Washington, DC

My friend, Sean, shared some scuttlebutt with me that is so sweet that I had to make it the Friday Question of the Day. First the scuttlebutt: he writes, “I was at Trader Joes and I asked the manager when they would open up another DC location and she said they were actively seeking a space near 14th and U (Streets, NW).”

Holy cow.

So for the Friday Question of the Day, at the risk of shattering my dream, what are the odds of this happening? Do you think there is an appropriate space/lot near 14th and U that could host a Trader Joes?

If one did open at 14th and U (for those that live relatively nearby) would you ever shop at Giant or Safeway again? How much parking do you think would be necessary for a Trader Joes? If they were able to open up at 14th and U – from how far away would this attract people. I know living up in Petworth I’d definitely patronize the store.


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