“It’s practically mafia behavior. Ways to get the city to stop harassing my friends and visitors?”

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“Dear PoPville,

I have several friends who have recently received tickets from the city that strike me as utterly onerous. The gist of it is that the city has observed their cars parked in DC frequently during non-work hours, and they suspect them of being residents of the district while keeping their cars registered elsewhere. The ticketed person’s only recourse to avoid repeated ticketing and ultimately a boot is to report to DC DMV during business hours to prove that they our residents of another state! There are soooo many legitimate reasons why out-of-state residents are in the district regularly off hours. One of them was my boyfriend. Yeah, he slept over. Pretty regularly. Others are pals of mine with a healthy social life who come visit all the time. Sometimes they crash, because hey, it’s better than driving drunk, right? One of them works all the way out in Warrenton during the day, and taking time off to come all the way to DC to “prove” he doesn’t live here was no small burden. Worse yet? The DMV didn’t even accept his first attempt. Apparently, a current electric bill and lease were not adequate???

It just seems like a shakedown, and they’ve got folks over a barrel. It’s practically mafia behavior. Any thoughts on this? Ways to get the city to stop harassing my friends and visitors? The city should be happy that these folks are spending their hard-earned money here in the district without consuming any of our services!”

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  • justinbc

    They’ve been doing this for years. I know multiple people who’ve had to go through the process, my partner being one of them when she lived in Alexandria. It sucks but once you’ve done it you’re at least in the books and won’t get future tickets for it.

  • It’s absolutely brutal and I don’t know of a great solution. Mine was to dump the car altogether. For guests I’ve been giving them my visitor pass, but I haven’t been using one long enough to know if it discourages unrelated tickets. Knowing DC parking enforcement, it won’t.

    Best bet is to find an overnight garage or lot, I’d rather spend the $20-30 instead of the $50-100 minimum for tickets.

  • This isn’t a shakedown. This isn’t harassment. People take advantage of DC, and this is their way of protecting themselves. Your friends got at least one warning before a ticket was issued. And you can file for a ROSA exception online.


    • I got a ROSA ticket and I did not get a warning beforehand. It was also given long before my car had been in DC for 30 days, as required by the law (it was only about a week or so). And lastly, I can understand if we were in the middle of Texas and “out of state” was a long way away, but TONS of MD and VA residents live within a few miles of DC and park regularly in the city without actually living there.

      • The criteria is seeing your car twice within 30 days not that you have to be here for 30 days.

      • I’m going to correct myself here. The website says 30 consecutive days, but I too had a ticket within about a week a long time ago, and the ticket said they had observed me twice in a 30day period. So I think they’re enforcing something different than what the law states at times.

        • You were right the first time. A ROSA warning may be issued if the car is observed twice in a 30 day period.
          “If an automobile has been observed a second time within a thirty-day period, a warning notice may be issued indicating the automobile is eligible for the issuance of a citation and/or impoundment.”

          • Since we’re all lawyers, I’ll just post the text of the regulation (Anon Spock was correct the second time):
            429.3 This section shall be enforced as follows:

            (a) When an issuing officer observes a motor vehicle housed within the District that does not display District registration tags or a current reciprocity sticker the issuing officer shall record the following:

            (1) Date;

            (2) Time;

            (3) Location; and

            (4) Vehicle tag number and jurisdiction of registration.

            (b) If, after fifteen (15) days of the first sighting, an issuing officer observes the same vehicle housed within the District, the officer shall attach a warning notice stating that the vehicle may be in violation of the motor vehicle registration and licensing laws, regulations and rules of the District. The warning notice shall advise the owner or operator of the vehicle that enforcement actions including, but not limited to, impoundment may be taken after fifteen (15) days (“warning period”) if the vehicle is not in compliance with the District’s registration laws, regulations, and rules.

    • +1 well said

  • No sympathy. If your pals want to mooch off of the district, pay for off-street parking.

    • we should probably put up walls or something to keep out those moochers!

      • It is unfortunate that some are getting caught in this tug of war but for decades residents of VA, MD, and states farther afield than that have done what they could to either not register or not pay for parking to the detriment of the people who live and register their cars in the neighborhood. This is the (imperfect) solution. The flip side is doing nothing and having people complain about the scofflaws and lack of parking….even more than they already do.

  • You can apply for a ROSA exemption online. It’s really simple.

