Emergency MPD Meeting Saturday “to address the recent concern for sounds of gunshots & gun violence in the Petworth area”

750 Park Road, NW

From MPD:

“Good day all, I need your assistance spreading the word to your constituents, readers and neighbors announcing an emergency PSA 407 meeting to address the recent concern for sounds of gunshots & gun violence in the Petworth area. The meeting will be Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 10am, at the Fourth District Substation located at 750 Park Road, NW. The main phone number for the substation is (202) 576-8222.”

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  • I could have the date wrong, but I’m fairly certain that a community meeting has been organized for the same time on Saturday (at the Park View Rec Center).

  • That’s at the same time as the Neighborhood Watch Crime Prevention Training. I’d imagine there’s some overlap for people wanting to attend these events. It’d be nice if one of them could be rescheduled.

    • I was just going to post a PSA about that training session — I attended the one that was held Monday night at the Fourth District HQ and thought it was good.
      For people who are interested in the one on Saturday (3/21): It’s at 10 a.m. at the Senior Wellness Center, 3531 Georgia Ave. NW.

      • Glad to hear it’s worth doing. Do you recall how long it lasted? Thanks!

        • JCM, I think it was about an hour — maybe a few minutes over that.
          Many of the recommendations were ones I was familiar with, but there were some that were new to me.

  • It’s not so much the sound of the gunshots that bothers me as much as it is the actual guns, bullets and people using them. But yes, sound pollution is a concern, albeit more a result of sirens than gunshots.

  • It is NOT enough that there is a police meeting on this matter. THIS IS A POLITICAL MATTER and the Mayor and Council Member should be present.

    • There’s currently no councilmember for the Petworth/Brightwood area. (Both are in Ward 4.)

      • Then the Mayor and the Mayor’s constituent services representative should be asked to attend. If you do not turn the heat up on the elected officials, a response that you are happy with will not be forthcoming. Gunfire in our community is a community health threat and a cultural matter the Mayor and Ward 4 Councilman should be expected to weigh in on.

    • At the last PSA 404/407 meeting Khalil Thompson, the Ward 4 liaison, was in attendance and taking notes about neighbor’s concerns. From my limited interactions with him I find he is doing a decent job trying to fill the void of us not having a Council Member. It would still be nice to see the Mayor, DC Council At Large members, and even some Ward 4 candidates attend these meetings and provide some solutions.

  • This is crazy. Why can’t they just do their jobs? All they are going to say at the meeting is you can help and keep your eyes open. It’s not OUR job to police the streets.
    The thing that gets me is that a lot of the activity isn’t people from the neighborhood! People come from other states to buy and sell drugs here because it’s well known the police don’t care. Change that by making it known you can’t sell drugs here. Put people in jail.
    We’re not talking about rocket science here guys, and they’re not try to bust some sort of sophisticated international espionage ring. We have a bunch of idiot 17 year olds with guns who sell drugs openly to a parade of a*holes with MD plates that drive through our neighborhoods. Do some buy-busts and get the kids of the streets. Seize some assets if you have to. Bring in the DEA. Whatever. If I see a constant stream of buyers how hard can it possibly be? Once you get the drug dealers out of here they’ll take their guns with them.

  • It shouldn’t have taken a letter writing campaign for MPD to do their job and inform the public.

    • I’ve been to most of these PSA 404/407 meetings for the last two years and very few neighbors show. The response from the officers who come to these is that they want to provide us with information but that neighbors are not interested until something happens. The last one in February had maybe 10 people in attendance. I get the sense that they are doing their job but that they need our help getting more resources from the city.

  • Glad they’re holding this meeting. I hope it’s packed. Need to bag this gun violence, may get worse and worse with the warm weather.

  • I hope they discuss the gunshots first and address the sound of gunshots second.

  • CMs Mendelson and Silverman should be present as OUR at-large members – as they represent all of the Wards and W4 is currently without a CM.

    My family will be at the meeting. The latest gunshots were 30′ from our house and there are about 15 toddlers that live on our block most of whom are outside playing on the sidewalks and front yards in the warm weather -so all of this gun violence terrifies me.

  • What a coincidence, there was just a petition about this issue.

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