Terrible Night in Park View – Shooting Homicide at Georgia and Lamont; Shooting at Warder and Manor


Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted us updates – @Jhauganiii tweeted:

“Police activity at Georgia & Lamont. Passerby said shooting. Also saw police tape at morton&warder”

From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating the homicide that occurred on Thursday, July 30, 2015, at approximately 9:25 pm, in the 3300 block of Georgia Avenue, NW.

Members of the Third District responded for a call of a shooting. Upon their arrival, they located an adult male suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead. The decedent’s remains were later transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner pending an autopsy.

The decedent has been identified as 24-year-old Derrick Black of Northwest, D.C.”

a reader expresses the mounting frustration felt by many:

“not a good night for Park View, first one at Lamont and Georgia is a homicide, then an hour later shooting at Manor and Warder, 2ish blocks away while there were tons of cops both on Georgia and and cruising the neighborhood because of the first one. Again we literally had a meeting last night with police, a rep from our council member, a rep from the Park-Morton redevelopment task force. This meeting was literally less than 100 feet from the bus stop and we talked at length about needing to police this stop and whether we could have the bus shelter taken away because it added an heir of legitimacy to the people hanging out there.”

Update from Council Member Nadeau:

“In response to shootings last night in the Park View neighborhood, Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau released the following statement:

“This is a terrible thing that happened in our community, despite all the additional attention and resources we’ve brought to this location over the past few weeks including more police presence in the immediate area. This increased visibility and deployment will continue. An investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about the shootings is encouraged to contact MPD at (202) 727-9099.

“In addition to increased police presence, we are working to address long-term public safety issues in the area. In our public safety walk at Georgia and Lamont last week we heard from many residents who were concerned about loitering, drinking and drug use in the area. In my conversations with area businesses, they share residents’ concerns. Many of them are in the process of implementing measures recommended by MPD – cameras, no loitering signs, and barring notices to prohibit specific individuals from being near their property. In addition, MPD made several arrests related to drug use and public drinking in the last week.

“When I was an ANC, the Council attempted to pass anti-loitering laws. Unfortunately, there was no path for them, given the fact that the courts would strike them down. That said, MPD has the tools to address illegal activity such as drug use and public drinking without anti-loitering laws.

“The other partner in this is the Department of Behavioral Health, who is working with us to address chronic alcoholism. We’ve had them pass through recently to offer services, which can take longer to have an impact but ultimately is more successful than simply asking people to move along.

“In addition, the Neighborhood Development Company is leading a local task force on public safety focusing on the Georgia Ave and Lamont St block. This is a grassroots and collective approach for bringing together residents, businesses, property owners, and city representatives to help troubleshoot these issues and proactively improve neighborhood conditions. ANC Commissioners Bobby Holmes, Rashida Brown and Kent Boese have been active members of this task force. I am working in partnership with this group to coordinate on action steps from our recent public safety walk. I encourage you to join in that discussion. Please reach out to my office if you’d like more information.

“While we have made progress in the past couple weeks, last night’s shooting was a terrible thing, and I hope our sustained efforts can prevent more like it from happening.”

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  • Terrible for our community. That block transformed quickly when mothership upped and left. If we get a few more commercial properties in between lamont and park maybe people will take more care in keeping that block nice

  • I will say the police responded quickly to the shooting on Georgia Avenue. Minutes after hearing the gun shots I saw police responding.

    • Funny thing is… They’re not around BEFORE shots happen in the area. I think it’s time to start talking about the Chief Lanier’s retirement plan if things don’t change soon. And lanlords that rent to obvious drug dealers need to be fined heavily, and more enabled to evict by the courts. Where the heck is DC SWAT these days? There are a lot of new neighborhood drug dens in Park View all of a sudden.

      • The drug dens have always been there! Don’t be oblivious.
        On another note, how couldn’t the police respond quickly when the cop shop is literally a block 2 1/12 – 3 blocks away from both of these incidents.

        • No, that’s what makes this even worse. The police HAVE BEEN AROUND since last Sunday. Every day they have been on segways, bikes, foot, and in cars. Seriously an hour hasn’t passed that I didn’t see police. That’s probably why they responded so quickly–they’ve been all over Park Morton all week.

        • b/c that police substation is of a different police district. They don’t dispatch to different dispatch.

          plus the police aren’t just sitting there at the substation. they are out and about, or so we are told.

