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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rant: it’s cold out! wtf.
    rant: it’s Monday
    rave: drinking hot chocolate <3

  • Rant: 11 hours of transport from NYC to Cape May then to DC. Lots of crankiness around that. Plus a weekend of little sleep.
    Rave: Cape May is beautiful and got to hang with the nephew.
    Rave: Got to grab beers and wings and watch a game at the bar with my siblings and in-laws and the husband. So nice to just chill.
    Rave: Heading to France for Euro Cup 2016 with my bro and SIL. Hoping our parents will come too!

  • Loving the Post’s profile on Elijah, aka “Nature Boy”, particularly because one of the photos includes my daughter fist-bumping him. Too cute!

    • I also love the photograph of the “shorts.”

    • RAVE: drinking coffee at 1030 yesterday in my sweats, hear a loud cheer outside my window, and look to see 200 people lined up for free seeds, edibles, and clone seedlings. Went downstairs and chatted with the organizers and people waiting (they were practically on my doorstep). Very fun and extremely diverse crowd – met a professor, a guy running for office in Anne Arundel County, and a bunch of other characters. It’s a great time to live in DC – the world is changing very quickly!
      RAVE: stumbled upon the new Seoul album. Reminds me of a chiller/Canadian/actually good Passion Pit. Fun Monday morning album.
      RAVE: Homestead Farm in MD! So fun, I love that place. Better than Butler’s, IMHO. The kids had a great time and were not fussy.

      • That’s the place in Davidsonville, right? They have an amazing nursery in addition to the fun fall stuff. A great place to visit year round!

        • No, it’s in Poolesville just off River Road. You have to drive through Potomac on the backroads. Since it’s not off 270, you get way less people. It’s also HUGE so even if the parking lot is full, you’re still not crammed when walking around the orchards or the lake. Lots of areas for kids to play.

      • Love Homestead Farm – we’ve been there twice now and it’s just not super crazy like Butlers and Cox. Also, bonus points for being near the Corned Beef King food truck on the weekends.

      • Homestead is great, but the best thing is that when you are driving away you come across this farm that sells home-made burgers. Those burgers are…well, there are no words. Just stay clear of the wine πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Love this weather! Crispy!
    Rave: Great times with the family outside yesterday: especially the Park at Ledroit and Roosevelt Island.
    Rant: Not enough weekend to enjoy it.
    Rave: Best time of the year. Much to look forward to.

  • Rave: This is a day late because I was really busy on Friday, but I had a great time at the happy hour!

    I chatted with Emmaleigh about doing a Guy Fawkes Night happy hour for us anonymous commenters. That would be Thursday, November 5th. Anyone interested?

  • Rave: Let’s Go Mets! It’s Daniel Murphy’s world, we’re all just living in it.
    Rant: Nervous about games at the Wrigley bandbox.
    Late Advice: @Litten, I was traveling the on Friday and read RRRR late in the day – but if it’s not too late, you should definitely negotiate. If you haven’t read them, Jennifer Lawrence’s thoughts and writings on her recent contracts provide a lot of good reasons why. And congratulations!

    • +1 to the recommendation that littlen negotiate if it’s not too late. Most places will give you something more than initially offered if you just ask for it.
      I’d add that this is also a good time to negotiate (or at least ask about) some of the “softer” sides of the package that are harder to discuss during the interview process. For example, if you need to go to a doctor’s appointment, what is the company policy on that and how flexible is the policy?

    • hammers

      congrats littlen! wahoo!! Plus 1 for the advice to negotiate. You may be able to get more money, or more vacation days, or better 401K matching, or something, it won’t hurt. Don’t worry about their feelings in the process, either!

    • Thank you (+ Shawess and Hammers)! I ended up not negotiating the salary (they made me tell them what I made already despite trying to doge the question – quite a bit less – and the benefits are almost all better than my current job, so I didn’t feel like I had a whole lot of solid leverage), but they worked out giving me a couple days off around Christmas since I wouldn’t have accrued enough vacation time otherwise. πŸ™‚ I probably could’ve negotiated more, but it seems pretty good and I’ve never negotiated before so I was really nervous! (My first job out of college I was not very experienced and desperate for anything, and I knew coming in to where I work now that they don’t negotiate at all).

      • It sounds like you did really well all around. I’m just happy you’re moving on from the last place. It sounds like this will be an improvement!

