Sweet Sweet Reader Scuttlebutt – Apple Store coming to “U Street Corridor Area”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Brian Mosley

Oh let this be true!!

“I heard from an Apple store representative in Georgetown that they’re opening an Apple Store in the”U St corridor area”.

Any guesses where?

Ed. Note: This is the same way we first heard about the Trader Joe’s now at 14th and U so I’ll be cautiously optimistic!

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  • I’m a bit skeptical about this. But if it really is happening, I wonder if it would be near the southeast corner of 14th and U or right near Atlantic Plumbing.

    • I would bet that corner of 14th and U. That is perfect for foot traffic metrics and visibility.

      • look at the type of shop at 14th and U (subway, McDonalds) vs. what’s coming to Atlantic Plumbing (Landmark Theatres, Shinola). It’s coming to Atlantic Plumbing if it’s coming anywhere.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Shinola’s permanent home is coming to 14th and R St, NW

        • I initially thought the same thing, but I think Apple is fairly conservative when it comes to choosing locations and tends to pick more established locations rather than up-and-coming ones. 14th/U has a few other big retailers nearby, like Trader Joes, Room & Board, and West Elm. But then again, I’m still skeptical about all of this 🙂
          Also, for you scuttlebutt fans, I heard is that Filson is moving into Shinola’s pop-up space after Shinola moves down the street.

          • Their Real Estate portfolio is Newt Gingrich conservative.(Georgetown, Main Line in Philly, 5th Ave in NYC, Clarendon).

          • 7thstTechGuy, hahaha! I was just going to say that they’re a mall store and leave it there, but you’re right.

          • Re: Filson. You just made my day with that Filson scuttlebut. And crushed it because I may be moving away before the store has time to open.

        • Closer to Logan Circle makes more sense. I cannot imagine Apple opening a store with McDonalds, Subway, Cricket Wireless, and the former Republic Gardens space as neighbors. They may, but it’s hard for me to imagine that.

  • Nice. Now I’ll be much more inclined to hit up the Genius Bar since my newish iphone and MBP are always f’ing up. No, I’m not bitter…

  • Hope this is true! This would (for me) eliminate any need to ever go to Georgetown!

  • I have a hard time believing they would choose that area over City Center…

    • Was just going to say, that would seem the logical place for that as well.

    • City Center foot traffic is less than zero.

      • Have you been there on a weekend in the last few months? I promise you, that is incorrect.

        • Is it only busy on weekends? Whenever I’ve walked through on a weeknight it was eerily empty.

          • I’ve only been there on weekends, and it always seems to have plenty of people around, both in the shops and restaurants and in the courtyard area. I imagine they do pretty decent business during lunch and dinner hours too, but could be wrong.

          • There is plenty of foot traffic around lunch and dinner on weeknights. I work right there. Perhaps you haven’t been since the tenants of the office buildings moved in but it seems to have definitely picked up and most of the restaurants there are busy for lunch and dinner. The stores, perhaps not as much, but add in a store like Apple and I bet it would stay as full as any other Apple store I’ve been in.

      • Um, no it isn’t. Have you been over there?

      • Since when did an Apple store require preexisting foot traffic? I thought the damn place was a destination unto itself?

        • +1
          If there’s any issues with City Center foot traffic, that won’t be an issue after an Apple Store opens. It will be the most convenient location for the vast majority of downtown DC office drones and be crazy busy.

          • As I mentioned in another comment in this post, Apple also factors in number of registered Apple products within a radius when selecting store locations. Second, the CityCenter issue is moot. They are not going there. Period. They announced it. CCDC announced it. And they can’t now. The retail is 90%+ leased and the only available spaces are too small.

        • The couple of times that I’ve been inside an Apple store, it’s felt like a tourist destination or a temple, with people from all over the world lining up to buy their products (probably because they’re cheaper than in their countries).

          • Which fits a bit in with the City Center vibe, which is high end retail that is appealing to foreign travelers.

  • My vote is for the Atlantic Plumbing Building – the hip industrial look fits with Apple well and it seems like a smart place to be with the way development is happening – and next to Howard University.

  • Apple retail stores require between 6,000-9,000 sq feet.

  • Zzzzzzzz… I love not having to wait in a stupid line for Android products.

  • Clarendon Part 2 folks. Won’t be long before the jcrews & pf changs come in. The rents are going to hurt the small business owners and local entrepreneurs. Good for the neighborhoods of Petworth & Brookland – look at all the small businesses popping up this year.

  • Union Station or City Center would’ve made more sense. I just don’t see it fitting in on U Street.

  • The Shay building complex at the U/Florida change over. There is that brand new high end building being constructed. They are going to need high end stores going in there. Its at the perfect location between the Howard Theater (the new condos there), the 9:30 club and then all the future development in the triangle block of the Brixton.

  • Where? My guess is the new mixed use building going up on 14th across from Trader Joe’s. The owner-developer announced they where negotiating with an international retailer for the ground floor. Last month I spoke with the concrete contractor foreman and he was annoyed with last minute changes for the retailer…not likely they would delay the construction schedule for small fry…retail will be first floor plus basement with an unusually tall ceiling height, wide stair and separate elevator. Could be Apple for sure.

    • This was my guess when I first saw the headline. Your additional clues make me more confident. If so, it will be in spitting distance of a Soul Cycle, a Trader Joe’s, and a Matchbox – yuppie Nirvana.

  • 14th around R in the yet unbuilt builing taking over the whtmanwalker clinic space or the Atlantic Plumbing building would be my guesses.