          • The substation is a 4D substation and some of Park View is in 3D. And you’re correct that the substation, like most police districts are busy at the beginning and end of the shift. There’s no cops in there waiting to respond, like a firehouse.

        • 10 kids hanging out blaring music from a vehicle while people that don’t look like them circle the block and then walk up to buy drugs at 12am is new to me, and I’ve lived in the area for 20 years.

          Since weed has been sort of legalized, it seems the dealers are switching to K2 and harder drugs. There are tons of zombies passed out all around Park View now.

          Kathy Lanier IS responsible for public safety. A good job is NOT being done.

          • LOL take a step outside.. “Warda Warda ” has always been pretty hood.

            Since Ramsey left, Lanier has stepped in and the department has definitely improved their relationship with the community – however as with most political appointments her time may be up.. we do have a new mayor..

          • So you are saying that because weed is legal, users are starting to smoke K2, and that is why crime is up? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I think these guys have always been selling harder drugs/using harder drugs. Were you in a coma for the 20 years you lived here? That is the only explanation I can find for why these type of incidents are new to you.

      • SilverSpringGal

        What is an OBVIOUS drug dealer? Most of them live with their families or girlfriends, going to be hard to differentiate. Also Lanier has one of the highest approval ratings for a Chief Of Police of a major city in the country – she’s also managed to avoid a contested shooting of a minority in a summer and a year that is fraught with tension. She’s working with what she’s got.

        • thank you. Love the comments on here that go along the lines of ‘well-known drug house’..have you actually been inside to get a bump?

          • Are you kidding? We’re not talking about rumors and innuendo here. There are at least five houses I can think of where it’s not possible to walk by without seeing a drug transaction. Most are literally surround by people who go to use drugs within a block or two. This is not some stealth operation we’re dealing with, the sell so openly you’d think they had a BBL.

          • Completely agree with petworther. We live at the corner of Georgia and Lamont and with our birds-eye view we watch drug activity all day long. Within less than two hours last weekend we made in two calls to MPD – one for a bunch of men who were trespassing, since they were sitting on the front stoop where I know they don’t live, and proceeded to roll a joint out in the open and smoke it. The other was an apparent drug deal where a car pulled up to the curb and we watched as huge wads of cash were passed through the drivers window. MPD didn’t respond quickly enough, and the responding officer never called us back despite our request that they do so with the 911 dispatch. We emailed one of the commanders from MDP 3D who has been present at most of the Park View community meetings, and the best he could offer was to tell us that next time we should request the responding officer’s contact info and call them back if they don’t call us.

            OK…so I understand that the police may have their hands full, and that they can’t fight crime if they don’t report it, but if we’re being told that WE have to call to make sure that the police follow up on their JOB, then we have a long way to go.

          • Live on Keefer just off Georgia and watch drug deals and hand-offs in the alley that runs north south between Lamont and Keefer regularly, run people shooting up out of my alley, between Keefer and Kenyon regularly. The people who live in this area not imagining the drug deals or the drug use, we live in the mists of it and have been telling anyone who will listen about it for weeks now, they are all good at showing up and nodding to our complaints, but as last night shows they really aren’t actively addressing the problem.

        • I agree Lanier is not the problem here, she/police are too often used as a scapegoat. The police are grossly understaffed and are fighting crippling attrition. This has been an issue that the whole city has known for years. Look to the council (and the courts for not locking up young offenders) for the crime increase (not a spike, just an increase).

        • That sounds like something someone who lives in Silver Spring would say.
          If you ever venture into the city, you’ll see that open air drug markets are still alive and well. And OBVIOUS drug dealer is one who stands and sells drugs.
          And yes, Lanier has managed to avoid racial tension. That’s pretty easy to do if you do no policing what so ever.

      • They were obviously around before or they wouldn’t have arrived so fast. There were two shootings in two places, if they were posted at either of those locations the shootings would have happened a couple blocks away. The reason there are never cops around when someone is murdered isn’t because they are in the wrong place… it is because people don’t murder each other in front of cops because even murderers are not THAT stupid.
        At best a landlord will have met a prospective tenant a couple times for a few minutes prior to their renting, unless they are slanging outside your open house how are you supposed to know and then how do you evict an “obvious drug dealer?” It is perfectly legal to evict a convicted drug dealer, but if you allow landlords to decide who is and isn’t a drug dealer they can just decide you are a drug dealer and kick you out. A lot of drug dealers have day jobs too so that pay stub won’t save you.
        WTF is SWAT going to do? They aren’t shooting at cops or taking hostages what do we need a bunch of dorks with assault rifles and bulletproof vests running around for looking for someone to shoot?
        Pvmike hit the nail on the head. More commercial is needed police can not and will not solve this problem, you can rabble all you want. You know that 80-90% of DC was “ghetto” in the 80s-90s right? None of the now gentrified neighborhoods were gentrified by police, it takes community involvement and business investment.