  • Rave: A benefit of this new “what I eat may kill me” (ok, hyperbole, kinda, but you gotta laugh, right?) diet is that I have lost 6 lbs in the last week and a half. Although I realize it’s not healthy to lose that much that fast, it has come from simply cutting meat out, so I’m cool with it. Also, appointment scheduled for testing in the near future, so glad to be getting things figured out.
    Rave: October Blue Crabs. So delicious!
    Rave: Littlest Anonachild decided to be a koala bear for Halloween. So freaking adorable. Also pretty hilarious, he wanted to wear it to bed last night and when told that Koala bears need their sleep, he responded with “well, actually, Koala bears are nocturnal and don’t sleep at night.” Well played, son.

  • Rave: Lovely low-key weekend filled with play dates & getting a few things organized.
    Rave: Made it outside for lots of lovely walks.
    Rave: Found a couple of large-enough sweaters.
    Rave: Made egg-drop soup for the first time & it was delicious! I’m determined to make this a fall staple for myself.
    I could rant about not sleeping well enough, but I’m feeling too good for that. Hope Monday is starting off well for everyone πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Home! After too-long work trip (and extra-long trip back) — home!
    Rave: Snuggle dog
    Rave: Harvested a bunch of big ripe heirloom tomatoes, plus green tomatoes. Green tomatoes = roasted green tomato salsa, green tomato curry and of course fried green tomatoes. Also harvested my back yard quinoa.
    It’s a rave-ful rant-less Monday πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Some common behavior was pissing me off this morning.
    Rave: I’ve already forgotten what it was.

  • rant: had to clear frost from the windshield and then it’s supposed to be like 70 degrees on Wednesday. WTF?
    rant: child with an awful head/chest cold. No fever but lots of coughing and snot and eye gunk – it’s just sad. And missing school, which he loves.
    rave: parents who stepped up to help take care of him so we could go to school/work
    rave: condo under contract (with multiple offers). Fingers crossed it goes smoothly from here on out, but buyer looks great.
    rave: all offers were written by women. I love that!
    rant: missing my DC farmers markets

    • Could it be allergies? All the symptoms you describe sound incredibly familiar.

      • I’ve go that thing – definitely bad, bad cold. Got it from hanging out with friend’s young child. There are some nasty germs the little ones pass around. Had a similar one last month. Note to self: got to remember to stop playing with said cute child.

      • yes that’s what I want to see – if it’s allergies, he can take medicine and go to school. If it’s a cold…he can’t. I mean he can, but it’s pretty obnoxious. He’s been in preschool since labor day, so it’s definitely possible it’s germs. The one downside aside from all the holiday closures in September!

      • We have this. No fever, no malaise, just terrible coughing and congestion. I’ve been going back and forth with allergy meds (kids have not had noticeable allergies before) and just supportive care. It’s been going on for more than two weeks.

        • ugh that sounds miserable! are they in school?

          • Yep. They’re eating and sleeping like champs (or at least, like usual), plenty of energy, etc. In short, they’re not sick. But the allergy med doesn’t seem to affect them much, either. So I guess it IS a virus, but it’s a weird one.

          • Which med did you try? Different meds work with different people, so you may not have any luck with say, Claritin, but then Zyrtec works a charm. The only reason I suggest allergies is because the two allergy-affected Anonachildren have had issues the last few weeks. The oldest refuses meds (they make him zombie like), so has chosen to sneeze and sniffle, but the middle one’s skin flared awfully bad this weekend. They are both highly allergic to trees and tree-leaf mold.

          • Good call… they’ve been taking Claritin, but I should pick up some alternative on the way home.

    • Congrats on the condo! Where did the price fall within the range desired by your husband & realtor?

      • will have to find out after closing πŸ˜‰ but closer to my thinking than his – we had escalation clauses but for a less desirable buyer (longer closing, lender we weren’t familiar with, smaller EMD, ect). So we went with less but a more sure thing and quicker closing to avoid carrying costs.

    • How is it under contract with “multiple offers”?

  • Of possible interest to many PoPville readers: The (independent) WMATA Riders Union is having its first-ever meeting TONIGHT, Mon. 10/19, at 6:30 p.m. in Room A-5 of the MLK Library.

  • Rave: ENERGY! Suddenly I have tons of it! Feeling a bit like Superwoman after months of feeling like I had been dosed with kryptonite.
    Rave: Work up super early this morning and made blueberry scones from scratch. And on a Monday, no less!
    Rave: Spent the weekend brainstorming with the husband ways to upgrade our condo when we get it. Very excited about some of the options we have. We want to do something with Heath Ceramic tile. Even if it’s just a small part of the backsplash. Inspiring stuff.

