Gonna be the Fanciest Serve U Liquors in Town

serv u liquors 9th

Thanks to DC9 for passing on the progress across the street on 9th just south of Florida Ave/U Street.

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  • Looks nice, although watching it go up showed that the building is actually just painted cinder block

    • Serious question, what did you expect it to be built out of? You build a timber building, and the commenters go crazy about cheap construction. You build with cinder blocks and you get criticized for I’m not quite sure what. I assume if this were old school masonry construction, there would be complaints about how the new bricks fake or something like that?

      • +1 Haha – Regarding old school masonry – if you read the comments about the building coming to 13th and U people aren’t complaining about the fakeness of brick construction but how it “looks like Arlington.”

  • I hope this is same owners (guy and wife) that used to run the liquor store in that location pre-construction. Really nice people. We0 had chatted for years about things and whether he was going to be able to bring back the business after the construction.

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