        • SWAT conducts drug raids and arrests on drug dens after a solid warrant is issued. This isn’t happening because investigations of dealers aren’t happening in DC.

          Communitirs pay taxes, which fund police to be proactive in protecting communities, not just Georgetown and more affluent areas.

          If businesses populate parkview, the problems just go elsewhere which doesn’t fix the problems.

          We also need to look at the people BUYING drugs, because if there wasn’t high demand, there wouldn’t be high supply.

      • In addition to the above, SWAT is a blunt object. It’s an important capability for responding to specific threats and situations, but should have no part in prevention or community policing. Clearly many things are broken this summer, but I applaud Chief Lanier and MPD for flooding the streets with police officers, not an occupying army.

  • It was at Warder and Manor Pl NW! Morton only intersects with Georgia and Sherman. Also, these were not the only shootings in Park View last night! Apparently there was a shooting on Newton too! Unbelievable…just as police have stepped up their presence: it gets worse?

  • A witness told me the person at Georgia & Lamont was shot twice in the head then run over & dragged by a car on Georgia. Grisly.

    • Anonymous

      I heard 6 creepily-consecutive shots fired from the corner of Keefer and GA very clearly. Hearing about the mysterious car this morning was a surprise to me though… not cool, Park View!

    • Didn’t see the shooting but heard it. It was 4 shots – pause – 2 shots. I could see those last two shots being targeted.

      • Anonymous

        Yes that’s right. That pause before the last 2 might have been the most eerie. I guess one reassuring thing was the quick police response…perhaps they were nearby and heard the shots.

      • I counted 7, but they all sounded pretty hollow I wasn’t sure.. but yea it’s really sad how this happened, that a driver could be that non-observant.

        • Could have just panicked and gunned it. What would you do if you saw someone shot in front of you?

        • #visionzero. that intersection is bad for pedestrians are are fully able.

        • I was right on the corner of keefer and Georgia when it happened and also counted 7 (5, pause, 2). The car actually was rather delayed- maybe two minutes later. The first cop car was right behind them.

  • I live two blocks away from the second shooting, and this is NUTS! I was winding down before bed watching a show on my computer so I had headphones in and didn’t hear the shots, but I heard a whole mess of sirens flying down GA at top speed and knew I was going to wake up – again! – to news of a shooting or two. I want to get all outraged, but I’m just more sad than anything else. I am honestly asking, what can I do that would make any impact on the violence that is rampant in our society? any at all? Because the status quo isn’t working, that’s for sure.

    • This won’t work with everyone but honestly, you just have to keep your eyes open and interact with people. I’ve always felt that simple interactions can disarm and mellow out most situations. The only way to understand a threat is to widen your ability to gauge people and their personalities.

      • In theory I agree with ecklikewhoa, but in practice, I am not/cannot interact with the high, spaced out, threatening and/or aggressive loiterers who hang out around Georgia and Lamont. I go to the yoga place there often, and I love it. But there’s no way I am going to “interact” with those folks without getting an earful of verbal abuse back. No thank you.

        I think what you can do to help is go out and support the great businesses on Georgia Ave, like Petworth Bikram Yoga, like Colony Club, like (alas,… not like Mothership) lots of others. When those places succeed, the block succeeds.

        • Hey George, yea i’m not saying you should engage someone who is spaced out..

          But if someone looking at you, a simple nod or “what’s up” does wonders for you to just keep it moving. Particularly if you frequent an area. Too often people just ignore what is around them – acknowledging the presence of another person is just a natural thing to do. Supporting businesses are clutch, but don’t forget Catrachitos and places of the like that have sustained the neighborhood and have stronger ties than these folks bringing $10 sardines to the table.

          • yep. Not saying you have to chat with them, but if you acknowledge them like they’re human beings they’ll probably leave you alone. I usually just smile at them and say hello while I keep walking.