    • Just make sure to avoid vessel sinks, or IDGI will be disappointed. πŸ˜‰

      • Nope. Never happening ever. Although there may be a tough conversation about a farm sink for the kitchen. I liked them until I didn’t and now I really can’t stand them.

        • I Dont Get It

          Love farm sinks and there are some nice contemporary ones also.

        • topscallop

          I dislike farm sinks too. They just look weird to me!

        • The first time I saw a farm sink when house hunting 18 months or so ago, the sink alone was a big reason I loved that house. It really worked perfectly in the space and was a really beautiful object in its own right. But now that I’m seeing them on every third home tour and all over Pinterest, I’m starting to think of them sort of like the new vessel sinks. A lot of them just seem to be added on as a “design item” and don’t fit in with their space very well. I probably still like them when they’re space-appropriate, but don’t really see them adding value in most homes. A plain old sink works perfectly well for me.

      • Allison

        I loathe vessel sinks. LOATHE THEM!

        • I should clarify: I’m absolutely in the anti-vessel sink camp too. How did they ever became a trend, anyway?

          • I bet Guy Fieri has a house full of ornate vessel sinks. I imagine his house is a pastiche of design cues from Larry the Cable Guy-meets-The Deetz family home in Beetlejuice.

          • I don’t mind vessel sinks in clubs or restaurants, but I remember being really, really surprised when I found out it was a trend for people’s homes as well.
            I don’t like ’em either and am surprised they’ve persisted this long.

      • Yup πŸ™‚ And we’re pretty excited about it because we had no competition. The sellers didn’t post photographs in the listing (!) or do any staging whatsoever (the place was clean, but looked very lived in during the open house), so there was a lot less interest than there would have been if they had tried harder. It’s a great condo in a perfect SF location and I think some paint and simple upgrades could add a ridiculous amount of value.

    • gorgeous tiles – have you checked out the instagram for the tile bar in new york? lots of inspiration there to be had as well

        • also, my high school classmate runs a firm and blog – Design Manifest – that’s amazing. Check out her blog/instagram if you have time. So gorgeous. I am on the tail end of a large 2nd floor house renovation – i hope you can do everything while it’s empty. I can’t imagine being there.

          • We’re planning to do this next year sometime — after we’ve gotten settled in with the babies — because we’re cutting it very close to my due date, as is. It won’t be a very big job, though, all considered. Just minor cosmetic upgrades. It won’t be super convenient, but I think we can live with it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have ideas for you! 1. concrete counters, they make really pretty ones, and are tough, 2. soap stone sink. (I’m totally projecting what I like onto you.)

      • Sounds lovely … and expensive πŸ™‚ We’re probably going to keep as much intact as we can, go pretty low budget on the upgrades we do, and add a few nice touches so it’s a little bit special. I’m thinking the ceramic tiles (maybe just behind the stove?) and a nice light fixture around going to be our only semi-splurges, and even those within moderation.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Those are good splurges. No need to have everything top of the line, if you have some good focal points.

          • I agree -and the apartment where we live right now has been a great lesson in that. We think it looks awesome and everything works very well together, but nothing is particularly high end. Think GE/Samsung appliances rather than, say, Viking. I’m pretty sure the cabinets are Ikea. We would basically be happy having all of the same -everything- transplanted to our condo (and would stay here if we thought it was worth it to keep paying rent.)

      • Ice stone counters are also gorgeous (I’ve had them – they’re amazing). We have quartz where we are now, and it’s fine. I won’t change it because it’ll be a waste. Soap Stone is gorgeous too.

        • You know my Pinterest name, right J? I’ve been pinning ideas like crazy to the “Home” board, but realistically will probably only do like five upgrades in total, depending on what seems necessary after we’ve had some time to live there and feel it out. At the moment, I’m thinking we’ll probably paint the cabinets, update the hardware and add a fancy backsplash. Mayyyyybe we’ll update the granite counters and appliances, energy levels and budget allowing. It’s really fine as is, but if the updates will improve the resale value, we’d rather do them earlier so we can enjoy them.

          • awesome!! It’ll be great – paint does wonders (I hate watching house hunters and they’re like “ugh I hate this paint color”). Lights are an easy fix, too (I bought some great Birch Lane fixtures via Wayfair).

    • I Dont Get It

      I’m having tile envy here!

      • It’s so beautiful in person, it’s ridiculous. Who knew ceramic tile could get me so excited? It may be a bit of a Bay Area cliche to use it, but I don’t really care. Why not support a fantastic local business?

      • Ditto – those tile murals are incredible! Definitely hire them, if it’s in the budget!