  • I feel dumb asking for clarification, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading on ROSA exemption, etc. My girlfriend lives in Capitol Hill and I live in Maryland. Nowhere near a metro. So what I’d like to do is drive down and park overnight a few times a week. From what I’ve read online – I need a ROSA exemption. But do I also then need a visitor’s permit for the windshield? To clarify – my car would only be there after work hours (so let’s say I’d park it around 7pm), and then I’d leave in the morning for work.

    I just need ROSA exemption, I need ROSA exemption AND a visitor’s permit, or I’m screwed no matter what?

    • Accountering

      You need a ROSA to not get a ROSA ticket. You need a visitors pass if you are going to park for more than 2 hours during restricted hours. If you arrive at 7pm and leave in the morning, you should be fine without a visitors pass.

      • You actually need the ticket or warning before you can get the exemption which is really fing stupid.

        • This I can agree with!

        • Accountering

          I did not know this. This is stupid. If you are willing to be proactive, the city should not stop that.

        • This sounds stupid, but if true, it actually works to your advantage. From my experience with this whole thing, ROSA exemptions last one year, and then you have to reapply. You’re only allowed to apply twice. So in my opinion, the longer you can park without getting that first warning, the better off you are. Not applying until you HAVE to is allowing you to park as long as you can get away with.

          • Definitely true. The first item to send and get ROSA online is the warning or ticket. Never saw the 2 times max, and if true, that is also stupid and you’re correct in that requiring it makes you better off. What you cannot date multiple people or the same person for more than 2 yrs and decide to live in out of state? That seems rather arbitrary.

          • “What you cannot date multiple people or the same person for more than 2 yrs and decide to live in out of state?”
            Sure you can but at some point you have to find a new way to get into town, buy a new car, or find alternative parking. Arbitrary, maybe, but probably not cramping the style of too many people.

        • Oh that’s annoying. Thanks for the tip though! I’ll keep parking there then.

      • Thanks! Parking in enforced until 8:30. So it sounds like I could get there around 6:30-7:00pm, get the 2 hours and then be fine overnight.

        From what I’ve read below – it seems to be in my interest to get a ROSA ticket so I can apply for the exemption.

        • “Parking in enforced until 8:30. So it sounds like I could get there around 6:30-7:00pm, get the 2 hours and then be fine overnight.”
          I wouldn’t bet on that. When I lived just off the main drag of U Street, the meter maids would come around at 8:01pm (right after parking restrictions ended at 8pm) to ticket the out-of-state vehicles that had been sitting there for two hours. I would sit at my window and watch them do this on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. It was like clockwork.

    • It all depends on the zone. The ROSA permit proves you’re actually an out of stater and not living/parking in the district without reregistering your car. On my street, one side is resident only until 8:30, so you would not be able to legally park there until. The other side is 2-hour parking until 8:30, so you could park there starting at 6:30 without risking a ticket.

      But neighborhoods/zones are different. You have to check the signage.

    • You’d need a ROSA exemption, but you’d need a visitors’ permit only if the signage for where you were parked said “Zone ___ permits only during ____ hours,” and you were parked during those hours.

    • You only need vistor’s parking if you plan to park during hours where there is residental parking restrictions. So say her street was 2hr limited from 8am-7pm, you wouldn’t need visitor’s parking for the afterhours time (only ROSA), but some neighborhoods are only Zone x parking all day everyday including weekends, then yes, you’d need visitor parking for this street in addition to the ROSA exemption.
      I’ve been hoping for the ROSA warning because you need it to get the exemption, but have yet to get one and have just used the visitor’s parking, VPP, both day and night on an 8-7pm kind of street.

      • Maybe this was why I thought you lived in MD and not NW — is your car not registered in D.C.? I’m confused as to why you would need a ROSA exemption.

        • I split my time between the 2 and no, it’s not.

          • I still don’t understand. Do you have a place in MD that you own and are renting out, and you live in D.C. in a 2-bedroom and rent out the second bedroom?

          • I appreciate you’re having a hard time grasping my situation, but I do not wish to put any additional personal info out there. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have at whatever Pop hh I manage to attend.

          • I guess I’m just surprised because you were pretty emphatic in the landlord/DCRA thread the other day about landlords doing everything by the book, and your car situation sounds like it’s not exactly by the book.

      • So you use the VPP even when it’s outside hours it’s required? I’d hate to make her keep getting passes from the police station unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    • The main thing to remember is that ROSA has to do with vehicle registration, not parking per se. If you live in DC, you are required to register your car in DC. If you live elsewhere but your car is often in DC and parked on the street, you need to get a ROSA exemption by proving that your residence is elsewhere. They’ll put a warning ticket on your car and then you can apply for your ROSA exemption.
      Aside from ROSA, you still need to comply with parking regulations. If you are parking during hours when then zone parking is not in effect (it varies but typically from evening/night until early morning) then you don’t need a permit of any kind. Otherwise you need a permit, which I believe for an out-of-state vehicle means a visitor’s permit. Check parking signs carefully though because whatever they say are the rules you need to follow.

