Pei Wei Asian Diner Closes in Dupont


Pei Wei Asian Diner opened in the former Mattress Discounters space next to Nando Peri Peri and underneath 18th Street Lounge back in Sept. 2013. I never actually had the chance to take a taste – where there any fans?  Super fans can still get some in Fairfax or Herndon.   Updates when we learn who takes over the space.

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  • I always liked their spicy chicken. The place is basically a cheaper, quicker version of PF Changs.

    And LOL at getting DC residents to head out to Fairfax or Herndon.

    • LOL, that’s so funny but true. To anyone who grew up in the region, the city and the suburbs are interchangeable and it’s no big deal to go from one to the other to check out something cool or for good food. But to recent arrivals, it’s like there’s an invisible force field surrounding the District, which they all fear crossing.

      • Exactly! Sorry, but DC isn’t a huge city that presents me with non-stop action and things to do. If you want to get to know all that the DC area has to offer, you must travel outside it’s borders to VA and MD. Not saying PeiWei is one of these destinations, but there are things much further than Fairfax or Reston that are totally worth a day trip. DC residents that don’t have cars must be soooo bored or regulars at their favorite bar.

        • No, we DC residents without cars are doing just fine, even without benefiting from the abundant charms of Woodbridge.

          • I’m just glad to hear that you’re quite content in your tiny world. There’s no accounting for taste.

          • There’s some interesting stuff in Maryland and Virginia, sure, but I don’t really understand how anyone could get bored within DC’s borders, or be so incredibly narrow-minded in their view of worthwhile activities that they’d label “tiny” the myriad and endless entertainment options in DC proper.

    • maxwell smart

      I can’t even convince my coworkers to cross Rock Creek Park and come to Glover or Cleveland Park. But seriously, I don’t think PF Changs is the type of place people are going to go out of their way for.

  • I tried it twice, and both times it was gross and the staff was surly. No loss.

  • I used to go to the one in Fairfax when I worked out that direction. I quite liked it. Decent Asian food in a fast-food format. It was a perfect lunch spot. If anyone is looking for something similar, the Four Sisters restaurant in Clarendon is highly recommended.

  • For Americanized Chinese food in that area, one should do oneself a favor and walk three blocks further to Meiwah.

    • +1 (or a couple blocks to Szechuan Pavilion) And this talk about driving out to Herndon for this is ludicrous. (but hey, no accounting for taste)

  • Stopped in once. Probably the blandest Chinese food I’ve ever had – like food for people who still find a typical Americanized Chinese takeout too adventurous for them.

  • It’s no better or worse than most of the takeout Chinese places in town. That’s not a compliment.

    • I’m sure there are lots of mediocre places too but Great Wall Szechuan House and Sichuan Pavillion are both just a few blocks from here and both objectively great. Pei Wei is decidedly worse than both.

  • I have to say I’m not shocked by this at all. The last two times I was there it took an insane amount of time to get my food and once I made the mistake of ordering a salad and they didn’t put any dressing on it and of course I didn’t discover this until I got back to my office. I can’t say I’m disappointed.

  • It was…meh. I went there a few times when I was craving mall food court-style Chinese food. It was about the same quality but more expensive.

  • I read that The Little Beet, a gluten free place from NYC was taking over the space.

  • Too bad–I like Pei Wei.

    • Me too. I know it’s chain food but I think it’s definitely tastier than all of the local takeout places I’ve had in DC (except Meiwah).

  • Pei Wei is great, but this location was not. They were closed for several weeks over the winter (health code violation)? They didn’t have simple things that they have at every other location (like spicy mustard) . Makes you wonder if this one was actually a legit part of the franchise.

    Can’t believe that Pinkberry, and now this, closed in just a matter of years. Anyone know why the Pinkberry closed?

  • Went once. It was pretty bad. I had their “spiciest” dish the Pei Wei and it not spicy at all. The manager did reach out to me after I posted a Yelp review. He offered me a free lunch. It was so bad I wouldn’t eat it even it was free. Chains like this would succeed in the burbs

  • Went once soon after it opened and never went back again. The food tasted like salt. That’s it. Extremely salty, no other flavor. This place closing is no loss, except perhaps for the people who worked there..

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