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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Increased font size and icons on my work computer – ahhh to be able to see again!
    Rant: Terrible eyesight since 1st Grade and still not convinced about lasik.
    Rave: Snow!
    Rant: Means no barn so no horse therapy today.
    Rave: Had a large list of readings to do for work so tucking into vanilla black tea, a chocolate covered pretzel, WXPN and journal papers.

    • Pablo Raw

      Please explain about horse therapy. Asking for a photographer friend.

      • Ohhh – well I just mean that when I get to ride and hang around horses, I feel happy and refreshed regardless of my worries. They really make the best listeners and cuddlers.
        But I assume you’re referring to actual equine therapy when those who are physically and/or mentally disabled or distressed engage with the horses in a therapeutic riding center. Unfortunately, I’m not involved in that around DC (but would love to some time help out!).

        • Pablo Raw

          I just want to know if there’s a metro/bus accessible place where there are horses; mostly about photography not about the therapy part 🙂

          • Meadowbrook Stables is just a couple blocks off of East-West Hwy (J2 and I think Ride-on 1 or 11 accessible) in Chevy Chase MD.

          • Pablo you can get to the Rock Creek Park stables on public transport – it’s off Military Rd (via bus from 16th St)

          • Blithe

            If it’s mostly about the photography part, there’s also the park police stables. I don’t know if they would let civilians in generally — but a photography project might fly.

        • I was out in The Plains last week at a friends country home that has couple horses on the property. I had my dog with me and the horses came up to us and was very friendly. All of a sudden one of them kicked my dog, which she was totally surprised “like wtf just happened”. She wanted to get far away as possible as she was visibly shaken. We got to top of hill and then all of a sudden my dog went charging the towards the horses. Not sure if some type of instinct kicked in but she lost all fear…look back now and it was quite funny.

        • Thanks for chiming in all – my barn commute is either metro to zipcar or bike to friend’s house and hitch a ride so I’m not much of a help.
          Pablo you take such incredible photos! I’d love to see your horse photos 😀

    • Cinnamonster

      Vanilla black tea! Oh, what a delight. +1 🙂

  • Cinnamonster

    Good mooorning! Rave: so ready for this snow day! I have a smoothie and tea, and lots of great books, and the snow is so beautiful right now!

    Rave: Just checked the extended forecast… we’re in the mid-fifties and warmer for the next few weeks! This is why I wear my pajamas inside out and dance springtime dances, people. One last hurrah for winter and then spring, I hope. 🙂

  • I haven’t been able to PoPville in a while, so I have all these pent up rants and raves!
    Rave: Snow day, this is #6 of the year which puts us over our allotment, but one of the more experienced teachers thinks if we get any more beyond today, we’ll get a waiver from the state!
    Rant: When I sent a venmo request to my roommates to pay me for the utilities, I accidentally sent them each the amount I had requested and since there’s no “undo”, I have to wait for everybody to pay me back
    Rave: The trash came!
    Rave: Last snow day (Monday), I ended up subbing in the district I used to work for (they just had a delay). The principal gave me a hug and some of the teachers gave me the scoop on possible openings for next year
    Rant: Just got some front work done on my car – I’m glad I don’t have to live in fear that my car would brake down on the highway anymore, but it ended up costing more than I had expected.
    Rave: Paid off another credit card!

  • Rant: My agency has changed its policy and is making us telework. No snow day for me.

  • Rant: since this is my regular telework day, I have to work. I am one of 3 people in my office today working. Who are the other two? My boss and his boss of course!
    Rave: Hmm, eh tomorrow’s Friday? The snow coming down is also a nice distraction

    • Maybe you’ll get a delay tomorrow?

    • The upside to this is that you look like a hard worker to your Boss and the Big Boss. I’ve actually gone into the office every snow day this year (if I was in DC – I missed a few due to work travel) because there was just so much crap to get done. It was lovely to not be bothered by incessant emails, people popping into my office to chat about pesky details, last minute requests from one of my FOUR bosses (2 Bosses, Big Boss, and Big^2 Boss), etc. Use the time to plow through anything you have backlogged. You’ll feel great tomorrow.

  • Rant: Company-wide reply-all emails.. about the weather. COME ON.

