaps Snitch Eye? LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    • +1
      I feel exactly the same way! :)

  • I don’t know about the small plates, but my wife and I took a trip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia last year and I loved Golden Pheasant. I may have to go just for another taste.

    • It’s also available at Domku.

      • tr

        And domku can give you that great, 1980s communist era service. Last time I was there, my cold, sauteed mushrooms tasted like fish and the manager told me i was ”wrong.” I’m Czech and I’ve never eaten anything on the domku menu at home.

  • dont forget

    there are still imbeciles in this neighborhood that are trying to obstruct similar developments just a block away.

    • houseintherear

      … which is why local residents should vote Mark Mueller for the ANC position vacated by John Salatti, and NOT Robert “Crazy” Brannum!!

      • Bloomingdude

        The John/Mark ANC position in Bloomingdale does not cover Shaw. I think the poster is referring to the lady ANC who is opposing the place behind the CVS.

        • 9th St.

          Actually Myla held a meeting last night about All Souls and it was very positive and supportive.

        • houseintherear

          I know, but often our little ANCs talk about/work together for or against incoming businesses. Trust me, Robert Brannum would make his opinion known about any business in the general area, and unfortunately many people would take it into consideration.

  • cswammi

    I was there too and it was awesome. I love their innovative cocktails and the food was great.

  • anonymous

    I think the place looks lovely from the photos above. I looked at the menu and they probably didn’t include prices because they want to do a soft-opening to see how popular it is and will then price accordingly. I am not so sure about the menu, though, it seems a little all over the place. It doesn’t mean that the food will be bad but I have to wonder about a place that really has no real identification or focus. For example, the “artisan garlic soup.” What is that supposed to be? From the description, it sounds like a take on French Onion Soup, but trying to be different. I guess that’s my point when I talk about no real identity to this place. Trying to be different while still employing the supremely trendy hits in DC (e.g., small-plates concept). At least they are not doing burgers, cupcakes and FroYo.

    • saf

      Garlic soup is totally Czech.

      • anonymous

        It’s also French and Spanish.

        • saf

          Yes indeed – and it is DELICIOUS, no matter who makes it.

    • mark reyburn

      actually, garlic soup is exactly how it sounds. it has nothing to do with any sort of french onion soup. also the reason we decided to go with more of a small plate were two reasons, one eastern European food is very hearty food so we didnt want to put to much on the plate. and second we wanted you to enjoy more than one dish.

      • saf

        Can we have fried cheese? And those little potato thingies? And dumplings – especially those little fruit dumplings with cheese and butter and sugar?

        • 9th St.

          +1000 on the fried cheese and thanks for the veggie options!

  • I am super excited to try this place!! I am not overly impressed with the food at either boundary stone or rustik so it would be awesome to have a go to place for dinner!

  • Bloomingdude

    Ahoj Mark,

    I couldn’t be happier about this place opening up. I’m a big fan of Czech and Slovak food and can’t wait to try the peirogis and goulash, in particular. I also think you’re right in going with small plates, cause Slavic food is pretty filling, and I’d rather have several small dishes rather than one large plate of stuffed cabbage (holubky), for example.

    Vitaj u nas!

  • This place looks really nice. I will be sure to stop by often!


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