        • We’re building our budget around it πŸ™‚ OP Anon, definitely check out their store next time you’re in SF. I think you’d love it. There’s a small kiosk in the Ferry Building that sells their pottery, dishware, and some small home goods, but the main store/factory in the Mission is awesome. And not far from Flour + Water, which is worth trying too.

  • Rave: Signed a lease in a great building with a wraparound balcony in Merrifield.
    Rant: Have to sublease my current place for a few months or put it on AirBnB, which is a pain. Hoping the floor to ceiling windows and unobstructed view from NoMa to RFK and beyond will sell it. Damn will I miss that view.

  • Rave: Took a half day on Friday to run errands and cook dinner for my friend who had outpatient surgery — he was appreciative! Yay!

    Rave: Baked a TON of apple pecan oatmeal cookies on Saturday for various things and brought the rest of them to work with me today in hopes they will be eaten.

    Rave: Saturday night movie night at my friend’s house — I got to snuggle their 3 month old daughter most of the time and I loved it.

    Rave: Escape Room in Alexandria and dinner party with my friends on Sunday. It was a good friends weekend.

    Rant: Another friend is in the hospital. It’s scary. On Friday night we almost lost her. She’s showing some signs of improvement, but it’s going to take a very long time for them to be able to fix her (heart issues). She’s in Cardiac ICU and it’s been stressful checking in with her family to make sure she’s okay (I’m very close with her sister and brother in law)

    Rave: The doctors/nurses/medical team at Washington Medstar who are taking care of her.

    Rant: I am working for a new partner we just hired and he can’t seem to understand that he is solely the reason why his clients and matters are not getting opened in a timely manner. If he just lets them sit unsigned on his desk for days at a time, nothing is going to happen. I send him reminders over email/in person but it’s also hard because he was out for 4 days when he first started, and he’s now leaving for a conference for a week. So he’s not here to continue with the on-boarding process. And our other associate is leaving a week from tomorrow and nothing has been transitioned. I’m really concerned all hell is going to break loose.

    • Sorry about your friend. I used to work with those docs, so I can tell you, she is in excellent hands!!

      • I’m relieved to hear it. Fingers are crossed for an improvement. I’ve been checking in via my friends (her sister and BIL) because I just want her to rest and recover. I’ll be looking for hilarious get well cards for her over my lunch hour today to give her.

      • I’m relieved to hear it. Fingers are crossed for an improvement. I’ve been checking in via my friends (her sister and BIL) because I just want her to rest and recover. I’ll be looking for hilarious get well cards for her over my lunch hour today to give her.

    • We were REALLY impressed with the cardiac team at WHC when a family member had major surgery. I was impressed with the humility and humanity of the doctors (not normally qualities one associates with cardiac surgeons), and the nursing staff just blew me away with their competence and responsiveness.

  • Rave: Had one of the most friend-filled weekends in a very long time. It was really needed at this point.
    Rant: Lack of sleep from previously stated friend-filled weekend has me dragging today. Way too many late nights for me at this point.
    Rave: I actually remembered to drag in a bunch of my potted plants before it got super cold. Crossing my fingers that we will have fresh basil and mint this winter.

  • Rave: Moved in!
    Rant: only partially unpacked
    Question: Anyone have any success getting Verizon to move an install date up?

  • Rave: Sleepy as hell, but a good weekend.
    Rave: Another good weekend ahead.
    Rave: Traffic court where I should be in line for dismissal.

  • Rave: I accepted the new job! I start in 2 weeks (eeeeek).
    Rant: I told my boss, who was very disappointed. Two weeks notice is very short in Japanese work culture I think, he seemed shocked and upset that it’s so little time. I told him it was standard in the US. “So the previous job just suffers?” I wanted to give them more time, but the new job really needed me to start ASAP. He also said he thought I would’ve talked to him before looking for other jobs, but he admitted there’s nothing he can really do about the financial reason for leaving.
    Rave: Most of my other supervisors have been very supportive about it. This has been a wonderful place to work and I got pretty choked up when telling them. My stomach is all in knots, blah.

    • Yay! Congrats on the new job! πŸ™‚

    • “the previous job just suffers?” – lol. This statement pretty much sums up all of the issues you’ve ever had on the job without having to even discuss one. Employers who think in these terms are ridiculous. Glad you are out of that place and hopefully on to better things!

      • I know! I had the same thought…oh really?! Two weeks is standard and there are plenty of employers out there who fire people as soon as they give notice.

        • Seems like a cultural clash to me. Maybe other employees have followed more Japanese standards with the notice. Obviously it’s on them to get with the program if they’re operating in the US, but I could see the expectation being out there.

