Buredo “Burrito-size sushi rolls coming soon to DC!”

825 14th Street, NW courtesy buredo

From an email:

“We’re serving burrito-size sushi rolls (buredo means “blade” in Japanese) and using fresh and innovative ingredients.”

Buredo is opening in the former Yogen Fruz space in “a few months”! Updates when they get closer.

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  • How does this work? I’ve found that any sushi roll that can’t be eaten in a single bite is usually a huge mess.

    • Good point! I always avoid futomaki for this reason.

    • Just like a regular burrito, except with seaweed instead of a tortilla and rice/fish/other sushi stuff inside. You can find photos from a similar place in SF. It looks amazingly delicious and is apparently quite popular.

    • On further research, it seems like it’s sushi in burrito form (I did a google image search), with nori and rice replacing the tortilla. I’m not sure if this sounds appealing (and I love sushi). It just sounds like it’d be an overwhelming amount of food and way too dense.

      • +1. I love sushi, but I suspect I’d feel like I was choking.
        The only way I can see this working is if the rice was regular loose-style rice, rather than Asian-style rice.

      • I agree — this could be terrific or quite gross. I’m hoping it’s good!

        • I’m super skeptical but I’ll probably still give it a try since it’s near my office.
          And lol @ “buredo means ‘blade’ in Japanese”

          • Well, I guess it’s the katakana pronunciation of “blade.”
            But you KNOW that no one is going to pronounce it “boo-RAY-doh” — everyone will say “buh-REE-doh.”

          • This reminds me of occasionally running into katakana words in Japanese where I had a hell of a time trying to figure out what English word(s) they were approximating. And of course not putting spaces between words made it even harder: “Remonzu kashu. Remonz kash… what the hell is remonz kash? Oh wait… LEMON SQUASH!!”
            Or an advertisment in the train mentioning a “rari” [rah-ree]: “Ra-ri, ra-ri… what the hell is a ra-ri??” — then eventually realizing it was a “rally,” like the Paris-Dakar rally.

          • Haha, I actually stared at “buredo” for a while before I figured out what they were going for.

        • Yes. I will enthusiastically try it and hope that I’m wrong in my initial assessment.

  • Couldn’t a person just order more sushi..? I miss the sushi go go places on the belts that go around and around

  • This is the best thing to happen to me this week!! My friends in SF brag about these things and I was trying to see if there was anything in DC, but didn’t find anything! YESSSS!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I’m on board with this idea!

  • ::hork:: There is nothing about that that sounds appealing.

  • It’s a new concept for the area so I’m willing and raring to try it out. I’m sure they’re not Choptle sized either. Plus it’s a great opportunity to have a dining experience with lots of TWSS jokes. #ftw #shutupandtakemymoney

  • this sounds awesome – and right by my office. can’t wait to try it and –hopefully– put it in my regular rotation.

  • I don’t know about this. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

    • Exactly. Sushi (the good kind) is carefully constructed according to Japanese aesthetic and culinary sensibilities to provide a balance of flavors and textures in one single bite. Blowing up a maki roll into a burrito is just wrong on so many levels.

  • justinbc

    This is close enough to my office that I’ll probably give it a try if they can keep the prices under $10 for lunch.

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