From the Forum – Were you almost hit crossing S of 15th/RI Ave on Friday July 17 around 5:10pm?


Were you almost hit crossing S of 15th/RI Ave on Friday July 17 around 5:10pm?

“Hi – I’m looking for a white guy medium build wearing shorts walking two dogs across the striped crosswalk just south of Rhode Island and 15th NW on Friday July 17, 2015 around 5:10pm. He was crossing legally in the crosswalk with two dogs, one of which was fluffy. Two lanes of traffic stopped for him. A forest green Mercedes SUV pulled out of the middle lane and zoomed up in the left lane to get around the stoppage, narrowly missing hitting the guy and the dogs. I believe the guy jumped out of the way (may have twisted his ankle) but it seemed that he had to drag/pull one of the dogs to safety. The SUV didn’t stop and the guy yelled after it. I was a few cars behind the SUV when it pulled out, and I subsequently ended up following behind it up 15th St to 16th St. I wanted to make sure you and your dogs are ok and say that I have the plate number for the SUV if you need it to file some kind of claim (either for your own injury of that of your dog) or report. If you can reply to this message with contact info I’d be happy to share it with you.”

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  • Thanks popville peeps for being such stand up humans.

  • Was one of the dogs a red chow? Fits the description of a neighbor of mine.

  • Usually it’s the bicyclists who are jerks at this intersection, more than car people.

    • Oh, hush with the cyclists hate already. You got a specific incident to report involving a cyclist, make your own complaint to the forum.

    • Thanks for perfectly demonstrating how unreasonable bike haters can be. This post has nothing to do with bikes, yet you feel the need to spew hate.

  • The OP is seriously awesome, thanks for posting. My one question is: Was this the controlled crosswalk on the south side of the 15th and RI intersection, or the uncontrolled crosswalk on the north side of the 15th and N St intersection? If the latter, I think it’s one of the most dangerous in the city. I don’t think many pedestrians use it, and cars headed northbound on 15th are always at full speed trying to make the light at RI.

    • OP here – I’m not sure what you mean by “controlled” – it was the crosswalk on 15th just south of the hotel on the other side of RI. It doesn’t have a light at it, so it might be the one at “N” St.

      All the crosswalks on 15th seem to be terrible at rush hour as there are always cars speeding up 15th to get out of the city and it seems lots of cars think they can just ignore the “left turn only” lane signs or don’t appreciate why one or more lanes of traffic are stopped…

      • Controlled= does it have a light?
        Agreed 15th st is tricky even off peak.

      • Thanks, that’s what I thought. Although I have to say, I don’t find crossing 15th north of P St all that horrible given all the lights. It’s just that spot at N, because it’s a high-speed funnel for traffic both continuing on 15th and turning right onto RI.

  • I was almost run down by a Maryland driver here. Yesterday I saw a different Maryland driver make a left turn from the right lane on a red light on 14th Street.

  • This happens all the time at the crosswalk on New Hampshire and Quincy in Petworth. I see polite drivers get frustrated when they stop and I don’t cross immediately, but it’s almost a given that another car will drive around them. Unfortunately, cars, bicyclists, and city buses (which gets me more than anything) are all guilty of this at this particular intersection.

    • I’ve almost been guilty of this move a few times and it’s hard to judge. People driving in the city randomly stop in the street for so many stupid reasons; turning without signaling, parallel parking, making a random U-turn, picking up a passenger, running inside somewhere to get food, etc. If you are a car or two back and don’t know the area all that well, you won’t know they are stopping for a crosswalk. Doesn’t make almost hitting someone any better, but I can see how it happens sometimes.

  • Glad you got the tags and hope he sees this post! So many drivers are rude and clueless about honoring the crosswalks in this city. We live off Belmont and 16th, but have almost gotten hit a few times trying to cross at that intersection due to cars not stopping. We now almost always walk up to Crescent place to cross. Even though it is a little out of the way, I have learned not to trust the drivers here. Better to be safe than dead or injured…

  • While I completely understand piling on the driver for almost running someone over, it is frustrating driving in this city with so many people who double park without regard to traffic, and with total impunity from the good for nothing cops. Police and parking enforcement need to start enforcing some traffic laws. But double-parking drivers are creating gridlock and dangerous traffic situations all over the city. The other day I nearly hit a taxi whose driver turned left through an intersection, and immediately stopped in the middle of traffic to let a fare exit. I live on 14th Street and never, ever drive by the Target, because it’s a goddamn parking lot–literally–from Irving to Park, with nobody being told to move, despite it also being a hangout spot for cops and PE.

    Again, I’m not arguing the driver was right to swerve out into traffic and almost hit someone. But I know how often I encounter cars just sitting in the middle of the street for no pedestrians, and often for no reason at all.

    • Buttttt there’s a crosswalk there. With giant signs denoting that there’s a crosswalk there. I believe there’s also a sign that says vehicles have to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

      I agree that drivers (especially cabbies) that stop in the middle of a lane for no reason at all are incredibly annoying, but zooming around them at high speed and not paying attention is probably not a good way to handle a situation like that. Ever. Regardless of how pissed off or annoyed or impatient you are.

      You should especially not do that when there is a crosswalk involved that could have people in it that are legally crossing the street.

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