  • Have any of you been to an Apple store???? When have they ever gone into an up and coming neighborhood? Shaw? Seriously???? If they’re going near U Street, it’s going to be 14th where there are already quite a few high end shops.

    • It’s not so crazy if you imagine that Whole Foods and all of the retail already announced for the Shay and Atlantic Plumbing are already there. We don’t know the timeline for this yet. It’s a bit crazy, but not completely crazy.

    • Dear AG 6:34 – In June of 2015 Shaw is no longer an up and coming neighborhood.

      • Disagree. Sure, it’s further along in the gentrification process than many other neighborhoods that are described as “up and coming,” but I don’t think it’s completed that process.

        • Agreed. No way in hell Shaw is “Apple store worthy” at this point. Even 14th and U seems like a stretch….I’d imagine they would go into downtown DC (near tens of thousands of workers) first before going into a largely residential/light commercial area.

        • At the end of the day, Apple will go where there is a great deal of foot traffic. While the Atlantic Plumbing building will certainly generate an uptick in foot traffic, I don’t think anyone thinks there is a great deal around 9th and U right now. Compared to 14th Street, which has a great deal. That said, Union Station seems like a likely candidate as well. You can’t get much more foot traffic, tourists, etc. It is also metro accessible.

  • Apple Store to Shaw came up at the Parcel 42 community meeting this past weekend. How about they locate it at 7th and Rhode Island, as the ground floor tenant for the new development there?? Sounds like the city wants that building to be a signature/iconic gateway to the neighborhood. An Apple jewel box would be a nice tie-in to the library across the street.

    • Because Apple decides where it goes, not the city. And Apple wants to go where there are people.

  • I would be surprised if this was true. One thing Apple has never been is an “urban pioneer”. They aren’t like a Whole Foods who will open in a transitional neighborhood trying to capitalize on the cheap land and promise of deep pocketed gentrifiers to come. They locate in traditionally safe and predictable retail environments for a reason, and I am not just talking “crime” safe either.

    All retailers base their expansion plans on the median income within a certain radius of proposed location, usually a distance of 1 mile.

    Despite U Street having sharply defined and concentrated pockets of wealth, the median income there is only 42K a year in a radius of 1 mile of Matchbox. Versus the 78K a year median for the same radius of the Georgetown location, 71K a year at the Clarendon location and 85K a year at their Tyson’s location.

    Lastly, high end retail in U Street hasn’t had the best of luck the past 5 or 6 years. The turnover for high end retailers is decidedly high. As we’ve seen, just because a $20 cocktail bar or expensive restaurant does well, that success has not been rubbing off on non-food retailers on U street. Of course anything could happen, but it would a surprising business decision for Apple to make.

    • “Someone” heard “an employee” say “something” and everyone gets excited and starts arguing. The’s details are even less than vague. I could just make up something saying I bought a Ferrari last month and the guy said they’re opening a new showroom in Adams Morgan and apparently it’s news. Ever heard of low level employees exaggerating?

    • Apple doesn’t just use radius demographics when choosing location. They look at the number of registered Apple products within a certain radius as well. That may partially explain why they choose certain locations over others. Sure, you can get some daytime retail and Geniusbar traffic, but most of it is going to come from residents on weekends and evenings.

  • Wow, can’t wait for this to come in so everyone can over pay for Apple products. Can’t wait to see people camping outside with no life waiting for get there hands on the next iPhone. We’ve update the camera for a fifth time. You won’t be able to tell a difference but it’s better

  • Wow, my first thought – for about 15 seconds, was “Is it really financially viable to sell only apples in a store? Is this some kind of hipster thing with unique locavore apples? I think I’ll get mind in the supermarket…” U street / Apple is cognitive dissonance.

  • maxwell smart

    Yeah I don’t buy this for one second – not only for all of the reasons people already stated but I feel like Apple would be more inclined to take advantage of some unique space somewhere downtown DC – an old bank or post office – like many of the stores in NYC or as someone mentioned, a Union Station store not dissimilar from their Grand Central Location. I just don’t see them as some tenant in a mixed use development, next to a dry cleaners and a nail salon.

    • Speaking of iconic buildings, now that the Armenian Genocide Museum is officially out at 14th and G, maybe that big, beautiful bank building would make a nice Apple Store. Great location, great space.

  • Does that mean AT&T might add data service to the U Street area between 11th to 15th, too?

  • I’m surprised the Clarendon store has come up so often in this thread but not the one in Pentagon City. It’s really super easy to access via Yellow line. Sure, a U St store would be nice, but it seems like they have the metro area pretty well covered.

    • I don’t think I knew about the Pentagon City one. Thanks for mentioning it!

    • No.

      I live downtown and would rather walk to Georgetown on the hottest day of the year wearing a fur coat than get on the yellow line and go to Pentagon City Mall. Blech. That place is a nightmare.

      I would get on the red line and go to the Bethesda location before I’d take the shorter ride to Pentagon City. I’d take the silver line to Tysons first.

      No, they need a store downtown. They should have gone into City Center, but since that didn’t happen, my guess on a new location is either the Armenian Genocide Museum building or Union Station. Foot traffic, foot traffic, foot traffic.

  • justinbc

    This is not happening. Keep dreaming folks (and for why, I can’t really fathom, but to each their own).

  • Ha ha ha ha! This is totally happening. Best investment ever — buying our house in central Shaw in 2005. Still here with kids in a diverse, title i dcps just down the road from all of this. Yum.

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