Curry & Pie: “An Indian Bistro” South Asian x Tasty Pizza coming this Fall

1204 34th Street, NW

This could be awesome. Their website says:

“We love good food, and we know you do too. We wanted to make you amazing Indian food, but thought, why get held down by conventional standards? Our team at Curry & Pie is bringing you combinations of all of our favorite foods in ways you’ve never expected. We started with two classics and turned them into one out-there fusion menu, featuring Indian curries, fresh baked pizzas and even more tasty eats in between. We focus on good food made in creative ways in a friendly and low-key environment. From mid-week work lunches to family dinners to late night takeout, Curry & Pie is your new neighborhood spot. Life is short, don’t waste it on boring food.”

Check out their menu here.


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  • Ampersands strike again! 🙂

    Menu looks pretty good, though.

    • I agree, sounds like a very appealing Indian menu. The pizza almost doesn’t seem necessary, but I’m intrigued by some of the combinations. Many of them sound like experiments that could be either really delicious or a total mess.

  • palisades

    Oh thank GOD. This means Eat & Joy is gone, which was one of the worst restaurants I’ve ever been to. The lady that worked behind the register was absurdly rude.
    Also, this sounds delicious.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza sounds awesome. I hope they put it on a hand-pulled naan pizza crust.

  • maxwell smart

    100% surprised this was not littered with the obligatory “Georgetown is over – they will never get any business” and “Current Hip Neighborhood is the ONLY place people who eat food at a restaurant with any taste would EVER go” comments.

  • Like the idea, hate the name. Even just calling it curry pie would be better.

  • They should make paneer a substitution for mozzarella on any pie. Also they should make naan a substitute on any personal-sized pizza. And maybe a curry-infused marinara sauce. There was a place on Ohio State’s campus called the monkey that put curry powder in their sauce and it was delicious!

    • palisades

      Maybe you should try the place before you decide their menu needs to be revamped.

    • Besides what palisades said, as much as I love paneer, I’m not certain it would bake on pizza in a very appealing way. I’d be afraid it would just get hard and rubbery like bad tofu.

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