From the Forum – Personalized Wedding Website Recommendations?

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What are the top rated wedding website builders?:

“This week our goal is to create and post our live website and share with all our family n friends. I know about godaddy website builder, but their themes are more for business people or recreational (for fun) stuff. I posted this quesiton on facebok and then people said i should use facebook! Others suggested wordpress but that sounds too complex. I guess the best solution we found so far is as they have all the functions and related themes, but there might be something better lurking around the corner. If anyone has a list of maybe 5-10 to choose from, that would be huge. Or if you have experience with our top choice, it would help us come to a decision.”

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  • We just used the Knot. It was easy and worked just fine. Unless you really want a specific personalized URL.

  • Mootje1

    Have you seen or Both have tools for wedding planning and a way to make a free website.

  • We used www(dot)mywedding(dot)com – they have lots of pre-made templates and it’s really easy to set up and use.

    • Ill also second TheKnot and WeddingWire – I looked at both of them and liked them, but chose MyWedding strictly based on a really cute beachy template they had that happened to closely match our invites. Back when I still thought people would care about that, it was important. (it’s not)

    • +1 for–I liked their pre-made templates more than The Knot or WeddingWire. My husband then purchased a domain name and had a redirect so we didn’t have this long URL to print on things.

  • theknot and weddingwire are the most popular ones. if you are artsy and like graphic design, i would recommend wix

  • The knot. And if you had the long email address, you can use a personalized link to make something short and easy.

  • We used SquareSpace. It was easy to set up, we liked the clean designs, and we got our own personalized URL. You can also look into the and There’s also Appy Couple which allows you to do a a personalized website + app + photo-sharing thing.

    • A buddy of ours just set up and launched their site with SquareSpace. Nice and slick. Very impressed.

    • We used Appy Couple and love it. Bought a URL from Go Daddy ($4 for the year) and had it redirect to our Appy site.

  • We used Wix, it was so easy to customize and create our on domain name.

    • We’re also using Wix. I didn’t love the themes available from wedding-specific sites like the Knot and Wedding Wire and really appreciated how customizable Wix is. Nearly all of our guests will be traveling to our wedding from other states so it’s important to me that I have a great site. We waited for a 30% off promotion and upgraded to a premium site (<$70/year) to get rid of the banner ad. Lots of friends and families have commented on how pretty and useful the site is.

  • weddingwire!!! its local

    • Agree! Weddingwire’s headquarters are in Friendship Heights (albeit the MD side) and a big player in DC’s tech scene. Support local!

  • It’s like the cats photobombed the thread! (Not that I disapprove.)

  • binpetworth

    I don’t have an answer for this question, but I love that photo. If I ever need to build a wedding website, I totally want it to have crazy cats staring down my potential guests!

  • Also, instead of a traditional wedding registry, we set up a custom honeymoon registry with Wanderable. Their site was also easy to use and our guests LOVED it.

    • We did that too, but with HoneyFund and also set up two traditional registries, but we didn’t register for a ton of stuff. A few weeks ago, a family friend was telling us we don’t have “enough stuff on our registries.” Ugh because we don’t need nor want a ton of stuff! She kept naming off dumb things for us to add like crystal. Yes, that get’s used SO much!

      • Yeah, registries are tricky. I’ve heard that having a registry is tacky, NOT having a registry is tacky, honeymoon registries are tacky, having too much on your registry is tacky, not having enough on your registry is tacky…etc. Whatever, do what makes you happy and just expect that someone will complain about it.

        • “Whatever, do what makes you happy and just expect that someone will complain about it.” +1,000. I would say this is true in weddings and in life in general. But especially in weddings.

  • xinbermz

    my friend used, which was super useful and easy to use for her destination wedding in Guatemala!

  • laurelo

    As a frequent wedding guest, my first reco is The Knot as its the first place I go to search for a site. If not that, then something that is easily Google-able so people can find your site easily (not sure if weddingwire and others pop up in Google, but I hate having to visit a bunch of different sites to try to find the one I’m looking for). Also, make sure you communicate what your site is to people (save-the-dates, invitations, on your Facebook profile, one friend even made it her GChat away status).

  • I used wix. I’m very technically challenged and found the set-up to be pretty user friendly.

  • The blog A Practical Wedding has several posts on how to use square space for your wedding website. (Plus, the site overall is pretty great for wedding planning and more.)

    • That website is a godsend.

      • Seconding the recommendation for A Practical Wedding. It’s great for the logistical/contractual pieces, and low on the OMG THINGS EVERY BRIDE MUST HAVE! fluff. We used a Knot website template and purchased a customized URL through them (I think it was $12). WeddingWire was a close contender, but we found the Knot website easier to update.

  • We used wedding jojo. You can use their templates, but also your own, purchased domain name (so it doesn’t have the tag) for a little bit extra. I looked at a couple sites, and wedding jojo had my favorite templates.

  • Rockandroar

    I’m going to agree with those who suggested Appy Couple. That’s what we’re using and have had a lot of people tell us they like what we’ve done, but we owe it all to Appy Couple.

  • +1 for Squarespace. Their templates are really nice (and mobile compatible) and you get a custom url.

  • my fiance set ours up when I was out of the country on work travel and used nearlyweds, which I believe is part of wedding paper divas, it was pretty straightforward and looks nice, was easy to post pictures, directions, links to hotels etc.

    We’re also not registering for “stuff” and went for a honeymoon registry (Honeyfund) instead, oddly it’s been our own age group that reacted most strongly to it (instead of parents/aunts/uncles) “BUT YOU WON’T GET A KITCHENAID MIXER!!!” if we want one, we’ll buy it, if and when we have room for it.

    ultimately, a website is fun, but as long as it has the relevant info, that’s all that matters….people will still ask a million questions, and well meaning parents will still tell them the wrong info (my dad keeps telling everyone our wedding starts hours before it does….)

  • We created our wedding website on Weebly. It was super easy to create/edit. It’s not a wedding website template but just a regular website template that we designed. We also used HoneyFund for our honeymoon registry.

  • We did Wedbuddy–it’s free, and I liked the look of its design. Also you can add lots of photos, videos, gifs (supposedly) etc. And you get a personalized url.

  • We used The Knot but I wouldn’t do that again — we actually had a ~25% silent failure rate on our RSVP form before we gave up on it and re-engineered. I would run with Wedding Wire — if for no other reason than they aren’t The Knot and they are out of DC to boot.

    What I would definitely do again is setup some url redirects so you can re-point things across services. We bought a vanity url, setup nginx on AWS and were redirecting the site, the photos and the RSVP to separate services as required.

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