          • While I agree that most awkward or tense situations can be diffused with a simple head nod, there is an extra risk for women. For me, walking from the Petworth metro to Georgia and Kenyon is a certain way to elicit a string of catcalls and touching. Simply acknowledging someone could be just the opening for them to decide you are worth more of there interest and become a real problem.

      • I know what you’re saying, and I do try my best (when I think of it and am not in a rush) to give a friendly nod or at least acknowledge others passing by. It is hard, though, when I’m constantly hassled for “spare change’ (I don’t carry cash, like almost ever) every time I want to go into the grocery store, or when I can’t fall asleep because there’s a bunch of loiterers smoking dope directly below my window. I agree that simple interactions disarm, and I actually avoided getting robbed when I lived in Philly by striking up a conversation about the weather with my would-be robber, but, similar to Curious George, when I’m being called a c##$ or someone is walking erratically toward me yelling that I’m a m#^!*&rF%*$er, I’m not going to engage! I have a hard time wanting to get to know people in general, much less people who I feel annoyed at for smoking drugs and/or doing nothing all day long (even if I also understand there are complicated social factors at play in all of this.) I just feel like no amount of me making small talk with people is going to change anything in the long run.

    • I echo this. Whenever I hear about another horrible violent incident in this neighborhood, I’m just so sad. Engaging with the police hasn’t helped yet, I know nearly all my neighbors & many of the harmless-loiterers (obviously different people from the harassing/problem types)… what else can we possibly do? Write some more sternly worded emails to the City Council & Mayor? Request another sanitized “safety walk”? I want to improve my neighborhood & contribute to everyone’s safety, but I’m genuinely at a loss here.

  • Egad

    Such a shame. Lower Georgia Avenue has so much history and so much potential to be a really vibrant part of the city once again. It’ll take a lot of work from business owners, neighbors, police and government officials to clean this area up but it will happen….eventually. This level of violence is not sustainable.

    • The solution to this area is to bring development along Georgia. Hopefully there won’t be a liquor store on every other corner when that happens. Residents and retail will increase, there will be greater foot traffic, and these criminals will think twice about this kind of crap. Then Courtland Milloy will write an article in the post lamenting the good old days of Georgia Ave.

      • Zuckerman Partners hold a large amount of land along that three block stretch (NW and SE corners of Morton/GA and on GA and Kenyon). They are just squatting on it and thus contributing to the problem. Plenty of financing to move the projects forward but no response or action from the company

        • Egad

          The Colony Club owners? Ouch!

        • Egad

          I would think that it would be in their interest to develop their vacant properties and attract more customers to Colony Club rather than scaring people away with the crime and decay currently taking place there. Right now there isn’t much else happening in that area other than Heat Da Spot. Is Zuckerman being taxed as vacant or blighted property at least?

          • I’d hope so too, but I do wonder if there’s kind of a catch-22 going on. Is there so much terrible stuff going down here of late that it’s scaring them off from sinking millions more into building up their properties?

          • I agree, it would be nice to know what they are thinking but nobody hears a peep out of them other then when they applied for a 2 year extension to sit on the post office property. So much potential but no action. The previous owners of at least two properties on both corners of Morton and GA were ready to build before Zuckerman bought them out.

            The community would be behind their developing those blocks but growing increasingly impatient and irritated. Might have to spill over into a boycott of Colony Club until we see some sort of action.

          • Guns/Drugs doesn’t scare development. I’ve heard stories of the builders who built the row houses on 13th and V in the 2000/2001 intentionally digging trenches so they could jump in them to avoid the occasional gun fire. My how time has changed!

  • Wasn’t this right at the corner where someone wrote a post a couple weeks ago complaining about all kinds of shady stuff going on.


  • Meanwhile the New Communities project at Park Morton sits idle with abandoned units piling up serving as staging grounds for drugs and crime in the area as they talk about potentially looking at another off-site building to move folks at some point in the future. After 7 years about hearing about this ‘redevelopment’ the Government workers protect their jobs by doing NOTHING to move the project forward onsite.

    Honestly who can we hold accountable to actually move this forward? Anyone?

    • Not only that, but they also finally started clearing out the strip mall months ago at Georgia & Morton. They even put a fence around the parking lot so no one can park there and put up construction zone signs. So when are they going to raze it? Last I heard on Park Morton is that they narrowed it to four development teams and now they have to pick one. Have they picked one? When will they pick one?

