Solidcore closing Adams Morgan Location Feb. 27 Due to Dispute with Landlord

1840 Columbia Road, NW

SolidCore opened their first DC location in the former Video King space here back in 2013.

Thanks to a reader for passing on from Solidcore:

“I have some news to share with you today. As you all know, we have been offering limited class times at our ADMO studio in January and now in February. This is due to a dispute between us and our landlord over the noise the studio creates in 6 of the residential units above us, making them unlivable/un-rentable. Because the building is so old and the space is so small, there is nothing that can be done to fully soundproof the space. After lengthy legal negotiations with our LL, we will be closing our current ADMO location on Friday, February 27th. This is extremely bittersweet for us — ADMO was our first location and is in a neighborhood we hold near and dear to our hearts…it is also the neighborhood I live in. While we wish the LL would have been more diligent before we signed our lease, we are choosing to look at this as a little road bump in our long journey to build a special community that helps people become the strongest version of themselves.

A couple pieces of good news: We currently have four other studios in DC (Shaw, Mt. Vernon and Cathedral Commons)/VA (Ballston) and our Old Town location is opening on March 2nd. Shaw and Cathedral are less than 2 miles from the ADMO studio in either direction and we hope you can make one of these studios work for you as a temporary solution. We are actively looking for space in the ADMO area and have started lease negotiations with a new building – unfortunately, this space would not be ready until May, but it would/will be bigger and nicer and within blocks of the old location.

We realize some of you are going to have questions about your accounts and we will be working with you to make sure you are happy – extending packages, etc. Meg is your girl for any questions you have and you can email her at [email protected]

We have big plans to continue to grow in the DC/MD/VA area, as well as outside the region. The ADMO neighborhood is where we got our start and for that, we are grateful. We also want to be sure you know how special you are to our community and we thank you for that.”

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  • I suppose this is bad of me, but their repeated use of “ADMO” — which is even more annoying in all caps than it is in mixed case — makes me think that it’s just as well that they’re closing.

    • when i see ADMO, i think of BEVMO when i lived in san francisco!

    • andy

      I’m so sorry to focus on this, but yes. ADMO ADMO ADMO I can’t read the rest of your press release.

    • Way to support your local community/ economy.

      • There’s no obligation to support something just because it’s local.
        I just went to their website, and their writeups also make really obnoxious use of brackets: “[solidcore] 101 is your opportunity to meet the megaformer, your date for all future [solidcore] classes! The class is a tutorial that provides an in depth overview of the megaformer and our signature exercises at [solidcore].”

  • My commute starts pretty early and this is one of the few places open when I walk by. I was really hoping that the disappearance of morning classes was just a re-structuring of their schedule and not a sign of something worse. Sorry, guys 🙁

  • Can we all agree that the various “core” studios that have popped up around town over the past couple of years is just the latest version of cupcake stores. Hopefully we’ll soon be over it.

    • yeah really pulling for these jerk business owners to lose everything and for people who rely on their stupid georgetown cupcake-copycat ‘studios’ for a fitness regimen that accommodates their needs and schedules to revert back to whatever they did before that i have decided is better. CAN’T IT JUST HAPPEN NOW PLZ?!

    • I agree. It’s time for a change. A Verizon store would really make this space pop!

  • Shame that they couldn’t figure something out. I walked by there a bunch of times and thought “Man its loud in there” Sucks that it was affecting the units above them.

    • I can relate to this. I live in the apartments above the crossfit gym in the Harris Teeter building. When i moved in the gym wasn’t there. But once it opened it was a game changer. Living above a gym is unbearable when you are awaken to weights slamming at 6:30 am and then come home to the same thing at 8 pm. There really needs to be better zoning for these types of places in residential buildings. I blame the landlords and not the gym ownerships. I am on my way out.

      • Blithe

        I’m struck by your comment – that you blame the landlords, which is consistent with the comment in the post re: wishing the landlord had done more diligence before the lease was signed. Is it a pretty universal expectation that a landlord be responsible for due diligence regarding noise? It’s easy for me to imagine a landlord not realizing that a fitness studio (yoga, spinning bikes and push-ups) would be noisy (weights dropped and competitive grunts and yelling) until after the fact — compounded by the extremely wide range of noise levels that different fitness activities might have. Is there any expectation that a tenant who knows that his/her activity might be disruptive to neighbors should disclose this to potential landlords/neighbors? I’m not sure if I’m asking a legal question or a common/best-practices question, but I’m curious about how these issues are usually handled.

        • Good question — I don’t know the answer either.
          It sounds as though in this case, neither the landlord nor the studio anticipated that the studio was going to cause noise issues for the residents directly overhead.

        • Well solidcore is different type of noise which may not have been revealed beforehand. To clarify I was speaking specifically to crossfit gyms and whether a landlord could foresee this type of noise beforehand. That is the legal question. The answer is yes. It is a known problem in residential buildings. A quick google search can tell you this.

      • Yeah you can hear that gym in the produce section of Harris T’s.. pretty loud… took me a while to figure out what it was

  • Really love this place, and this location was the best of them (although parking was a nightmare). Hoping that Shaw can handle the overflow. Anne is literally the best fitness instructor I’ve ever had in the DMV area. These classes are awesome. I will be rescheduling my week around this. I hope in the future, there’s another popular area (Cleveland park, chinatown, or Dupont) that can accommodate another studio.

    • I am also a fan — of the Shaw and Mt Vernon locations that I’ve been to — and am worried that I’m never going to be able to get into preferred classes anymore. The schedules were already jam-packed as it was.

  • Seems like a Lulumon type of place.

  • hispanicandproud

    Ah, Coach Jo. Gonna miss going there.

  • I’m curious about the “extensive negotiations” with the landlord. It’s an incredibly small space, yet the instructor always seemed to be super loud on their mic (I walk by every a.m. around 7 and could hear it outside). Did the instructor need to use a microphone say before 7am and after 7pm? Couldn’t they have made those classes microphone (and maybe music) free? Was it the machines or just the amplified sounds? If it was just the amplified sounds there really seems like there should have been some sort of work around if people were willing to negotiate in good faith.

    • I live in the building, and they were asked by the LL on numerous occasions to try another approach just during our quiet hours (especially before 8:00 am). However, I don’t believe they gave it too much effort or consideration to actually try to limit their noise pollution.

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