Wegmans could still be coming to new Walter Reed Development

Rendering via The Parks at Walter Reed

Beautiful words from the Washington Business Journal:

“Officials from the Rochester, New York-based grocer were in town Thursday to tout its soon-to-open Alexandria store. Talks between Wegmans and the Hines Interests LP team chosen to develop the Walter Reed campus are still taking place, spokeswoman Jo Natale said.”

Ed. Note: You can read about the plans for the Hines, Urban Atlantic, and Triden Group team to redevelop Walter Reed here.

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  • I wish they would stop playing with my emotions like this.

  • That section of NW is pretty much a food desert.

  • LOL at the streetcar.

    • Yes, LOL at the streetcar. But I think the streetcar was/is planned to run along Georgia at this point. Which would mean the Wegman’s would front onto Georgia. Which would be magical for me, since it’s the closest edge of the WR site to where I live.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’m hoping for dedicated bus lanes for BRT rather than streetcar, even if the H St streetcar wasn’t a total cluster*. See article in today’s post on Alexandria MetroWay for example of reasonably successful implementation.

  • gotryit

    Yes, please. What can we do to make this happen other than imagine it 24/7?

    • Don’t laugh, but I’ve written to them several times. Perhaps if enough people do the same they’ll at least know that there’s demand.

  • hooville

    Please… I am so tired of trekking out to Fairfax or Lanham. How can we help this happen. I will go to meetings, write letters — please, just make it real. I want our own grocery castle in the sky here in DC.

    • alexandria will be closer. Fairfax is worth it for Indian food across the street. Lanham is worth it because you can hit a lot of stores in one trip. But I hear ya

  • I went to my first Wegmans a week ago and it was pretty incredible. I mean, there were no angels singing (or, one, tops), but a pretty amazing grocery store. I went to the one in Woodbridge- are they all that good?

    • Yes. They treat their employees extremely well, too.

    • Ok, I hear this over and over from folks, however my experiences at Wegman (I’ve been to 3 that I recall) have always been somewhat underwhelming given the expectations. I certainly don’t think its worth a long drive out to Fairfax or Woodbridge. I’m certainly not saying that they’re bad, just that the hype doesn’t meet the reality in my view.

      • To clarify, I was in Woodbridge for another reason and then decided to stop by on a whim. I don’t think there’s any grocery store that I would go to Woodbridge for (or more than 30 minutes in general).

    • gotryit

      I went to college right near one (in NY), and didn’t realize how fantastic it was until I came to DC and started shopping at Giant.

      • I never thought Wegmans was a big deal because the regular grocery store where I grew up (ShopRite) was just as good. But it’s a million times better than the crappy grocery chains we have around here.

    • Definitely. I grew up in Rochester and Wegmans is the only thing I really miss after being in DC almost 22 years. Living in the city without a car makes it infeasible to get to the stores out in the burbs. I will do back flips and cartwheels while lighting fireworks if this happens.

  • I Dont Get It

    I was getting excited about an Alexandria location but its all the way out by Ft. Belvoir. Boo!

  • HaileUnlikely

    I live in this part of NW. I’m not thrilled with the existing options and really do hope for this Wegmans (and/or the Harris Teeter that Douglas Development was talking about at Georgia & Kalmia years ago but seems to have put on hold), but there’s a Safeway less than half a mile away, Walmart sells a solid variety of groceries, and some of the little ethnic markets are actually pretty ok (I do a good bit of my shopping at International Progreso Market at Georgia & Eastern). It ain’t any foodie’s paradise, but calling it a food desert is overly dramatic.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Funny to see all of this enthusiasm for something that people from all around DC are looking forward to *in my neighborhood.* For most of my 11 years in DC, most people I know have regarded my neighborhood as if it were as far away as Lanham or Fort Belvoir…

    • gotryit

      It seems like there are a lot of people that have been gradually moving north with age / kids / anything closer in costing too much.

      • Er, what people do you mean? Because there are already many families and older people who live here…

    • Well, your neighborhood is slightly closer for most of us than Lanham or Fort Belvoir. It’s still too far away to go regularly, but it’s close enough that my Wegmans visits might increase from never to twice a year. So that’s sort of exciting.

    • Having worked in your area once, I used to laugh at the ignorance of DCers about Shepherd Park and adjacent areas. MoCo folks who live not far away in places like Pretend Chevy Chase, never come this far over (and most don’t even stop in Silver Spring).

  • Yes please!

  • Yes please. Get this show on the road.

  • Utter bliss: a Wegmans in Anytown, USA!

  • I grew up outside of Rochester and Wegmans is what I miss most whilst living in DC. Please make this happen!

  • Yes, please! Make it happen.

  • yep, can confirm that talks are ongoing. and yeah, letters will help. fill out a comment card next time you’re in store.

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