Today’s Rental is a “750 Sq ft English Basement”

318 North Carolina Avenue Southeast

This rental is located at 318 North Carolina Avenue, Southeast. The listing says:

“Welcome to your next apartment on historical Capitol Hill! 750 Sq ft English Basement w/ 1 BR / 1BA. Minutes from the Capitol, Pennsylvania Ave and Capitol South Metro. Laundry in the unit. Street Parking Only. Call a Realtor to schedule a showing.”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,800/Mo.

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  • binpetworth

    Nice location, but dear God, that’s bleak for $1800/month!

  • Are these people joking?!

    For $1,100/month, you can get a proper one-bedroom within 5 minutes walking of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. DC landlords are out of control.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty sad….and I really don’t see our elected officials doing much to abate the problem.

    • Sadly, the $700 a month saved would not come close to covering the cost for me to commute daily from Paris.

  • Lol no, for $1800 you can get something nicer than this…

  • At-tic-a! At-ti-ca!

  • Anonynon

    not looking good for me ever getting a 1br place that I can afford.

  • nice size(cant really tell how it feels from the pics though)
    and pretty good location
    but the price is off imo
    that is suuuuuper bleak for the price
    over priced imo

  • Hell, naw. 2 da naw, naw, naw.

  • Anonomnom

    I live in a really bright basement unit with full size windows, and always wondered why everyone was so down on them. And now I see this.
    I understand.

  • It looks very damp and very cold. Has tiny radiators. Looks SO depressing….
    Don’t do it!

  • why pay $1800 for this dungeon when solitary confinement in Prison is Free?

  • I would definitely expect some kind of roommate here, whether rodent, insect, or mold. Blech.

  • Very rarely do I feel the need to comment on the rental of the day, but damn. That pictures just screams depressing.

  • “It puts the lotion in the basket…It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”

  • What the hell!? Way to go D.C.

  • That is just depressing.

  • emvee

    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

  • For $1800 you can get a large, bright 1 bedroom at The Chalfonte in Adams Morgan that includes all utilities. Why on earth would anyone go for this dungeon at this price? That’s ridiculous.

  • This has got to be a joke. $1800.00/month for that?!

  • This reminds me of a regular feature, Apartment Sadness, on the most depressing real estate listings of the week in the Bay Area.. Recent features have included a living room of a bachelor pad with folding screens around it, advertised as a “room” for $1300/month, along with multiple listings of tents, vans and shared bunk beds. This listing is only marginally better than those.

  • This rowhouse was for sale for a looong time a few years ago for one million or so. It looked from the outside like it would need a ton of work. I always wanted to see inside and was surprised a developer didn’t snap it up but probably not for that price.

    It is an unbelievable location but it looks like whoever owns it has no money to put into it. I should look and see if it ever sold around 2010-2012 when I was always walking by.

    • Sale Price : $1,126,752.00
      Sale Date : 2014/08/05

      Wow… I thought just from the view that those ceilings couldn’t be legal height… but the new owner seems to have things in order; CofO, BBL etc.

      I just rented my basement untit in U Street for approximately the same price in far better condition.. i.e., renovated in the last 5 years.

  • Also, how about no to calling a Realtor for a rental. This is not New York! FRBO, pay a management company yourself, or GTFO. Even if this were a good deal, I’m not paying an additional month’s rent so that you don’t have to do any work (which, judging by the state of the place, is the LL’s personal kryptonite).

    • FYI that’s not how it works, the first month of rent is typically paid to the realtor rather than the landlord. Tenant does not double pay.
      Looks like a terrible deal though.

  • It’s hard to tell what’s going on in the pictures. How big is the bedroom? Does it even have windows? What about closets?
    I actually don’t think the price is terrible– real estate gets ridiculously expensive once you go west of 5th or 6th Street SE, and a large part of the depressing feel is because the photos are so bad. Probably not worth $1800 but I don’t think the asking rent is too far off.

  • Can’t decide which is more depressing, the price or the place.

  • Nuts. But since I’ve been lazy about raising my rent (1 bdrm apt. 1/2 block to Columbia Heights Metro) This is good motivation to nudge it UP to $1350.00.

  • I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the dehumidifier, slightly in view in the pix of the washing machine. That is a Bad Sign.

  • I think there is a decimal missing in the ad. It should read $18.00

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