      • Got it! Have been very careful with following signs. I used to live in DC, but since moving out of the city a few years ago – I’ve had an interesting time. Now that I drive for work, it’s throw this in the mix.

        Appreciate the insight. Will continue to park at night when I spend the evening, and if/when the ROSA ticket comes, I’ll apply for the exemption.

  • >without consuming any of our services!

    Well, except for our roads, one of the most expensive municipal assets.

    • Yup, parking in DC parking spots is consuming municipal services.

    • Yes! It amazes me how many people don’t understand that. I haven’t the slightest clue what other “services” they are not consuming? They aren’t being arrested?

    • Of course half the roads and sidewalks in the District are federally-owned and maintained with federal monies.

      • Half? Hardly.

      • Half? Really? You got a cite for that? I looked at some maps a while back, and it seemed to me that the area the feds maintain is surprisingly small.

        • I’m sure I’ve seen a figure of 46% somewhere. I would make sense that 46% of infrastructure in the District is eligible for Federal funds.

          This isn’t the link I was looking for but this letter from 2004 indicates that 100% of the District’s 213 bridge,s and 30% it’s roads, are eligible for FHWA funds.

          FYI in 2004 the District spent $242M on roads, of which $158M (65%) was Federal aid.

          There are actually huge areas in which the roads and sidewalks are all federally-maintained. For example, Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House (and surrounding area) is part of the Penn Ave National Historic Site and is maintained by the NPS and Dept of the Interior.

          Also, of the little parks and squares in the District, and the sidewalks abuting them, are federally-maintained. Dupont Circle, Grant Circle, Pershing Park, Malcolm X Park, Farragut Square; all are Federal parks and maintained by the NPS. They add up.

          The Rock Creek Park administrative District of the NPS alone maintains 99 different parks and properties in the District.

          • if you think they actually maintain those little parks, you’ve obviously never been. Try walking next to one after snowstorm.

          • So for the sake of argument the 46% figure is allowed without challenge, of that 46% what percent is really prime overnight ROSA infraction rich parking area? The perimeter of Malcolm X Park is really the only viable (combination of residential proximity and lack of no parking restrictions) of what you have listed by my reckoning.

    • >without consuming any of our services!
      1. One of them was my boyfriend. Yeah, he slept over. Pretty regularly.
      2. Others are pals of mine with a healthy social life who come visit all the time.

      Was your residence inspected by DCRA to ensure it meets the standards of a habitable domicile? Does your boyfriend use electricity, water, or any other utilities that the DC government regulates? Does the health department inspect the establishments your pals patronize? I assume your boyfriend and friends drive their non-DC cars on DC streets, which are maintained with DC funds. What if there is an emergency and you need to call 911? Would you like DC Fire & EMS to respond, or should the dispatcher route the emergency call to your buddies’ home jurisdiction? We have emergency responders standing by 24/7, and they are paid with DC funds.

      • Beautiful (and without the snark re boyfriend sleeping over => consuming services that I might have interjected).

  • It’s a total pain in the ass either way, but my Virginia resident girlfriend was able to mail in her info to the DMV and was approved as out-of-state.

  • I’m assuming you don’t have a visitor parking pass, so I don’t think there is much you can do other than tell your friends to contest the ticket/ warning and mail in their proof as required. There is an online form linked to at the DMW page. http://dmv.dc.gov/service/registration-out-state-automobiles-rosa

    Definitely annoying. Not exactly mafia like tactics, but I understand the frustration. I think the goal is to make sure street parking on residential blocks is available to residents.

    • Why not request a visitor’s parking pass online?

      • Not all streets/addresses are entitled to a visitor’s pass. Anyone can get a 15-day pass from their local precinct though.

        • Yes, I know if you don’t havezoned residential parking, you cannot get one, but I’d argue the 15day is no less visitor parking. Just seems there are other options; even though, doing ROSA online seems pretty easy on its face.

    • ROSA has nothing to do with a VPP. They’re two separate programs, and two separate tickets/enforcement mechanisms.

      • This is true, but having VPP may alleviate the problem as I’ve seen plenty of out of state cars with only VPP without issue. If having a VPP would stop the officer from checking for ROSA, then why not? Ultimately, since you can mail it in or do it online, it seems just as easy to get ROSA for those who’ve already been warned.

