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  • i feel like they really shouldn’t call it Wit and Wisdom if they open up in DC – would confuse people with the venerable cocktail bar Wisdom in Hill East. Just ‘Wit’ would suffice.

  • I love them both, though I am not sure how they could combine the two since they have very different menus.

  • pcat

    I agree with ssaul. I can’t imagine how these two would be combined. That said, it will be nice to have another new place on 14th St.

  • Do they do curating, concepts and small plates or do they really have something to offer.

  • Combined as in in the same building but on separate floors.

  • Oh wait, sorry, I realize now that is the Mission building. Got it. Is that where Shinola is? Just trying to picture where this is.

    What kind of food do these new places serve?

  • I dunno! I toured the Mission Apartments just out of curiosity and the building manager assured the people touring apartments that the ground floor retail in this building would NOT be bars/restaurants. Said it was all going to be more shops. (Still lots of other places you could locate a new restaurant on 14th.)

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