Dupont Circle Metro Evacuted “to Clear Smoke”

From @dcfireems:

“UPDATE: Metro Box Alarm: Dupont Circle Sta. no fire. station evacuated to clear smoke.”

Another reader sends via email:

“Not sure what’s up but DCFD is on scene and station was smoke filled”

Updates when more is known.

@petehammerle tweet us:

“it really did not look bad. You could smell some smoke but it smelled like most metro stations. No one seemed concerned”

@Metrorailinfo tweets:

“Red Line: Expect residual delays in both directions due to earlier fire department investigation at Dupont Circle.”

@dcfireems tweets:

“UPDATE: Metro Box Alarm: Dupont Cir Sta. station to reopen shortly.”

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  • Only WMATA would be unconcerned about this. “What? It’s just a little smoke. That doesn’t mean there was a fire or anything.”

  • I was there!

    I got to the Dupont station around 12:40 and the platform was hazy. The Glenmont train was just pulling out from the station, and folks on the platform said that the train had been smoking when it pulled in. I waiting for maybe 3 to 5 minutes. Metro finally made some unintelligible announcement. I didn’t see any metro folks on the platform, but a metro worker was standing around holding a fire extinguisher when I had entered. The Silver Spring train pulled in, and I got on and crossed my fingers. No announcement from the train operator, and the trip proceeded uneventfully. I arrived at my destination unscathed, save for a little eau de metro.

  • I was there too – it was very strange. I got on at Farragut at around 12:50 and the train stopped at Dupont and everything seemed normal, although to be honest I was reading and not paying much attention to the station. Then when I got off at Cleveland Park there were about 10 firemen in the station and a TON of firetrucks and ambulances closing off the entire street – they must have been worried about something. I was just picking something up and then went back into the station about 10 minutes later – no more firemen. The trains were running because when I entered because two trains were just leaving. Another arrived and I got in, and the driver said we’d be “holding” for a few minutes. Then a few minutes later she announced the train was out of service and the tracks were closed between CP and Farragut. This was at about 1:20pm, half an hour after the first reports of smoke. I wonder why they kept the trains running for 30min and then decided to shut everything down?

    • Same reason they left hundreds trapped in a train full of smoke not even one month ago. Unacceptable!! PLEASE – if you enter a station full of smoke, turn around and find another way. Nothing is worth knowingly taking such a risk with yourself.

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