Last Night was the official start of “Is it Fireworks or Gunshots I’m Hearing?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jim Havard

“pop pop pop pop – what the hell was that?” It’s sad but it’s the truth – the default often goes to gunshots. But the reality is 99% of the time it is fireworks. (knock wood, knock wood.) Last night via email and twitter the season officially kicked off in force with folks asking this very question in Shaw, NoMa, Petworth, Columbia Heights, H Street NE, Brightwood, Park View and probably a few other spots.

If you’d like to participate leading up to the 4th of July, and actually a few weeks afterwards, send an email to [email protected] or tweet us @PoPville

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  • Lol – yup I heard a series of loud bangs from my house at 11th and W last night. I knew it was fireworks but my husband wasn’t sure, lol. Last year someone in my neighborhood (I think 10th street) was setting off fireworks ALL NIGHT around the fourth. Very neighborly of them.

    • Hi neighbor…I live just down W St from you. Last nights fireworks were from right near the new Atlantic Plumbing Bldgs/Floridian. They were actually pretty impressive. Not the usual bottle rockets and M80s.

      The annual “make your W St. neighbors hate you” fireworks display is put on by the guy who owns Rileys Auto near Blind Dog. I dealt with that (and my dog losing his mind) while trying to sleep last year, but the cops just drove by and waved a few times.

  • Accountering

    I think Andie and I asked each other this about 4 times last night. Lots of fireworks at 7th and RI. Seems like the dogs did okay with it.

  • A group of kids right were shooting rockets at each other in the middle of Fairmont (corner of 14th and Fairmont). Cops were there around 9, then left. Rocket firing continued until well past midnight. They were hitting parked cars, the buildings, trees, bushes, etc.

    Has anyone else been hearing really loud bangs (different than the pop-pop-pop of the rockets)? At first I thought it was a transformer blowing, but now I guess its just a really big firework…

    • I went out at 10pm at 14th/Irving and apparently just missed some kids (probably the same ones you mentioned) shooting fireworks at people trying to cross 14th street. A guy from my building was already on the phone with police about it. And on that note, I can’t wait to move out of the city in 2 weeks!

      • Why I try never to be around DC on the fourth. I was coming home on the metro the night of the 4th a couple years ago, and some kids were throwing firecrackers down into the entrance of the Shaw metro. Safety First!

  • Heard this in Columbia Height. Date and I looked at each other and said “gunshots or fireworks?” We’ve been in DC too long.

  • I’d love to hear from more knowledgeable people, but from my experience if it’s loud enough to startle you in your house and the sound is more bass heavy, it’s fireworks. When I’ve heard gun shots (over a dozen times in 15 yrs in the district), it barely registered. More of a treble-y pop, pop, pop.

  • The last few weeks there’s routinely been a single, random firework set off above Howard Theatre. No idea why.

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