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  • Nooooo…. Tackle Box 🙁

  • Best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &other stories is amazing, and they do not have a lot of stores so far, so this is a pretty big score for DC.

    • palisades

      Yeah this seems like a pretty big deal. Next we need a Cos and Uniqlo somewhere downtown.

    • Yeah, I’m really surprised DC will be one of their first US stores! I’d expect LA and Chicago to get them before DC (and am a bit bummed there will be one here and not in SF).

  • Glad to hear that Tackle Box is closed. Ate there once, found a roach in my food to which garnered laughs from the staff and I never went back again.

  • Yeah! I love this store and have been really impressed with the quality of their clothing and the prices they are offered. Their wool sweaters are great.

  • Never heard of this store before. Is it like a more high end version of H and M?

    • Yes more or less, and they don’t carry men’s clothing. Essentially they’re capitalizing on people who will pay twice as much for H&M-quality clothing because it feels more upscale and exclusive. These are popping up in places like Georgetown where people have a large amount of disposable income. Seems to be a hit.

      • But the quality is no better? I won’t pay H&M prices for H&M quality. SO much polyester. 🙁

        • Hard to say from the online photos. My guess is that the quality is marginally better, with similar fabrics to H&M but better hardware and finishing. But I think the main selling point will be the design, which is More Like Zara or Top Shop and less like Forever 21 and substantially more edited so there’s less crap to wade through.

          • Yes – slightly better quality fabrics, way better design in terms of style and fit. It’s still cheaper than many places in Georgetown, and a welcome change from the growing presence of discounter stores like Forever 21 and DSW.

  • interesting, i’ve never heard of it either. it looks like h&m by madewell

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