Hell Week Continues on the Red Line Rush Hour Commute


A reader resignedly writes:

“Union station 7:42”

Metro tweeted:

“Red Line: No longer single tracking. Residual delays in both directions due to earlier switch problem & earlier disabled train at NoMa.”

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  • TGITTB (thank god I take the bus)

  • I am sooooooo sick of Metro! Not only do they screw you over on the commute, they then charge you $2 to exit the system, despite not using it!!! I’m DONE. I am boycotting this POS system and finding any other method to commute to work. They just need to shut this POS down and not reopen until it is completely fixed. Metro, GFY!

    • Of all the other utter brokenness, this has always been a pet peeve. There is absolutely no reason there shouldn’t be a 10-15 min exit window from the same station with no charge.

    • hooville

      I’m 3 months metro free for my commutes now, despite living 50 yards from a red line stop, and working 50 yards from a metro stop, AND having my metro costs paid by my employer. That’s right, I’d rather pay to commute than take a free ride on this hellish system. Guess what, it’s been a BREEEEEZE. And it’s faster! No regrets.

    • maxwell smart

      @RedLineCommuter: I did the same thing 2 years ago and have never looked back. March – November I bike to/from work. It’s actually pretty nice having a 5 mile bike ride in the morning – I get to work and I feel energized and it’s a mostly downhill ride so even in the middle of swamptown summer I don’t get too sweaty. Even with the occasionally bad driver or unaware pedestrian, I generally arrive at work in a good mood. Endorphins!

      The rest of the time I take the bus. It takes 2 buses to get to work and potentially takes a little longer, but it’s worth it for my mental health. I was finding on the metro that I would get to work angry, stressed and exhausted.

  • Ugh. Drove in this morning to avoid this after seeing the alerts. Lately Metro has been making me want to go back to driving full time. The cost might be worth my sanity.

  • I got on a Shady Grove bound train a just before 8am expecting the worst, but it was actually fine. No delays, normal crowds. Things must have cleared up pretty quick once the single tracking ended.

    • Not so sure. Had to wait for 3 trains to pass as gallery place before I was able to get into shady grove train. All 3 were packed…like your face hits the door packed.

      • Agreed with Anon Spock, it actually didn’t resolve very quickly at all. I was waiting on the platform for about 40 minutes, between 7:10 and 7:50 until I was able to squeeze into the third Shady Grove-bound train that made it into Union Station. For reference, I wasn’t even behind a crowd of others at the platform, I was right at the front and still couldn’t get onto the first two trains. Even then, the trains were “your face hits the door packed.”

        That entire time we were waiting, they claimed that we were single tracking between Judiciary and Rhode Island…and yet NO trains came through in either direction for a good 20 minutes.

        Ridiculous. Whoever designed this system to not allow for auxiliary tracks to move disabled trains onto between each station was an idiot.

      • Guess I got lucky. The red line made it up to me after Monday’s 1.5 hour commute.

    • I got lucky too, going the same way. The train was crowded, but my commute only took about 5 minutes longer than usual. Most of that was from making my transfer Gallery Place, which remains terribly designed and overstuffed every day.

  • Is there an app that’ll send text alerts for metro delays?

    • Or any kind of alert, really. Just looking for am app that will preemptively notify me rather than requiring me to check.

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