Sweet Dog found in Anacostia


A reader writes:

“I was out in Anacostia yesterday afternoon helping look for Charlotte, the lost hound mix, and I found this sweet little girl. No collar or tags. I took her to the NY Ave shelter to scan for microchip but none was found. Small brown poodle mix, heavily matted but very sweet. I am a coordinator for K9 Lifesavers rescue so I will hold on to her for the 5-day stray hold period animal control suggested, then re-home her.”

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  • What a doll. She doesn’t look abandoned, does she? Just lost? Please put up some signs around the neighborhood and get the word out with the neighbors. 5 days is not enough time if you’re taking somebody’s dog away.

    • Dog finder here. She is very overgrown and matted. I have filed found dog reports with DC, PG County, and Montgomery County animal shelters; I have also posted on various lost and found dog pages and will continue to try to find her owner. I don’t see it as taking someone’s dog away–I am doing the best I can. Are you interested in helping put up flyers in Anacostia?

      • Thanks for all you are doing to help lost and abandoned dogs. I agree with textdoc below: pets can get away from responsible owners, but a responsible owner will be searching — likely frantically — right away.

      • Filing reports and posting online are great starts, but ‘old school’ ways (i.e. signs) are the most effective way to reach everybody. We don’t know the situation; perhaps this dog was 1/2 block away from her home doing her daily roundabout; we’ve seen that a couple of times on PoP.

      • Bless you, thank you for taking the dog in and please don’t even read internet crap.

    • If the owner cares about his/her dog, he/she will be calling local shelters to see if she’s been found.

    • Five (and a half days) are longer than any loving & responsible pet guardian needs. A dog missing for 1 hour is a crisis.

  • Dana I would consider it my privilege to put up signs. Please let me know exactly where you found the dog. Dan has my email so you could pass on a phone number to put on the signs. I would ask you to extend the time from 5 days from when I put up the signs tomorrow.

    • Dana I did get your contact info and the details about the dog. Hopefully this dog can be reunited with her owner if at all possible.

      • Please email me if you would like to post flyers.

        • We posted 20 flyers around the neighborhood today and walked around quite a bit and talked to residents. There are many people who are not online or who do not think WHS works for them so I again request that you give it 5 days from the flyer posting. The contact number I put was the WHS at NYAve. On the WHS website, if you do find a dog, they offer: “Flyers placed in your neighborhood can aide in reuniting a pet with his/her guardian” so Victoria I’m hardly posting ‘internet crap’, and please read more carefully regarding how long this well-socialized, well-fed dog has been in Dana’s care.

          • Lisa, thank you for posting those flyers. I do really appreciate it. I volunteer my time to dog rescue on the weekends but I have a full-time job and other commitments that don’t allow me to do this kind of thing during the week. Did anyone you spoke with happen to know the dog or her owners? Thanks again for your help.

          • Dana. Nobody recognized the dog but they were grateful we were asking. We put flyers on most spokes of that hub which is Minnesota, Naylor, and 22nd and some store windows. They were kind helpful people there to whom we spoke and almost all had beloved pets and I hurt that somebody is missing her desperately and without the resources or knowledge to find her.

  • Dana, I really appreciate the work you are doing to try to find this dog’s owner. If you are unable to do so, my wife and I are very interested in adopting her. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss!

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