      • When I moved to Park View I was told that the groundbreaking for the building above the GA Ave metro was a year away. It ended up taking two more years to happen. After the building was done, it took two years to get a couple of tenants in the commercial space. It’s taken another three years to get two more tenants. And the largest space is still empty.
        So the private sector is not much more efficient in getting things done.

        As much as neighborhood residents want change to happen yesterday, that’s not the way things work.

      • The strip mall is owned by Zuckerman Partners LLC who purchased the land from Neighborhood Development Corp a while back. They are squatting on numerous large land holds along that area of GA. Nobody I know has been successful in getting any sort of response from them on their intentions. It is just contributing to the stagnation in the area.

      • Dantes Partners is one of the developers chosen to redevelop Park Morton. They have their offices at the Lamont Street Lofts if you would like to check with them to see what the delay in building is 🙂 Please let us know as many people are interested in knowing.

      • From Commissioner Bobby Holmes (1A09) when asked about the strip mall property owned by Zuckerman (July 3rd response): “The contractor is coming before the ANC next Wednesday asking for at 2 year extension. The reason for the extension is site studies revealed contamination and the existence of underground storage tanks. They need an extension in order to allow time for the site to be addressed and to get approval from DDOE to move forward”
        I have not heard if the extension was granted, but I assume it was.
        A developer was selected for Park Morton in November (2014). – http://dcnewcommunities.org/community/park-morton/

        • That is strange because the Neighborhood Development Corp (NDC) was all approved and ready to break ground until financing fell through a couple years back. The studies were done and nothing revealed any ‘contamination’. This smells fishy and more like a stalling tactic, given Zuckerman Partners deflects (or just never answers) questions related to their GA dormant holdings.

          • TWO YEARS!!! That is ridiculous. I hope it was not granted and they freaking move on the property.

          • Zuckerman is clearly trying to buy that whole block, they bought the mothership building and and are trying to pick up the buildings inbetween mothership and the post office office, that is why they are delaying they are delaying construction, they want the whole block

        • Just received word from Commissioner Boese that the extension was granted

    • The project stalled for at least a couple of years because of the recession. I don’t know what is going on now. But I believe they can’t (or won’t) kick people out without giving them some other place to live while the redevelopment is going on. I suspect it’s not easy to find available housing units to put these people in.

      • Why not move everyone into the same few buildings and begin the demo versus having multiple abandoned units spread across the whole complex?

        • Yes, it’s one for one swap. So they must find housing for each tenant before they displace them, which is fair. However, I agree–some of them are boarded up and attract bad behavior. I guess it’s not realistic to just bulldoze as you go though. They want to start it all at once if I had to guess.

  • We’ve been telling the policy and city council about these problems for months, and they’ve just been blowing us off. Councilmember Nadeau and the Police Department are responsible for not addressing this problem sooner.

  • I did see a report that the city is down 500 officers since Jan 1. I was invited to a BBQ in that area this evening and stuff like this makes me think twice about walking around at night in that area.

  • It will be hard to attract small businesses into the area with any consistency or longevity as long as there is rampant violence, drug dealing, and zombied-out drug users loitering around. Small business owners have to be judicious in where they invest their money and unsafe neighborhoods are not good for legitimate businesses. One example: there was a thread a few months ago on Popville about a small business owner near/on H st. who wanted out of his lease because he couldn’t make any money due to all of the loiterers on his property who would harass potential customers. There was a lot of back and forth about who was responsible: the owner who didn’t make his commercial property safe and conducive to operating a business or the lessee should have known better that the location was a shyte-hole and not the best place to conduct business.

  • Removing bus shelters does not reduce crime.

    Controlling the spread of guns and giving people hope — affordable housing, jobs and education/training — reduces crime.

    • Plenty of affordable housing in the area…how’s that working out?

      • Is it dignified, clean and safe?

        If you guys want to live in a warzone like Brazil, fine. But I know there are better models for citymaking than DC (i.e. Montreal, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, etc.).

        • Rude. Syria is a war zone. Brasil is not.
          Brasil isn’t even like the corner of Georgia and Lamont… There aren’t massive shootings every other day blocks away from where people are spending 800k on a 2 bedroom condo.

          • Please. Many favelas are effectively war zones, with the homicide rates and deaths of young black men far outpacing anything in the U.S. Actually, the levels of government corruption, income inequality, and racial disparities in Brazil are pretty illustrative of what could happen here if we don’t do more to address our most serious problems.

