For Those Staying in Town on Thanksgiving Eve

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The Last Waltz was a concert by the Canadian-American rock group the Band, held on American Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1976, at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. Boundary Stone is located at 116 Rhode Island Ave, NW.

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  • So happy Boundary Stone is doing this. My family has been attending a Last Waltz recreation concert every Thanksgiving as a family tradition for quite a while now, and I’m unfortunately not able to be with them this year. I’ll be at Boundary Stone trying to carry on the tradition this year.

  • This has been awesome the last few years. #tradition!!

  • I saw THE BAND live in ’70. They were pretty great then and only got better with time. A great movie/concert that I have enjoy many times since it’s release! Love the instrumental number at the end…just beautiful! I don’t think of it as a Thanksgiving tradition, for me that would be Arlo Guthrie’s Alicie’s Restaurant. I play it every year as I set the Thanksgiving table. Whatever you do ENJOY the holiday!

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