That was fast – District Distilling Company posts Liquor License Placard at 14th and U St, NW


Friday’s press release from District Distilling Company projects an “early 2016 opening”.

And now we now exactly where it will be, the liquor license placard lists 1414 & 1418 U Street, NW. 1414 was the former home of Coppi’s and 1418 U Street was the former home to Utopia. The placard says:

“High-end tavern with adjacent distillery pub. Will serve high-quality menu and provide live solo and small combo performers and recorded musical entertainment with or without D.J.

Entertainment Endorsement and a Distillery Pub Permit. Seating for 157 inside and a Total Occupancy load of 170.”


looking east on 14th Street towards U Street

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  • Linc Park SE

    Did they ever figure out who murdered the owner of Coppi’s?

  • Its shameful that people tag beautiful buildings like that. If you feel the need to tag, why not tag a bridge or your local slum housing project — keep the brownstones and new construction out of it.

    • Well that got offensive in a hurry.

      What I want to know is will the whiskey be coming from a little distillery in Lawrenceburg, IN?

  • I feel like that should be “Looking East on U street towards 14th street”

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