  • Rant: on maternity leave and this snow is making me stir crazy! I am so ready for spring so we can go for stroller walks and get out of the house more.
    Rave: the baby is starting to sleep 5-6 hours straight at night which is amazing.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: just woke up
    Rant: working even tho gov closed
    Rave: don’t have to use PTO b/c I can work today

    • Lucky, even with my snow day I’ve been up for 5 hours already!

    • skj84

      I woke up at nine, brushed my teeth and started work. Though I’d rather have a traditional snow day. House of Cards needs to be watched today!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I sort of hate having telework b/c sometimes I want a real snow day too. But it comes in handy on days like today when I have no PTO to use.

        • skj84

          I decided that since i’m at home it wouldn’t hurt having the TV on for “ambient noise”. I can have my cake and eat it too!

      • I guess that’s where having a job that cannot physically be done from home is a bonus. I suppose I could send a video of myself giving a lesson to the kids, but I think they’d prefer to not see my face on a day off!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I saw on the news a few months back that some schools (up north I think) are having online classes on snow days. The teacher uploads work and discussion questions that they have to do online. Some of the teachers even have video class. Sounded mean for the kids, no playing in the snow b/c you have to have online class.

          • I could never do that – I’m in a Title One school and I’d say roughly half my kids don’t have computers at home. Also my kids are very needy and need a lot of things read aloud to them and they don’t have much support from their parents because they don’t speak English fluently. I hope they get to enjoy their day off and play in the snow, at least!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think these kids had school laptops, but I wondered about those who might not have an internet connection for various reasons. And I think they were middle school on up, so older than your kids?

    • I have similar rants and raves! (Although I’ve been up since 8:30 since that’s when the kid woke us up).

      Rant: speaking of the kid, he’s already got cabin fever and it’s only 11am.

      Rave: I’m using part of today to finally purge and organize our mess of a Tupperware drawer.

      • Emmaleigh504

        My “kid” (my cat, no I don’t actually think of her as a kid, she is a cat 🙂 ) did not like that I did not wake up at my normal time. She was back to her old tricks trying to wake me up. I imposed forced cuddles until she went back to sleep.

  • RANT: Sore throat and cough have come to an apex today :-/
    RAVE: I’m working from home in my fuzzy sweat pants, cashmere sweater, and slippers.
    RAVE: Took an hour to make myself an epic breakfast this morning. omg.
    RANT: 😡 <– The face I made at Trader Joe's last night when I saw that they have 7 different versions of "lite"/"low-fat"/"vegan" cream cheese, but only 1 version of normal cream cheese (which was sold out – obvi). Lite cream cheese tastes TERRIBLE. Would you buy "lite" brie, cheedar, or gouda? I think not.
    RAVE: Haircut and a lowkey happy hour tonight at Coney and Ivy.

  • GiantSquid

    I miss PoPville. Too busy at my current job to check in.
    Revel: Snow! I’ll take it over the ice any day.
    Rant: Niece’s flight in to DC cancelled.
    Revel: very helpful service rep scrambling to get her here on Saturday, first available flight.
    Rant: Job searching
    Rant/Revel: Found out this week I didn’t get a job I interviewed for but after interviewing I didn’t think it was going to be a good fit so there’s that small relief. Still, rejection stings.
    Revel: Friends have a signed contract on their house today so they can make plans to move down this way finally.
    Revel: Hot beverages and homemade chicken stock.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Friend just sent me a link to the song “You are a C[redacted]t!” Such a catchy tune, I’ll be singing it all day 😀

  • Bear

    Rave: Snow day. I know it will be a slushy/icy mess tomorrow, but for now it’s pretty and I get to work in my PJs.
    Rant: Client inventing contractual requirements that are not actually in our contract.
    Rant: Trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Need a change but I don’t know where to start…

  • Rave: This weekend will be the first in months when I won’t be super overscheduled. Planning to take two yoga classes, getting back into a practice I’ve been neglecting for far too long.
    Rant: Not looking forward to the commute home today. At least the snow looks really pretty from my office window!
    Rave: I wore (nice wool/cashmere) sweatpants to work. I only feel slightly awkward about it. I’m here, after all!

