Today’s Rental is a 1 bed/1.5 bath for $1900 in U Street/Dupont

1747 T Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1747 T Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“PARKING AVAIL FOR $200. Enjoy this beautifully 1 BR 1.5 BA unit in the heart of Dupont Circle and the U St corridor. This unit has stainless steel appliances, hardwood and tiled floors, washer and dryer in the unit and a covered space to put your bicycles. You are just steps away from restaurants, stores, coffee shops and the metro. The property is vacant & ready for move-in. Sentri-lock”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $1,900/Mo.

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    • $1600. Maybe.

      • I don’t think you’re familiar with the “going rates” in the area. $1900 might be a little optimistic, but $1600 is way too low. I was able to get $1725/month for a somewhat dated 1 BD/1 BA in Adams Morgan, and the 1700 block of T Street is a more expensive neighborhood.

        • Is yours a basement? You can get a newer above-ground apt in dupont or columbia heights for $1900 (though maybe not in the newer buildings on 14th). I’m very familiar with going rates for this area and surrounding and I’m sticking to my guns with $1600 for an un-rennovated dungeon, though I guess wouldn’t be surprised if they get $1700 for it if the sqft is decent. I would be surprised if they got $1900.

          • Nope, mine isn’t a basement — it’s on an upper floor of an elevator-equipped building.
            I can see this basement unit going for $1700, but $1600 sounds too low. Granted, it’s a basement and a pretty dark one at that, and the photos certainly aren’t doing the unit any favors. But I’m thinking it must be pretty big to have 1.5 bathrooms, and the location is a fairly pricey one.

          • I guess this also raises the question “How much less per month should a basement unit cost than a non-basement unit, all other things being equal?”
            Of course, not all other things are equal — some basements get decent light, and this one looks to be particularly dungeon-like as far as light is concerned. But in general, how much should the discount for a basement be?

          • The $1900 is probably for the half-bath. It’s always funny when when little places have an extra bath or half bath.

          • That’s a good question – re: how much less a basement should be, all else equal. General rule of thumb is the higher up the better. All else equal maybe a $200 discount from above-ground units?

          • I pay $1600 for a one bedroom on Biltmore in Adams Morgan. It is not renovated, basement unit but it has outdoor space and some character. People who come over tell me $1600 is a steal and I believe them. Now the lawn is a mess and all that but they let me have a dog and I never need to turn on the AC. Point is $1600 is low and while the neighborhood is great it wouldn’t be considered as posh as Dupont.

          • All else equal, what makes a basement apartment cheaper? I’ve lived in a few and have preferred them. The negatives I can see people having. 1, hearing foot steps, but it isn’t that bad in general. 2, less windows. 3. security concerns?

            Aside from that, you have lower heating and cooling bills, which could pay the difference in themselves if it isn’t included in rent vs a higher up unit. Less or no stairs to worry about.

  • I didn’t see a single window in any photo

  • Not many windows for your $1900, but on the other hand that hallway would make a fine bowling alley.

  • It is simultaneously in the “heart” of two separate places? Also, helpful pics of places which aren’t the apartment located 5-6 blocks away. I’m a huge fan of Metro signs in real estate listings.

    • “It is simultaneously in the ‘heart’ of two separate places?” Anything is possible in real-estate speak. 😉 I guess in this case it’s a tesseract??

      • tonyr

        Also, just “steps away” from Adams Morgan. You pay a premium to live on a fold in the space-time continuum.

    • west_egg

      I remember when condos in the 1400 block of Florida Ave (that’s three blocks north of U Street for those keeping score) were being marketed as “North Dupont.”

  • nightborn

    The location is good but it’s a tad depressing looking…

  • Whoa. Absolutely not. I counted two windows, one of which is in a door. Way nicer options in DC for $1900/month.

  • And for anyone perhaps interested in basement flooring – do NOT choose (what looks like) laminate like this. You will have a flood. Guaranteed, at least once every few years. Overflow from above, overspilled washing machine, sewer back-up – it’s going to happen and laminate is immediately ruined.

  • Looks like a bad place to be living in a fire.

  • Meh about 200-300 too high.

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