          • Most of the people who have left have gone on to grad school, so it’s a lot easier to give longer notice then. There haven’t actually been that many people who left for other jobs, come to think of it.

      • Haha yeah. It’s also just Japanese culture – changing jobs is less common, and there’s a lot more loyalty to the company expected (and company loyalty to the employees – at least the Japanese ones, not so much the non-Japanese ones though…) than in the U.S. It sounds like they would’ve been fine having me look for a new job, they just would’ve liked to know so they can prepare… But that would have been strange since no idea how long it would take!

    • Great news on your new job littlen!

  • Rave: Bakestravaganza 2015 with a friend this weekend. Peanut butter cookies, everything bagel bread and cannoli cake. Looking forward to some toasted bagel bread with cream cheese later.
    Rave: Date night on Saturday – BBQ and the Martian, which made for a great night. Foolishly drove bc of red line work but found a spot by pulling a U-turn on 8th St. after seeing someone’s reverse lights come on.
    Rant: Upstairs neighbor doing something from 3:30 – 4:20 this morning. Packing for a trip? Insomnia? All I know is it kept me awake and made me think someone was in our apartment, that’s how loud it was. All the coffee today.

  • Rant! That moment when:

    Me: [I ask a former classmate from graduate school on a date, after first breaking the ice with something funny that she’ll appreciate.]
    Her: Hi Makhnovisti. I’m sorry I’m not available for a date. I have a boyfriend. Have a great time.
    Me: Hey, sure thing. I hope you’re doing well!
    Her: Yes. It would actually make me feel more comfortable if we didn’t text anymore. Thanks and good luck with everything.

    Damn, whatever did I do?

    • “Damn, whatever did I do?” From what you’ve said here, probably nothing. It can just be awkward to text with someone who has a romantic interested in you if you have a boyfriend. I wouldn’t do it, either.

      • Agreed with this. I would not text with someone who expressed a romantic interest in me either, and also believe in firm boundaries, so would probably say the same thing as the person you texted. There are people who would, but I consider this to be somewhat similar to taking the tact of having a “back burner” and I just don’t do that out of respect for me, my boyfriend, and the other person.

    • You didn’t know she had a BF? How often do you actually interact? I’m guessing you guys are not close friends.
      And yes, you should respect her request.

      • No, I didn’t know. I don’t use Facebook, if that makes a difference, and we hadn’t interacted in some time. I’m definitely going to honor her request, it just surprised and dismayed me. I appreciate all the insight here, as I’m still learning (at age 33) about this sort of thing.

    • Prime fodder for the future POP Blind Date party I’ve always wanted to host. I’ve been worried that it would be all girls though. Welcome to the (very unfortunate) club!

  • Rave: Cooked all weekend and dished out seven courses to ten people including some new and different stuff (for me)
    Rant: Haven’t integrated Girlfriend into the cooking end of things properly and she ended up playing maid. Weird dynamics vis-a-vis late wife that need to be overcome.
    Rave: Guests brought so much wine that I think I may have more wine now than before dinner.
    Rant: a Gazillion dirty glasses to deal with this morning.
    Rave: Saw Emmaleigh on the Metro!

    • @IrvingStreete – was if you who recommended the Blue Star range? After much deliberation (too much, really), we decided to go with it. For me, it was the open burner (although that does have its drawbacks) and the removable charbroiler/griddle; for my wife it was the ability to fit a full-size baking sheet into the oven. Hopefully, will be able to use it for Christmas baking/dinner. Thanks for the rec
      Rant – budget will not permit the Miele coffee maker of Justinbc fame. Bummed.

  • Rave: First day of new job.
    Rant: Definitely feeling like I’m going to be under-valued and I’ve only been here for an hour and a half.
    Unknown: Hoping I can get/make an opportunity to show them how passionate I am about this new gig and that they’ll give me a little more policy-oriented work to do rather than just secretary-like work.
    Rave: At least my pay is the same.

    • Hoping the new job turns out to be better than it’s been for you this first morning!
      Even if it isn’t… does it look like it’ll still work out to be better for you than the previous job?

      • Thanks, textdoc. There wasn’t much to lose with that old job since I was doing policy-oriented work but not in a region I’d like to work in in the future. Here I’m back to East Asia work even if it’s more logistical that I’d like. I have my foot in the door now.

    • hammers

      They might just need to feel you out for a bit first. Do the work you are assigned quickly. Make sure to volunteer for lots of tasks. If there are gaps you see, offer to fill them. You will be valued once you earn it, but you need to do what they hired you to do first. Who knows, maybe the person in your role before wasn’t up to snuff, so the expectations are wonky.

