Heartbreaking Story about Owners of Forge Brew Works – Donate if you are able

via gofundme

“Dear PoPville,

Matt and Kerri Rose own Forge Brew Works in Lorton and recently became pregnant with their first child. However, over the summer, Kerri became weak and sick and her doctor discovered terrible news: She has Stage IV GI Cancer, while she is pregnant. She is undergoing experimental treatment at UPENN and a lot of it plus her travel will NOT be covered by insurance costs, so they are asking for help.

This morning, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, prematurely, so they could start medical treatments. He is now in the NICU until his lungs develop enough.

The whole story can be found  here. I was just thinking this is a local brewery, many of us have frequented, and it is possible that our wonderful PoPville community will be as touched by this story as I have been, and dig in a little bit to help a neighbor.”

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  • Good grief, such devastating news alongside the precious joy of a new child. I hope so much that the fundraiser goes viral and that this new mom beats the odds.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Apologies for the troll everyone who responded. Deleted that comment. Should you see a troll please just ignore them or better yet email me [[email protected]] so I can delete them quicker thanks. And thanks to all who rallied in support – you are good people.

  • *cries* *opens wallet*

  • We are going through a similar thing with a different illness. It’s crazy how many tens of thousands of dollars these treatments end up costing, even with insurance. And it’s so hard to relocate when you’re that sick. Finding furnished housing on short notice in an unknown city is challenging even under normal circumstances! I can’t even image what that would be like with a newborn baby. Here’s hoping everything goes as well as it possibly can.

  • That was supposed to be a reply to the deleted comment. Didn’t mean to make this about me.

  • What a devastating choice for a pregnant woman. Just awful.

  • I wish them luck! It must be hard to be joyful about the birth of the child with such terrible news for his mother. One more reason we should count the blessings we have.

  • burritosinstereo

    Both my father and stepfather underwent cancer treatments and UPenn and both are currently well and in remission. Kerri is in good hands and I wish her and her family the best of luck. Donating now!

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