Ivy and Coney Roof Deck Expansion Plans including a Full Kitchen and Retractable Roof

Rendering via Ivy and Coney (1537 7th Street, NW)

From a Shaw listserv:

“My name is Josh Saltzman and I’m one of the owners of Ivy and Coney. We are excited to present to the neighborhood our planned roof deck expansion. This will entail us adding a full kitchen (because we know everyone is tired of eating just hot dogs), an outside bar and more seating. Additionally, the roof deck will have 12 foot walls and a retractable roof that will allow the deck to be enjoyed in all seasons and provide a large measure of noise reduction. We would love to here from all of you, our neighbors (and hopefully our customers), regarding what you think of our plans. We welcome all critiques, good and bad. We will be hosting a meeting at the Kennedy Rec Center this coming Tuesday, May 26th at 7 PM to answer any questions or concerns. Please feel free to pass our information along to any fellow residents that are less technologically inclined. A small slide set with more details: Expansion-Overview (PDF)

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  • Whatever happened to the KBC expansion? I remember the mock-ups looking very similar.

  • That’s not a deck, it’s a second story. It looks nice, but let’s be honest about what we’re discussing.

    • I disagree, because saying they’re building a second story implies there wasn’t one there to begin with. Ivy & Coney is already on the second story of the building on the 7th street side, and they’re expanding to the back half of the building. That expansion consists of a sometimes-covered deck, outdoor bar, and a kitchen. I think that’s being honest about what’s under discussion.

      • Ah, you’re right. I didn’t look at the renderings carefully enough. It’s still much more substantial than I would think of when I hear the term ” roof deck expansion”, but my initial reaction was unfair.

  • I actually kind of enjoy the fact that they only offer hot dogs… It makes getting food super easy and quick, and the dogs are good because it’s all they do (not that it’s all that hard to do hot dogs, but nonetheless.)

    Either way, I like the expansion, I just dig the limited menu. It’s part of the character of the bar methinks.

  • Very refreshing to see a business owner asking questions first instead of reacting later. I wonder if this expansion comes with any patching of holes in the wall and such in the current space as it always seems slightly like a death trap in there, especially in daylight.

  • I like this idea. Though, my only concern is with the retractable glass roof. If it’s open in 95 degree heat, that could be brutal. If it’s closed in 95 degree heat, that could be even worse. Am I overlooking something obviously wrong with my concern? Genuine question.

  • Why don’t you talk about how they are paying for this expansion. City funds. They won a grant that was earmarked for struggling businesses. Taxpayers paying for an affluent bar’s roof deck.

    • Not struggling businesses, but for businesses in certain “struggling” neighborhoods (which were chosen by the DC government).

      • Even so, “affluent bar” doesn’t ring true to me either.

      • Sounds like the D.C. government needs to reconsider which neighborhoods it considers to be “struggling” — I’m thinking of all of the vacant/unattractive storefronts on Georgia Avenue between Upshur and Euclid.

        • tonyr

          I don’t think that they set a very high bar, it looks to me that it includes pretty much all of GA Ave., most of 7th ST NW, H ST NE and even CT Ave. in Cleveland Park, inter alia. However the businesses still have to apply.

          • Anonomnom

            Cleveland park, interesting… What do they base the areas on? If it is on store closures, that might be it, because it seems Connecticut Ave in that stretch had a mass closing about a year back.

    • Anonynon

      I am sure they met all the qualifications required to get the grant. I am sure it was not just handed to them. Ivy and Cony is a cool spot, definitely could use some cosmetic improvements to make it great.

      • I think the current aesthetic is part of the charm of the bar. Not everything has to be some upscale small plate bar.

        • Brothas gotta eat, dawg. Seriously, though, you may like the current format but these guys have bills to pay, I’m not saying their struggling to eat but running a bar ain’t cheap. As Jeremy mentions below, this gives them a chance to increase (taxable) revenue and hopefully provide a few more jobs. That’s a good thing for everyone, is it not?

  • Yes awarded a grant to build a kitchen and add capacity (increased taxable revenue, and employment). If the ROI works for the city why shouldn’t economic development be happening.

    • If this is such a home run then banks should be willing to lend them the money no problem. Amazed as the cheerleading here for business welfare. For those who think this is a great ideal, feel free to give these business owners some of your money and leave the rest out of it.

  • Are they improving the front facade with these city funds? I love the bar and owners but feel the $ could be used much more on lower Georgia Ave. Don’t blame them for using the funds

  • Is this bar cash only? I alway’s assumed cash only was a way to show smaller revenue to the tax man.I wonder if the city will require them to take plastic.

  • Sorry I missed the meeting. Looks really cool but that roof will be a bitch to clean. Good for them for winning the grant. Considering there was just a homicide a few blocks down, I’d say the area could definitely benefit with more development like this. Hope Ivy keeps its vibe!

  • Looks cool, but doesn’t it take away the original concept of the bar? I thought it was supposed be a typical midwestern hole in the wall bar. The roof deck is pretty cookie cutter from every other roof deck in DC. Not that I don’t love roof decks.

    • IIRC, the plan since Ivy and Coney opened was to eventually have a deck. I remember asking one of the owners about it sometime last year and he said it was a matter of money, and then a few months ago one of the guys tending bar said they were in the process of getting all the permits in line.

  • I’m looking forward to the expanded kitchen. The hot dogs are cute, but sometimes I’d like something a little more substantial. And if KBC is any indication, those boys can cook!

  • From Midwest hole in the wall to standard DC bar. Feel like they are throwing the charm that made this place so good right out the window to be like everyone else. I do like the roof bar but I don’t go Ivy and Coney because of a roof or food it’s the chill “I don’t care” attitude that made it so great.

  • I’m excited for this! Hope the meeting went well, Josh. Your bar is awesome.

  • Looking forward to it. Thanks to the I&C crew for presenting their plans to the neighborhood last night too. Seems to be universally embraced by the neighborhood. I love having a $3 beer one block away, and the bartenders and owners always help make it a good atmosphere.

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