  • Rant: Trying to get pregnant is messing me up in so many ways. We’ve been trying for nearly two years and in that time, I’ve only had one chemical pregnancy. I think we’re doing everything “right” and our very thorough doctors can’t find any explanation, but each month gets harder. It’s taking a huge toll on my productivity, especially since I’ve had to miss work for so many doctor appointments and tests and because I’m so bummed out all the time. I’ve gained more than 10 pounds from a combination of comfort eating and not wanting to diet for fear that it might impact conception (I’m not underweight or overweight). I’m worried I might lose my job. I just want to have a family already.

    • Andie302

      I’m sorry you’re going through this. My sister-in-law wanted a second baby for years. They used IVF and had my nephew, and because of some health concerns they decided that they weren’t going to go that route for a second child. When my nephew was 4, my sister-in-law seemed to finally give up on the idea, but of course didn’t start back on the pill or anything. I swear, the first vacation they took after she had relaxed and stopped stressing over it, she got pregnant. They have a healthy baby girl. It sounds like you have some other things that you should be focused on (mainly, not losing your job)…could you make that a priority for the short term and see if it helps? Take care and best wishes

      • I know a handful of people with this story– conceived after they gave up trying. But of course, that’s a good story, so it gets repeated a lot, I’m sure.

      • Thanks for the well wishes, Andie302. I’m afraid I’m past the point of being able to just put it out of my mind due to my age, among other concerns. I think the general idea of trying to relax and let nature take its course is a good one. I might actually quit my job instead of worrying about keeping it. A baby-making “sabbatical” sounds like heaven right now.

    • Internet hugs being sent your way. It’s an awful feeling, and I’m sorry you’re going through this. It sounds like you have your bases covered with doctor visits. Have you considered acupuncture? Lisa at Heal from Within is a beautiful soul and does amazing work.

      • I have a year of regular acupuncture under my belt at this point. I thought it would be my silver bullet. It has definitely made me more relaxed and happy, though, and I’d still recommend it highly.

    • Hugs. Have you seen an RE yet? I highly suggest moving straight to IVF if possible. I just had a second chemical last week. Through IVF I am able to get pregnant but I can’t stay pregnant. Also, regarding your job, I totally understand. Have had a really tough time over the past week while dealing with the chemical but the past 2.5 years have made it hard to focus at work. I finally told my boss what I’m going through about 6 months ago and it has made a world of difference. Don’t give up your job…I think having the work distraction is actually a positive.

      • Also I have gained 10+ pounds as well. At first I was really upset about it but at this point I just don’t care. Cut yourself some slack, you are going through a lot!

      • Hugs to you too, anon, and I’m sorry you have such a similar story. I’m starting IVF this month, actually, but am having a hard time staying positive. I have an excellent RE and if anyone is going to get me pregnant, it’s her! (Along with my husband, that is.) But I’ll have to take two unscheduled “sick” days for this cycle alone — I won’t know the days in advance and need to request vacation time well in advance — so that’s not good. And my workplace isn’t very child-friendly so I doubt that sharing my news would buy me any time. Sorry I’m so full of rants here. I really appreciate the positive thoughts but am just feeling really low today.

        • I’m sorry. Just try to stay positive and take it one day at a time. Hopefully it will just take one IVF try for you. I understand the rants. I spend a lot of time feeling really sorry for myself and get in major funks a lot. Keep your head high and rant away when needed!!

          • Fingers crossed. And thanks again for the support. Good luck to you too! And by the way, are you at GW? My RE there is really special and I’d highly recommend her.

          • I’m at SG. I go to the Sibley location which is a tiny office and much more personal than others. So far I have been happy there.

  • skj84

    Rave: My dad and Bro were in the town where I grew up yesterday and sent me a picture of the old house. It thrills me that it looks exactly the same. Though looking back I can’t believe how small it was! Lots of good memories in my childhood home.

    Rave: Just heard that No Doubt is headlining the Earth Day Concert on the Mall this year. I usually try to avoid all large scale events on the Mall, but I’m going to have to break my rule for this one.

  • Rave: Roomie finally had a convo with me after I mentioned how sick I had been. She seemed genuinely concerned. Hopefully she realizes I’m not a mean chick but sometimes I gotta put down the hammer (very tiny hammer) to make things run more smoothly for everyone.
    Rant/rave: This paycheck is going to suck, but that is encouraging me to take some free time for myself. I may just take off tomorrow and Saturday and just chill. I’m definitely feeling better but not 100%.
    Rant: Doc basically told me well, you’re on the mend, so there is nothing she could do. Ugh! I hate that! She also aggressively checked my appendix even though my temp was low. Doesn’t that require a fever? And wouldn’t I be dead after 3 days with appendicitis?
    Rave: Maybe brunch today. Oh, how I love brunch.

