Prince Charles in Petworth! A Visit to the Lincoln Cottage & Armed Forces Retirement Home

Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall


Lincoln’s Cottage



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  • Prince of Petworth announces Prince in Petworth

  • who are the other people in the picture?

    • Not sure, but surely they’re very important. (What’s Prince Charles doing here anyway? Vacation of sorts?)

    • lincolnscottage

      L to R on the President Lincoln’s Cottage verandah:
      Susan Fant, Ruff Fant (Chairman of the President Lincoln’s Cottage Site Council), The Duchess of Cornwall, The Prince of Wales, and Erin Carlson Mast (Executive Director of President Lincoln’s Cottage).

  • I thought that was Michael Caine in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

  • Who took the pics? PoP, were you there??

  • Camilla “the Rottweiler” Parker Bowles looks animatronic.

  • You know, we are pretty lucky to have these things happen in our back yard. This is a special place. Definitely part to the beautiful life!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Pretty cool. I wish I could see Camilla’s jewelry better. What is that brooch?

    • Looks like it’s in the shape of a white (cream-colored?) flower with a stem visible off to the side. I tried a Google image search for “camilla brooch,” but I don’t see it in the results.
      In any event… nice to see her appearing hatless, like a normal person.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yes, nice to see her hatless. I love hats, but Camilla always sticks to the same style and it not my favorite style. I know she does what works for her, and it does, but some variety is good 🙂

  • Pablo Raw

    There used to be a Princess Diana impersonator at the High Heeled race, it would have been awesome and creepy for him/her to show up.

    • Yes, and she always had a paparazzi or two in tow— it was funny.
      Nice that Charles and Camilla put flowers at George Washington’s tomb yesterday. Always poignant/bittersweet.

  • Prince Charles is the best dressed out of the entire group.

  • I kind of feel bad for Prince Charles. I remember his investiture as the Prince of Wales when I was a kid, and now he’s basically a senior citizen, and still the Prince of Wales. I certainly hope that his mother lives on for many years, but for all the pomp and circumstance I don’t particularly envy his lot in life.

    • Isn’t there precedent for the queen to declare that Charles will be skipped and the crown will go directly to William (especially now that he has an heir)?

      • There may be, but my sense is that the Queen is a traditionalist and won’t do anything to disturb the line of sucession. My bet is that she will live for a very long time (she wants to break all of Queen Victoria’s longevity records with room to spare), and that when she dies at great age (her mother lived to 102), Charles will finally have a brief reign (he already looks frail to me even though he’s only in his sixties).

      • If anything were to change, it would not be the Queen changing the succession – which she couldn’t do without the government’s consent. There has been some talk of the Queen abdicating so that Charles can move up but that is thought to be contradictory to the queen’s pledge to serve for life.

        In any case, it wouldn’t happen until after she surpasses Queen Victoria as longest-reigning monarch,; that happens on Sept 10, 2015, so stand by for an autumn surprise!

      • The speculation seems to be that there’s no way the Queen would consider abdicating while her husband (Prince Philip) is still alive, but that she might consider it after he’s gone.

  • I always thought the French and the Russians had the right approach to royalty. Though I’d be satisfied with merely stripping their lands and never having to address them as anything other than “sir” (if we’d just met), “Chuck” (if we were out drinking) or “waiter” (if there really was karma).

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