        • In my experience (and I have some relevant experience), housing that is entirely subsidized by the government is very detrimental to the the long-term well-being of the recipient, the taxpayer, and the community. It’s good for the folks who work at DCHA (check out some of the rides in that parking lot) and for some politicians, but replacing every single subsidized housing project with a mixed-income development would be a huge step in the right direction.

    • I gotta agree with you. There seems to be a lot of concerns on here about drug dealers and drug users. Why are they on drugs? Why do they deal drugs? And what makes it so easy to shoot people? Honestly, I don’t think it would matter if you lined the street with cops. Does anyone care if they get caught? The city is lined with video cameras and lots of people get caught, but that doesn’t stop more people filling in. I think Nadeau is smart to engage entities beyond MPD in addressing this problem. I hope she engages them more. The people involved in the crime need to be part of the solution and not just swept out of the neighborhoods because now there are condos selling for $800K.

  • Rather than a moratorium on pop-ups, we need an immediate moratorium on building ANY more Section 8 housing in DC.
    The NY Times had a great article last month “Vouchers Help Families Move Far From Public Housing” that highlights the serious consequences of concentrating poverty.
    Unfortunately our Councilmembers count on concentrating – and adding to – this demographic as a means to guarantee being reelected. Brianne Nadeau comes to mind.
    We must STOP the conversion of the Old Hebrew Home on Spring Road into 100+ Section 8 housing units. That is the best way to prevent these shooting homicides from happening.

    • You know, it’s not as if the number of subsidized units isn’t decreasing. And crime levels, even with the recent uptick, are still well below what they were even a few years ago. The city clearly needs to step up its game on combatting crime, but creating an even larger homeless population is NOT going to help matters.

  • I just moved to Park View about 2 months ago after living on the city outskirts for the last 3 years. Maybe I’m naive as a newcomer, but I have grown to love DC and was so excited to move to this area to actually be a part of it. The excitement has been dulled by the violence and now I’m wondering if we made a huge mistake by moving here. I don’t want to be afraid to take my dog out or walk home from the metro alone. I’ve read all the comments about law enforcement and businesses not doing enough, but aside from opening my own coffee shop on Georgia or engaging someone on the street who may be high on K2, what can we as residents do?

    • Welcome, it’s a great neighborhood and don’t be deterred as this is the worst of the worst. There are a lot of great people and things to do in the area.

      • +1,000. Been here two years after living near Dupont/14th St for ten. My neighbors are wonderful, the bars and restaurants are great (RIP Mothership, I miss you so), and people tend to say hello when you pass on the street or by a porch. Overall, I’d rather be here than back at the heinous shitshow that is 14th St now. I also see the drug houses, the junkies, the car break-ins, and the litter. D.C. summers always see a spike in crime (there’s been at least one shooting in Park View every summer since I’ve lived here). Not saying crime should be the norm at all, just that it’s the reality of where we live. (And, as Anony above said, this is the worst of it, when years ago, it was the norm, if not a pretty good day.) I’m unsettled after last night, too–was walking my dog when I heard the first round of shots a few blocks away–but don’t let it take away from all the good stuff happening and being a part of a great neighborhood.

        • Thanks to both of you. Your comments actually make me feel better and more optimistic. See you out there!

    • Anonymous

      I just moved to Park View in June as well and am also very turned off by the violence and other crimes. However, all this activity seems localized around the Lamont and Georgia intersection…is there any particular reason (aside from any potential/actual drug houses or whatever)? It seems very concentrated and even once you pass Lamont to the north, the area seems to clean up a bit. Towards the south seems much less “occupied” by the doped up zombies.

    • I’m also new to the neighborhood and I live really close to where the second shooting was last night. The neighborhood generally feels pretty safe, but I was walking by the corner of Warder and Manor Pl an hour before…it’s a little disconcerting.

  • Zuckerman forced Mothership out – wouldn’t negotiate re rent. So now it’s just empty. Stephan (from MS) used to do a good job of patrolling that block – seems like things have gotten notably worse since it closed. Eddie Leonard is also a shit show. I’ve been walking my dogs out there at night for three years, but not any longer.

  • Without good education, jobs, good public transportation to get people to them, the easy availability of guns and little condemnation of “gangster” culture from the community these crimes will not relent in our lifetime. We try to punish criminals rather than preventing it at the source and this is what we get.

  • Did anyone hear additional gunshots in Park View last night (Friday night/Saturday morning), maybe around 3am? I heard like five shots, then a few min later 2-3 shots, then a few min later 1 shot. Anyone else?

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