Compass Coffee Quietly Opens 2nd Location in Shaw


Compass Coffee regularly has lines out the door at their 1535 7th Street, NW location. The new location is on 8th Street just south of Florida Ave (north of T and All Souls Bar.) This is the second super popular coffee shop to open their 2nd location recently – last week The Coffee Bar opened their 2nd spot on 17th Street. Good news for coffee lovers around town.


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  • When does a store with multiple locations become a chain?

  • justinbc

    In other coffee news, over the weekend Peet’s Coffee & Tea bought a majority stake in Intelligentsia Coffee, after buying Stumptown earlier this month. Pretty relevant for DC giving the current Peet’s takeover of Caribou here.

  • Do people like this place? I’ve not had their espresso, but their coffee is pretty mediocre. Colombe, Harrar, and Qualia are all way better. Do people just like the space for working? Or is the food good?

    • Agree about the coffee. I gave them samples of some beans I’d sourced from Madagascar but they said it didn’t fit in their flavor profile. I guess they like boring coffee.

      • Lol, what is their flavor profile? Somewhere between 7-11 and Dunkin’? It’s not hard to get good beans these days, there’s no excuse for tasteless drip.

        • This is DC–as long as there’s a market for something superficially not like everything else people flocvk to it, no matter how bad the product. Just look at &pizza.

          • ^ agree with you on &pizza. I went twice and cannot understand the appeal. It must be the great marketing because the product itself is just not that great.

    • Completely agree. I don’t understand their appeal. Their coffee is good, but nothing I need to buy again. Glad they are a local mom&pop, but I think they are kind of on par with coffee at a starbucks. Of the local/regional roasters La Colombe has given me the best crema & beans.

    • When I lived in DC, I probably had Compass Coffee espresso drinks three or more times a week on average, and think they’re some of the best in town. They’re very consistently good too, and I couldn’t say the same about La Colombe or some of the other nicer shops in the area, where some baristas are excellent and others … not so much. I can’t speak at all to the quality of the drip coffee, but I don’t think the love for Compass is just hype.

  • Awesome space, great staff. Stopped in to have my Movember Fundraiser Hangover serviced and explored the new space. I dont know if Tim is still one of the managers(he used to work at Mockingbird Hill), but hes a really good dude; always a great convo.

  • I had an excellent Cortado there on Saturday.

  • Heard they may be looking at a Petworth or upper 14th location. Hope it’s true. They have lots of fans up this way.

  • I must be a horrible and/or boring person, but I think Compass is the best coffee I’ve ever had. It tastes great in the cafe as well as at home. I wish they would open another location but not right around the corner from the first one.

  • This is great! I am lazy and will not walk a couple blocks out of my way to work to grab a coffee, so hooray for me!

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