UPDATE: Found! Brooks Missing from Columbia Heights


“dog got away from dog walker in Beekman Place NW around noon today. We have the whole neighborhood looking for him. See attached flyer. Brooks is chipped and has a collar on.”

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  • I think I saw him around 6:00 on Adams Mill road just behind the zoo. He went off into the bushes before I could stop him!

  • Dear neighbors. Brooks was found at 10 p.m. Last night. I was the one who reported to POP. Another neighbor posted on S Street Dog Park Listserv. Beekman Place got the notice out to all 216 of our units. I don’t have the particulars of how Brian got Brooks back home yet; but thank you all for keeping a watch out for him.

  • Excellent News!

  • yay! Saw the flyer in Meridian Hill Park this am, glad he’s home!

    • Shadesofpale – thanks, and what wonderful neighborhood support. Brooksie was waiting at his front door when Brian returned from one of his SAR missions last night.

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