Nido Opening Menu Complete – Check it Out – Opening Soon in Woodridge

From an email:

Nido [2214 Rhode Island Avenue, NE] Opening Menu

As we put the finishing touches on the restaurant space, Executive Chef Aaron Wright (Butterfield 9, Pesce, The Tabard Inn) has completed the opening menu.

The menu, which can be seen below, includes four sections: snacks, small plates, pastas, and large plates. It features Mediterranean influences and several vegetable-driven dishes.

Opening date and details to follow as soon as they are finalized.”

Nido Menu

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  • Menu looks good. Putting a menu online without prices is a little obnoxious though (I’m looking at you too, Dacha).

    • Why? I could understand that logic for an established place, but it’s likely that a restaurant that’s going through the hectic process of opening its doors just hasn’t finalized prices yet. People would for sure be upset if they posted those details now and then prices had to be adjusted upwards before opening.

      • Fair enough. I thought this was the final menu. If that’s the case it’s completely reasonable. Some places, though, never post their prices online.

  • Looks good! Now for a drink menu??

  • Oh nice, more small plates. I miss full meals…

    • They do have a couple “large plates”, but the whole thing seems a bit pretentious. At least there are no infusions and nothing is curated.

      • Do they deign to accept tips, or is that beneath them? I’m asking for a really, really cheap friend who steals moscow mule mugs out of spite.

  • So excited!!!

  • They lost me at small plates.

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