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  • Seemed like a lot more than 10. If you see a police report about this can you post it? No mention of it on their Twitter.
    And again, why on earth on a warm Friday night was there NOT a police car parked there? This is the fourth violent crime (that I know of) in a few months within 100 feet of there.
    Complete failure by police.

    • I understand the expectation that police should be pro-active, but parking a cruiser in a stationary location isn’t the way to achieve that.

      • The reason I say to park a police cruiser there is simply because there have been SO many violent incidents literally within a stones throw of this location.
        There have been 2 murders, 1 shooting, whatever happened last night (no idea what the outcome of the 10+ gun shots was) and an attack of a random person in the last several months – all within literally 100 yards of this spot. This ONE block has been a problem for a long time.
        I know that in general, having stationary cops is not always the best use of resources. But this one small spot could use the constant presence of a cop. And I don’t mean it literally – if they are walking up and down that block and get some exercise out of it, go for it.

      • I should also add – doesn’t have to be a police car per se. They added a mobile camera after the previous murder – but they added it on 9th and S, which has not been the location of any violent crime. The problem has been between 7th and 8th and R and S. They should really add a permanent police camera outside the metro station there that overlooks 8th and R.

  • I was biking home from Atlantic Plumbing after a movie and heard it as well. Happened around 10:58.

  • Also, have gone to and from the Metro at 8th and R twice today – zero sign of any police presence.

  • This is the third gun incident in this general block in the last 6 months…the last two were murders. Always been a problem.

  • Clearly this is *all* the result of Dacha exceeding its 126 person capacity so regularly that the bros&hoes crowd is getting super antsy. I’m just glad the ANC and our neighborhood scolds are all over Dacha like a bad suit, what with the total bliss and rainbows in every other part of Shaw. And big thanks go out to the Mayor, too, for making sure there’s an even higher concentration of low-income housing on the 7th Street block north of R! Such enlightened planning to cluster poor people all together and close to mod-cons like multi-modal getaway options!!!!!

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