    • Andie302

      Glad you’re on the mend!

    • Emmaleigh504

      my pal’s appendix burst a few days after she had a baby. The doctors keep thinking the pain and infection were from her uterus. It took them a week and a half to find out it was her appendix! Lucky for her, her body walled off the burst appendix or she would be dead. Bodies are amazing and weird.
      glad you are on the mend!

      • That sucks! In my case, I had no post baby assistance, but also no severe pain in my tummy nor a fever…my temp was 97.8. I just think she was doing extra to make me feel like I got my monies worth. I missed my bus because of it.

  • rave: Everyone’s comments about their snow day tea/coffees, emails, comfy clothes, etc.
    rant: I spend way too much of my time these days (both during work and non-work hours) thinking about quitting my job because I hate my new boss. Fantasies go back and forth between going back to my last office (I strongly suspect they would offer me a promotion to get me back), or quitting worklife altogether and going back to school full time.

    • Did you like your last office? If so, definitely look into going back! I’ve wasted years at a job I hate with a boss I loathe and I swear it has aged me by a decade.

  • LA: Didn’t see your post until very late last night, but I totally get it. Dude definitely has some redeeming qualities, and I think he’d work well as a friend with benefits which pretty well captures his positives. Most jerks have something good going for them; otherwise, why would people stick around?

    • Accountering

      I agree on the friends with benefits. As long as you are both on the same page, there is nothing wrong with hanging out with a cool non-boyfriend material dude to meet physical needs. Don’t beat yourself up too much, if the sleepovers are good, then just sort out that you aren’t dating but just hanging out, and that should solve these issues.

      • I think it’s also nice to have someone when you’re in the mood for a drink or something. She said he was a good conversationalist too.

  • Rave: No work today!!
    Rave: We can’t telecommute, so it’s completely off for us. Comfy sweatpants and laziness, woohoo. 🙂 Playing Zelda games on 3ds and reading is in the cards for today.
    Rant: No tea, it’s all at work. Drat. Got hot chocolate at least!
    Rave: Considering going to the snowball fight this evening, depending on how much snow we get and how messed up the metro is. Never been to one but the photos from past ones look fun.
    Rave: Decided I’m going to Florida to visit my grandparents in a couple weeks (and my parents will be there at the same time). Grandad had been out of the hospital for over a month and was doing really well… Unfortunately he just went back in again yesterday, but he’s still much better than when I saw him over the holidays.

  • Rant: At the office. With one other person.
    Rave: Getting a lot of writing done and will be dismissing myself before 2pm.
    Rant: Stressing myself out over financial aid.
    Rave: Tons of recently engaged friends. I love weddings and helping friends plan.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Taking advantage of the Spring Sales: I now have a cuddly faux sheared mink jacket and two pairs of half-priced Docs on order. If winter is never ever going to end, at least I should have proper clothes for it.
    Rave: I’m no longer embarrassed by wearing a hat with bouncing tassels. I embrace it!!!
    Rant: Although I’m a little worried that the hat might get my “I used to live in New York and I’m too cool for that” card revoked. Fortunately, I still have my “I used to live in Baltimore and I don’t give a Flying F***” membership card as a back up. And of course my “I was born here. And?!…..” membership card which, really, should cover every eventuality.
    Rant: Prior rant clearly indicates some deep defensiveness about said hat with the bouncing tassels. lol
    Rave: Play day! 🙂

    • I just got a hat that my mom knitted, which has two really long tassels down either side. I felt a little self-conscious about it at first, but meh – it’s fun and warm! Rock the tassels! 😉

      • Blithe

        Thank you for your encouragement! I admire your spirit! And what a great — and timely — gift from your Mom! I’m good with the two long tassels on the sides. I haven’t quite yet reconciled myself with the three bouncing ones on the top though. lol Next time I wear it “She Bop” will be my soundtrack!

        • My sister knit me a tassel-topped hat and a pair of mittens attached by a string (so I don’t lose one in the snow).
          “She Bop” while we rock [tassels of all sorts] 🙂

          • Blithe

            I am SO jealous of your mittens! They sound wonderful! Nice sister!!

