Scuttlebutt: Mezcal Bar Coming to The Colonel in Shaw

9th and N Street, NW

I have no details other than a “Mezcal-specific bar” is coming to the new Colonel building at 9th and N St, NW near the Convention Center. This tipster has a 88% accuracy rating. Updates when more info is known. Any mezcal fans out there?

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  • Oh, that’s not all that’s coming… 😀

  • I would’ve figured that a KFC would be coming to this building.

  • I really like the Colonel building and wish it was going condo instead of apartments. I think that was the original plan but now, like so many others in the neighborhood, it’s going to be apartments.

  • I would totally move here just for this. But given the prices for the units, I wonder if they’ll just rent me a barstool…

  • Yes! This would be wonderful. Huge mezcal drinker. Makes wonderful cocktails, and some of the high end single village bottlings are the best hard alcohol I’ve tasted in my life. But it’s hard to find places that carry different varieties in DC, let alone bartenders who know what to do with it.

    • BTW El Rey and El Chucho have Mezcal. Have you checked out either?

    • Oyamel has a pretty extensive (but somewhat overpriced) mezcal menu, as does El Centro. Oyamel’s Tequila and Mezcal Festival is going on right now – continues through the 15th. I haven’t found a schedule for the free tastings yet.
      I’d love to do a proper large-scale tequila and mezcal class/tasting event – even doing flights gets very expensive very quickly. I’d honestly rather have smaller amounts of more varieties, because it doesn’t take much for me to decide if I actually want to drink that one again.
      Lerner, if you find a really solid place in DC, please do share. I’m glad someone is as excited for this place as I am!

  • You can bump that 88% up to 100% accurate.

  • Mezcal bar. Gentrification level: 1,000,000.

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