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  • Wow- awesome. Can’t wait to see the new buildings go up. Now if they would only do this to the 7-11 at 7th and Rhode Island!

    • Accountering

      As a next door neighbor of this 711, I agree. That place is a disaster.

    • This applies to every other 7-11 with a parking lot as well.

      The 7-11 and CVS in Takoma DC are starting to look a little out of place with all 3 parking lots on the DC side being developed.

  • Finally. That 80s strip mall fronting as a city building had to go.
    Unfortunately, the NIMBYs fought so hard for some inexplicable reason that they really scaled back the potential of the building replacing it. It’s U Street; it should have density.

  • Buh bye. The 7th/Rhode Island 7-11 and the 11th/Rhode Island Laundromat both should be next!!!

    • Not the laundromat! Many of us in the neighborhood still don’t have washers and dryers in our buildings (and landlords that refuse to buy them). They should certainly do something creative with that parking lot, though…

      • Have you considered using Washio (they pickup/dropoff dry-cleaning as well as wash and fold by the pound)? I imagine the cost would be incrementally more than the laundromat, but I also assume laundromat rates will have to climb to cover their real estate, the added convenience would be enormous, and one could justify it to themselves because not having a washer/dryer means paying saving money on rent? Just a thought.

  • brookland_rez

    This is definitely the end of an era. I heard that was built back in the 90’s as part of an effort to revitalize U St when it was a sea of boarded up buildings. I used to go to that Rite Aid before going to see a show at Black Cat to get a drink and snack and cash back for the show and buy a tshirt.

    • Now you can just get cash back at the Trader Joe’s (or at the Wholefoods if you’re catching a show at the 9:30 club). My how things change!

  • I wish it was being replaced by a hotel (as originally planned) and not just more apartments/condos.

  • saf

    And I remember when that was built.

    I am getting old.

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