          • Blithe same sister was coveting an inexpensive fleece hat I was wearing – I offered to trade for the hat she was wearing (a beautiful multi-colored angora wool hat she knitted). Without hesitation she agreed 🙂
            She over-knitted the hat (a bit large) but I plan to felt it which will make it a better fit.
            She is a great sister!!

          • Blithe

            Is your sister local? Do you think that if I sat on her stoop wearing inexpensive fleece, she might…… 😉 lol This convo is a nice reminder that I need to unearth my knitting needles. MPinDC I’m so impressed that you know how to felt! I’ve never been brave enough for that!!

          • I know there are other kinds of felting — but here the felting is simply putting hat in hot water until the wool felts.
            There are lots of cool projects you can do with felted thrift shop wool sweaters – for example, cut off the sleeves for super warm hand/arm covers.

          • Blithe

            I’m still VERY impressed. That you can start with a hat, and end up with a slightly smaller well-fitting hat instead of a teeny tiny doll-sized hat definitely takes some skills! My hat’s off to you!!! 🙂 (Sorry/not sorry)

    • skj84

      I not only have a hat with bouncing tassels, but yesterday I was rocking my Mowhat. I also have a cow hat. Cause I’m an adult.

    • I love tassel hats and pom pom hats.

    • I Dont Get It

      Ha! Love the hat raves and rants!

  • Accountering

    Rant: At the office.
    Rave: Boss texted to say “you are the man” when I told him I got in.
    Rant2: Re-installing the HWH that has had tons of install issues is costing me $700
    Rave2: It will be installed correctly by a very reputable company and a master plumber has told me this will be the end of my issues with this unit.
    Rant3: They want $11,900 to re-do the back wall. That is super lame.
    Rave3: Keeping the bricks in the backyard saves us $1600.

    • Andie302

      I’m trying to keep my construction-related ranting to a minimum, but you’ve got them covered 🙂

  • Andie302

    Rave: All the laundry getting done
    Rave: Snow day
    Rave: Several recipes on tap for the next few days
    Rave: Today is my Friday.

  • Rave: snow snow snow
    Rant: partner is away for travel and can’t enjoy it with me
    Question: my birthday is in a couple weeks and I’ve never really had Indian food before, so I’d like to go get a great Indian meal with a group of friends as my guide. Unsurprisingly I can’t get into Rasika with a party of 6 the weekend of the 28th; what are other good Indian restaurants, preferably in the district or metro-accessible, that might be suitable for a nice birthday dinner?

    • Bombay Club; same family as Rasika.

    • Allison

      Masala Art at waterfront metro in SW! Sooo goood

      • +1 for Masala Art. I haven’t been to the one at the waterfront, but the one in Tenleytown is delicious. It’s a full step down from Rasika but still fabulous, and probably the best Indian in town after Rasika and the Bombay Club. They also should be able to accommodate a group of your size.

        • Masala has good vegetarian/pescatarian options? I need a date idea for tomorrow night’s dinner 😀

          • Absolutely. They have a spinach dish there that’s the stuff dreams are made of. I know people who eat little other than meat who go out of their way for that dish.

          • Masala’s saag paneer is seriously amazing.

      • This is looking like a top contender! Shawess/Allison/others, any idea which location is better, in terms of food/environment? I definitely want a fun/lively environment, and I do know that sometimes Tenleytown can be on the quieter/more subdued side.

        • I can’t compare, having only been to Tenleytown, but will say that the Tenleytown location isn’t the most festive place. I don’t think it’s lacking festivity, exactly, but it has white tablecloths, if that’s any indication! The waterfront location may be more festive?
          Also, try to get the spinach and corn dish if you like either of those things!

  • I know some people knit here. Would anyone be open to knitting me a cover for my arm rests at work? I need something a little stretchy and very comfy so it can go from job to job. Resting my arm on the arm rest or resting my head on it is killing my elbow. I can pay in sazeracs or money. 🙂

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Snow day waffles were a big success.
    Rant: I used up all my maple syrup.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Remember those cheese tarts you made in, I think, 5th grade? Please figure out a waffle version of those. kthanxbai

  • Allison

    Rant: been drowning at work so I never have time to Popville anymore. I am sustaining myself by watching the what’d I miss video each evening.
    Rant: did two hours of work this morning before….
    Rave: boss said I didn’t have to due to snow
    Rave: going to hang out with husband when he wakes up.