    • palisades

      You’re complaining about your job an hour and a half into it?

      • +1. Seems a bit hasty to me. I’d recommend trying to get into the swing of things rather than reading PoPville on the first day.

        • Ha! [Insert emoji of money with his mouth covered].

          • Thanks for the snarky suggestions guys. If I had stuff to do would I really be here? I’m getting my computer stuff set up but I was basically told upon my arrival that everyone is busy until next week so they’ll talk to me then — and btw we’re changing your already-agreed-upon schedule because the person you interviewed with left.

          • Emmaleigh504

            It took 2 weeks for my new person to even get a computer, so you are ahead of the game!

          • You’re right. Sorry FridayGirl!

  • Rave – New furniture delivered successfully, wedding gifts mostly unpacked, and the apartment looks more “adult” and less “college dorm”. We even ate dinner off matching plates last night. Whoa.
    Rant – Overslept this morning, not a very adult thing to do.

    • RE: Oversleeping. At least you’re not Alex Ovechkin. Last week, he overslept (I think it was an AM/PM thing with his alarm clock) so he missed morning practice, which per team rules meant he was not allowed to play in that evening’s game, which the Capitals lost very badly.

    • Allison

      I overslept by an hour this morning too. It happens!

    • I overslept by half an hour this morning. Just staying half an hour later to make it up. Oh well!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Cleaned out my closet over the weekend and discovered an infestation of carpet beetles that had been dining on some sweaters over the summer especially a new, never-worn Pendleton cardigan so
    Rant: I spent the weekend laundering everything from that closet.
    Rant: I was in the basement (see above) and Lucy suddenly tumbled down the steps. She never had an interest in those stairs until doggie dementia. It’s scary since they are open stairs and I’m afraid she will fall through. Must remember to keep door shut.
    Rave: Crisp weather! Crisp is one of my favorite words!
    Rant: While we are on the subject, does anyone really like the word moist?

    • The word moist doesn’t bother me at all, though I know some people can’t stand it. I used to sell lingerie and I never said the word “panties.” I hate that word. My boss used to get mad at me, but women understand what you mean when they’re buying a bra and you ask if they want to get the matching underwear.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Moist reminds me of cake, so I like it. Panties on the other hand reminds me of old men who like teen (or younger) girls, so that’s a big nope.

    • I use both “moist” and “panties” but hopefully not in the same sentence unless in quotations. It’s funny to me how different people are offended by different words. For example, I grew up with my mom calling female anatomy the “tw*t” as a perfectly normal word to use in polite company. Since I quickly outgrew this terminology in favor of correct anatomical phrasing, it wasn’t until I moved to the UK that I knew that this was a pretty offensive term to most of the world.

      • Allison

        I still can’t convince my mom that you can’t call people from east Asia “oriental.” That is a battle I will never win.

        • My Japanese mom actually prefers to be called Oriental, so my (white) dad also uses it, which gets awkward when we’re out in public and other people overhear.

          • Allison

            Yeah, I’m a little fuzzy on the “rules,” but I think it’s okay to say if you’re in the UK but not in the US for some reason? And my mom never means it offensively, she just has no idea that it’s offensive to some Asian Americans.

          • I’m not sure I’ve ever heard “Oriental” in the UK.
            What’s confusing for Americans in the UK is that in the U.S., “Asian” is generally used to mean “East Asian,” but in the UK, it usually means “South Asian” (i.e., of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi origin).

          • I believe that “Oriental” is a term for objects versus people. I never heard the term living in the UK. Agreed with textdoc about the Asian reference. IIRC, where I lived, people from East Asia were generally lumped together as “Chinese” (due in large part to the significant Chinese population in my city/region), similar to how I have heard Americans lump “South Asians” together as “Indian.”

          • I Dont Get It

            I corrected someone at work once who used the word Oriental in regards to an Asian person and he then informed me that his wife is Oriental. Okay, then!

    • moist is disgusting unless discussing dessert breads or cake.
      Panties is the grossest word.

  • Rave: Great trip to Memphis – great food, music, time with friends, just a smooth trip all around and glad we went!
    Rant: I can’t drink like I used to, or eat like I used to, or anything really. Today I’m gunning for no sugar or artificial sweetener in hopes that it offsets a little bit of the damage I did to my organs and helps with my back tonight, which is getting worse again instead of better. (This was the advice of the alternative med. doctor.) Not cool back, not cool.
    Rave: The house looked better when we got home last night (after renting it to a family this weekend) than it did when we left (before the cleaner came). Thankful for conscientious guests!

