Let’s hope thoughtful people can work together to make sure this announcement is never heard in DC


What’s going on in Baltimore reminded me of this emergency announcement notice I once spotted at the Shakespeare Theatre in Chinatown. I’m all for preparedness but to be honest the fact that it even exists is unsettling. Let’s hope thoughtful people can work together to address past injustices, prevent future ones and make sure that this announcement is never heard.


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  • One of the reasons it exists is because those events (earthquake, riot, active shooters, and so on) are relatively rare…and you don’t want people to guess/improvise what to do in those situations. May seem obvious but worth repeating.

  • Amen. But at least thinking it through and having a plan is important. One thing I’m confident of: Penn Quarter would be quite safe as anything close to the federal core would become a “green zone” faster than you could imagine.

  • That crap will never happen in DC. Baltimore is very impoverished more so then DC. Also the most impoverished part of the DC is separated from the rest of the city by water.

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