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  • welp, that’s not a coincidence

  • Seems like the Florida Crack Corner Crew is beefing with the Bustown Boys further south?

  • Actually, pretty easy to believe.

  • On more than one occasion, I’ve seen these little buses rolling down I-66, spewing tons of smoke. I wonder if there’s something about their design that makes them prone to catching on fire.

  • Do they have Maryland tags? That could be it.

  • This is crazy. I walked by here at 6:30 PM last night (Wednesday) and the area seemed abandoned. It would be pretty hard to believe that this is not a coincidence and even harder to believe that both fires were caused by an accident of some sort.

    Does anyone know if the MPD is opening an arson investigation? What does Doug Jemal (the owner of the land) and On Board Tours (the apparent owner of the buses that have been bursting into flames) have to say about these events. Also has anyone else noticed that the parking lot next to this road is for the Department of Human Services? I’m surprised there wouldn’t be more security in the immediate area. Maybe it will be a wake up call for city services (that’s a joke)

  • Wasn’t there just a fire at the MBT entrance, too? Isn’t it possible that all of these fires are connected?

  • It doesn’t take detective poirot or sherlock holmes (or even inspector clouseau) to figure out this is arson. Hopefully DCFD will do something about it.

  • There’s also been a ton of fires in Brookland. A neighbor’s car was set on fire a few months ago, plus smaller fires throughout the neighborhood.

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