  • Rave: friend came into town and we drank all the beer. Saturday afternoon outside at Atlas with a bunch of friends was fantastic.
    Rave: The White House garden tour was lovely. That was one seriously organized set up. Everything was gorgeous and it’s just cool to get to go on the grounds.
    Rave: my friends gave me homemade bacon and it was delicious.
    Rant: I’m lacking motivation this morning.

    • How was the pumpkin beer???
      Totally feeling you on the lack of motivation. Argh.

      • It’s okay. Actually the pumpkin taste is good, but the fermentation temp was too high, so there’s a sort of sour apple aftertaste. I have a plan to fix it, but it means more equipment I don’t really have room for.

        • Yeah our #1 homebrewing dream is a dedicated minifridge or kegerator to be able to lager beers instead of mostly only doing ales. There’s just no room in our apartment for one, though, so we just keep making plans for our future brew shed when we move down south in three years and have a backyard.

          • I want one, not just for lagering, but for keeping a more consistent temp. In the summer I just can’t air condition my way to a reasonable fermentation temperature.
            I’m going to get one of those large tubs with the rope handles, fill it to the beer line with water, and adjust with ice as necessary.
            I have legitimately no idea where I’m going to put the tub when I’m not using it.

          • Can the tub be re-purposed for something else when not in use for brewing? Storage of some kind?

          • It’s so big. I might see if I can keep it in the trunk of my car with the bocce set and camp chair that live there.
            Empty glass carboys can be made to look decorative, so I have one next to a chair when not in use.
            I was making out with a guy on my couch and he stopped and starting laughing…because he arrived at a position where he could see the cases of beer, empty bottles, and a smaller carboy hiding between the couch and the wall. And he’s the one who though I was fancy.

    • I Dont Get It

      Homemade bacon????? I need new friends!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the apartment I’m staying while mine gets fixed has a bedroom bigger than my entire apartment. Hell, the closet could fit a full sized bed. Such apartment envy.
    Rave: not upgrading apartments b/c I want to spend my cash on things like diamonds.
    Rave: Saw 2 popvillagers this morning: TallE (sorry I didn’t speak, it was early) and Irving Streete (technically he say me). Love seeing folks!

    • Do they provide you with temporary furniture? What does Donna think of your temporary digs?

      • Emmaleigh504

        The apartment has everything: furniture, towels, dishes, wifi, etc. I think they keep it for situations like this. Donna got out of her carrier and immediately went under some furniture, but I don’t know what furniture, probably the bed. She well eventually love it b/c there’s lots of running space for her to chase her (wee) soccer ball.

    • I didn’t see you or I would have said “Hi!”
      I’m usually not very social first thing in the morning either so I understand πŸ™‚

      I hope Donna doesn’t regret moving back to the smaller place, or maybe she’ll get diamonds too?

      • Emmaleigh504

        A person on my Instagram regularly puts her pearls on her cat. Then there’s the Shah and Shah instagram that sometimes puts diamonds on dogs. If Donna would let me, I’d give her jewels to wear πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Lovely weather, albeit maybe just a smidge too cold
    Rant: Cooler weather is wreaking absolute havoc on my skin – I’m at the stage of being insanely itchy but can’t scratch because else the skin will crack and bleed. Ugh.
    Rave: Enjoyable, low-key weekend
    Rave: Even more enjoyable weekend planned with my momma coming up!
    Rant/Rave? Can’t decide. I took my first crack at making beef stock this weekend, and holy moly I made a huge, fatty mess of everything. It was much more labor intensive than my chicken stock has ever been, and it didn’t make that much. However, I do think the end result was pretty tasty – used a bunch of it last night in making Swedish meatballs and sauce. Not sure if this is something I’ll do again with any regularity, though.

    • I feel you on the skin front. get a good moisturizer with minimal excess grease, as well as a face-specific one! I keep hand lotion everywhere; my purse, my glove compartment, my desk at work…

      • Yeah, I went on a bit of a lotion spree at CVS last night cause I had a 30%-off coupon (my grandma taught me well!), and got moisturizing body wash, in-shower lotion, after-shower lotion, and several tubes of hand cream to keep in every corner!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think I need to break down and get a moisturizing body wash, lotion alone just isn’t doing it.