  • A snow day is much better with kittens! I’ve got a new batch of very sweet foster kittens – Ryder, Reno & Mallory. Check them out on Craigslist http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/4908480153.html

  • Rant – I’m missing a good snow day. Would love to be watching House Cards in my pjs right now and cooking snow day comfort food.
    Rave – I’m working in Southern California this week so the weather’s not too bad here 🙂 I wonder if Californians get bored with having sunny 70 degree weather all the time.

  • Blithe

    Bonus Rave: Twinings French Vanilla Chai tea — sweetened with a dollop of Sharon’s Coconut Sorbet. A warm cup of non-dairy wonderfulness.

  • I Dont Get It

    Late Rant: Regulated desktops. There’s a reason I don’t work on that side of the house and I’m p,o.’d that I have to deal with it on this project.

    Late Rave: I’m working at my desk on the second floor that looks out a window. Snow covered branches are pressing against the window and it’s a magical view!

    Bonus Late Rant: I don’t have a hat with bouncing tassels!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: Finally I had to recognize to myself that I had a headache
    Rant: Hotwire not working, I need to book hotels for 2 different trips
    Rant: On days like today, I wish a had a secretary to do office work for me. Please note that this is NOT a reference to certain book/movie shades, etc.
    Rave: Tried to sleep, didn’t really sleep but it helped a bit.

  • Rant: My cat keeps being naughty and I have to put her in timeout (in the bathroom). This is really getting frustrating. I’ve brushed her, played with her, and fed her… but as soon as I look away, she’s off to the nearest paper product (papers on magazine rack, edges of library books, paper on coffee table) and trying to rip it up.
    Rave: The snow is pretty.

    • That’s annoying. Is there a way you could give her her own paper product to play with — maybe some scratch paper, two sheets of paper towel or a couple of tissues — so she won’t bother everything else?

      • Yeah, I’m thinking about that. On the one hand, it’s not exactly behavior I want to encourage… but if I can do it in a very controlled way, maybe she’ll leave my paper printouts, library books, receipts, etc. alone.
        She does it only to get my attention, as far as I can tell. However, if I ever leave something like a piece of newsprint, a paper towel, or a paper napkin on the floor, she’ll tear that up of her own accord, not just to get attention. (Occasionally I’ve come home to find shreds of those items when I didn’t realize I’d left one on the floor.)

        • I have no idea if cats and dogs are the same in this respect, but our trainer actually -encouraged- us to give Gary scraps of paper from time to time and not be worried if he eats them. Apparently they like/need the fiber? (Or so he said, anyway.) I don’t really understand it, but I know that Gary loves to shred paper every week or so and stops once he gets his fill of it. It’s actually really cute to watch.

          • And by “paper,” I mean paper towel or Kleenex. He tried to shred a magazine once but I think he prefers softer stuff.

      • Update: I gave my kitty a paper towel to tear up, and she seemed to get some enjoyment out of it. She is now FINALLY back asleep in her bed. Given that cats are supposed to sleep 16-20 hours a day, I don’t know why she’s awake for so much of my telework workday!

    • Emmaleigh504

      You need to give her a heated bed, she will never leave it except for food.

    • Try giving her a small cardboard box. Mine love to sit inside and rip pieces off the flaps until it is pretty much demolished. Interestingly, they go in the same pattern on each flap, gnawing from right to left in a sloping pattern.

  • Rant: conference calls all. day. long. It’s a mute button people, use it!
    Rant: Snow days aren’t what they use to be.
    Rave: I’m on my second cup of hot chocolate!

  • Rave: My friend found a cafe with wifi that isn’t ridiculously crowded and has pretty good food!

  • Part 2:
    Rave: The Diner. The chocolate chip pancakes were pretty amazing and huge. I only wished for more even spreading of the chips, but hey, I left half of them on the plate, and I was stuffed.
    Rant: Almost hit by a car making a right on red. They only had a few seconds before their light changed to green, so I’m not sure why they took the chance.
    Rave: Finally got my police report for my snow day accident, and the guy got a ticket. So I won’t have to ultimately pay my deductible. Woot!
    Rave: Bought a book.

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