Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

There is a rubber gasket and significant gap running down 9th street next to the convention center. I believe it extends from N to New York Ave. What is this and why is it here? My best guess is that rather than digging a tunnel for the metro here they essentially built a big platform on top of it for the road and the convention center, so this functions as an expansion joint like you’d see on a bridge. The gap is wide enough for a bike tire to slip into it, which I was unfortunate enough to experience while changing lanes recently.”

Been a while since we’ve talked about these:

“They are expansion joints. Due to changes in weather, hot and cold, materials expand or contract. You will most commonly see these on bridges. The reason why the convention center has these is because of the sky walks over the streets. The expansion joints allow the entire building to move together and prevents cracking.”


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