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  • Could that be primer? Doesn’t look finished around the arrows and cycle logos.

    • looks like a bit of lazy to me
      i get the other lane was probably painted green then the logos were laid over the green but if they plan on leaving it how it looks in the picture that seems a little tacky imo

    • They went in and filled in the taped off areas – they just taped them off initially so that they could quickly use a roller without painting over the white logos.

      • next question…did they change the color of the white logos? i would think they’d be difficult to see next to the green if they aren’t.

  • justinbc

    I noticed this yesterday when I went to HT. I thought it was kinda neat.

  • Question: does a painted bike lane get slippery when it rains? The paint on many of these lanes looks sort of glossy; it seems that you’d get better traction during the rain on plain asphalt.
    PS – That’s actually “Slimer Green” (from Ghost Busters fame)

    • A good question, but no, DDOT says they use a non-skid paint formulation, so traction when wet is actually supposed to be better than regular asphalt.

  • Looks like they still need to fill in around the other pavement markings. This is the final color, but it will fade a bit in the first few weeks.

  • Blithe

    I kind of like it. It gets your attention — which is a pretty useful thing.

    • Accountering

      I agree. These should all be painted – wish the US would have a standard color though. I think other cities do red?

      • Usually red is for bus-only lanes. I know NYC has green for bikes; it makes sense since many people rides bikes because they are more environmentally friendly.

    • Definitely gets your attention. In Portland, OR the bike lanes are also painted bright green.

  • Why does part of me think that out-of-state Maryland drivers will think Green=Park (here)?

    • west_egg

      “Oooh green paint, that must be the FAST LANE!!” /places cement block on gas pedal

      • No joke, I had an argument with a MD driver the other day who was asking where the sign was that said he couldn’t park in a bike lane.

  • Next step is to get cyclists to follow traffic laws.

    • Accountering

      Great, thanks for the useless comment!

    • *all road users. Bicyclists are not this mythical homogenous group of people. The majority of all cyclists are also motorists and pedestrians.

    • Right, cause no one driving a car ever speeds, fails to stop for pedestrians, parks in a bike lane, runs stops signs, or does anything illegal or dangerous. Ever.

  • Related Rant: While riding my bike home last week in the more residential portions of Capitol Hill, I actually had a driver roll down his window and yell, “no bike lanes, get off the road!”. Couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh.

  • it’ll fade. Make it as bright as possible at the start, more years of usefulness before needing a re-paint

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