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  • Don’t park in the street!!!!

    • ah

      +1. Amazes me that folks with nice cars (sweet city rides) will park where it can get banged. BTW, if this is Georgetown, why isn’t there a car parked 18″ from its front and rear bumpers?

      • You know what they say: If you’re worried about repairs, you can’t afford the car. Used to party with some seriously rich friends and one friend was always banging or losing his car and his dad would just buy a new one.

  • palisades

    Georgetown you say?! Well I never!

  • See this pretty much everytime I’m in the neighborhood. They always park on the street.

  • I believe this is a 2014 Ferrari California T. The hard-top retracts to make it a convertible. This is considered an entry level Ferrari and currently retails new for just under $200k. Used ones don’t cost much less due to the demand.

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