Washington, DC

4422 Connecticut Ave, NW

From the files of incredibly random timing – that Burger King that was just robbed via the drive-thru is becoming a Chick Fil A! Thanks to a reader for passing on word from Forest Hills Connection:

“Everyone in DC seems to know the Burger King at Van Ness more for its rock ‘n roll and 80’s movie decor than for its food.

By this time next year, the restaurant’s Capital Theater sign, the ET kids and the Kindergarten Cop poster will be gone, and so will the Burger King restaurant and building at 4422 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Going up in its place, says ANC 3F Commissioner Malachy Nugent, will be a new building housing a different restaurant: Chick-fil-A.”

More details and a rendering from Forest Hills Connection here.

And of course it’s T-2 days to Chick Fil A opening in Columbia Heights.


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