          • Make sure your lotion doesn’t have any water in it. The water just evaporates off your skin and leaves it feeling even more dry than it was.
            For my hands I use the Body Shop’s hemp hand lotion. It feels greasy for a few minutes, but then is great and feels moisturizing for a long time. For the rest of my I use coconut oil with a little tea tree oil mixed in.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My favorite lotion’s first ingredient is water πŸ™ It’s great in the summer, and Donna loves it, but I guess I need a new winter lotion/cream. Thanks for the info.

  • Rant: I’m a PMF on rotation, I don’t like it and really want to go back to my home agency. I have too many regrets about this.
    Rant: Even worse the rotation requires me to take the orange/blue/silver line.
    Rave: After this, I have a pretty clear idea about my career path and what type of organization I want to work for.

    • At least it’s only 4 months. And I’m sure it makes you appreciate your home agency more right?

    • Alum here: Can you get the rotation office to give you something else to work on? If not, get your home agency to pull you back and then find something else…it’s not worth wasting your time or theirs, and your home agency is paying your salary. Your mileage may vary on this advice based on the HR of the two positions, but it should be possible. Sorry you’re in that situation.

      • Tangential: Andie, I don’t think I remarked upon this at the time, but I was pretty impressed to learn that you are a PMF alumna in addition to your other accomplishments (I think former military and current part-time real estate agent?). Very badass. πŸ™‚

      • I spoke to someone from another section in my office about maybe piggybacking on one of their projects, so hopefully that works out.

        I’m already planning to have my home agency bring me back early (I signed up for a 6 month rotation, now I want to return after 4 months), for now I’m going to stick it out until then.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Great weekend full of apple picking, cooking, and hanging out with Emily.
    Rave: Emily’s move to DC was one of the best things she’s ever done. πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Cleaned like a fiend this weekend in preparation for houseguest’s arrival last night. (A friend, not Visiting Family Member.)
    Rave: House is much tidier as a result.
    Rant: House still has a ways to go.
    Rant: I am exhausted from said nonstop cleaning/organizing, and slept even more poorly than usual last night to boot. I’ve also had lower back pain again the past week or two, which makes it hard to turn over in bed. And I can’t fall asleep or stay asleep without turning repeatedly.

    • Allison

      Not to chuckle at your pain, but after reading the sentence “I can’t fall asleep or stay asleep without turning repeatedly” I had a mental image of you turning in bed like a rotisserie chicken. (I’m a tosser and turner as well, to husband’s great annoyance.)

  • Rave: Meat and potatoes! I mostly eat vegetarian, and when going out, mostly choose “ethnic” restaurants, but went to Cafe Deluxe in Bethesda on Sat. and sunk deliriously into the heaven of old traditional food. Glorious roasted lamb shanks, excellent meatloaf and the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had. Plus the side veggies were also perfect.

    Rant: Nothing – I just ate the little bit of leftover lamb shank. . .

  • topscallop

    I’m such a grump today. PMS + weather + work stress + friend’s mom’s funeral this weekend + 6 hours in the car yesterday = I just want to curl up with a heating pad and hot tea and take a nap. I hate being in such a bad mood! Going to the gym tonight to try to sweat it out.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Spent lots of money at Marie Belle Chocolates and LauderΓ©e on Saturday but don’t have anything to show for it.
    Rant: Tried to buy a CD from Barnes & Noble but couldn’t find anything. The lack of music selection was depressing. Even worse is that ALL the radio stations played Taylor Swift so now I have that one song in my head.
    Rant: My sleep schedule is a mangled mess.
    Rave: At least there were a few minutes of respite and laughs.

  • RANT: I met a kitten from CL on Saturday and was so excited to welcome it to my home. It was brought to me limping and “riddled with round worm”. After saying I couldn’t take her for the safety of myself and fellow household humans and my other pets they re-posted her ad stating false information and letting it live with and cuddle their dogs. They apologized that the girl who brought her to me “just got out of rehab and has since relapsed”. And there’s nothing I can do to help the poor kitten without endangering my own household.
    RAVE: This weather is perfect for deflecting on plans to stay home and cuddle with my pets.

    • The Craigslist pets section is full of shady people. If you want a kitten, better to go with the Washington Humane Society or any of the numerous rescue groups in the area.

      • phl2dc

        +1 but keep an eye out for tapeworms. Their dewormer doesn’t address that problem…

      • Most of the animal rescue groups do also post on Craigslist pets section, but they will always link you to their organization. I agree you really do not want to be adopting from some random person. A “free” kitten is going to cost you $250.00 or more by the time you get it fully vetted, all shots and spayed or neutered. I hope you flagged the posting.

        • I did, and I also told them that while a shelter is not the best place for a cat it may be for this one so she can get the attention and care she needs and deserves.

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