  • I’m confused about the actual problem. If the friends are parking “frequently” on-street during the day, why is it not reasonable for DC to assume they are residents hiding behind an out of state plate? Granted I’ve never owned a car in DC, but I have a visitors parking pass and have never had that issue with my out of town guests. I know DC is particularly aggressive about parking tickets, but something seems off.

    • I think the idea is they are parking at night, which is actually more indicative of someone failing to register their car than during the daytime where someone might work in the neighborhood. People who are frequently spending the night are likely residents. The system works. There are tons of people who try to keep their home plates to avoid the DC DMV system (understandably). But you can’t. And if your boyfriend is sleeping at your house more than his own, why shouldn’t he have to go through a process to let the city know that? He’s effectively taking overnight parking away from a taxpaying DC resident by coming to see you every night. No one is saying he cannot, they are just saying, look, you need to prove you’re not living here and avoiding giving DC their due. Are there actual DC residents who find this problematic?

      • I’m a DC resident (Dupont) and I have a problem with this policy because it doesn’t actually help me find a parking space! I’ve lived in here for over 6 years and have never been in a neighborhood with sufficient parking spaces. Requiring out of state visitors to register when they’re otherwise legally parked is a hassle for them and doesn’t help me. I feel the same about the zone restrictions — interstate relationships are difficult, but so are inter-zone relationships!

        • The hassle is exactly what discourages many visitors from bringing their cars though. If you know you might get a ticket or think it is a pain to get the exemption, then you either don’t spend the night in the city or you don’t bring your car. Either way, it is one less car on the street.

        • ROSA has nothing to do with parking so I don’t know why you would object to it on the grounds that it doesn’t help you find parking. Living in less dense neighborhoods would help you find parking, but you’ve obviously decided not to make that choice.

          • My point was I understand that these policies are supposed to help ensure that DC resources are reserved for DC residents, but the problem is much larger. I don’t own a car because I’ve seen my neighbors and friends driving around for 20+ minutes to find a spot within their zone. My first post was in consideration of those people who need cars for various reasons, not specific to myself since I’m able to live without a car.

          • You are describing a program to control use of resources – the RPP and VPP programs, for example. ROSA is a program designed to make sure residents don’t avoid PAYING their proper fees. It addresses contribution to resources, not allocation of resources.
            tl/dr – ROSA isn’t designed to make sure you have a parking spot. It’s designed to make sure you pay for your car, if you have one.

  • As a DC resident I am both glad that the parking enforcement does this and pissed that they make it so difficult to go through the ROSA process. I’m sure you will hear lots of stories about the ROSA process. It’s annoying but straightforward.

    Without ROSA a sizeable portion of the population, would never do register their car here. OTR does similar things when you file a federal return with a DC address but no DC return. And we all know that even people running for DC Council don’t even feel the need to register to vote here. It’s so childish that people can’t take the responsibility that comes with being an adult and moving to a new jurisdiction.

  • jim_ed

    Dear PoPville, DC is TOTES teh worst!!1!! OMG they have laws that don’t specifically cater to my needs and whim, itz basically organized crime! Sorry not sorry we don’t feel like doing what everyone else that lives here has to.

  • Not having the rules apply to you that apply to the rest of us is the true mafia behavior.

    Please, start acting like a grown-up instead of like some entitled brat.

    have your friends get off-street parking (they’re probably making enough money from their lawyering and lobbying that they can easily afford it) and stop taking up spaces that true residents of DC pay taxes for.

    • That’s right! Residents pay taxes which in part maintain our streets and parking spots. If that is too difficult, there are many 24/7 parking lots available that are within Metro’s rail and bus reach in which they can park their cars overnight. Sorry this ISN’T Warrenton, VA and the suburbs where you can park in someone’s driveway for free.

  • i hear DCUSA has lots of parking spots.

  • For those DC residents who say that these folks deserve to be ticketed for being *legally* parked b/c they don’t live in the city, I do hope that VA tickets you when you go to Arlington, Alexandria, Target, Costco, the movies, wineries, the Pentagon memorial, or any number of places that you might visit and legally park. It’s an utterly ridiculous policy, and an outright money grab.

    • you mean when we go there and park in private lots?
      you can park in the dc costco lot for free.

      • Exactly. As a DC resident AND a driver, I have to say I appreciate the enforcement of these rules. I basically never drive during the weekend (especially later at night) because I know my usual parking spots will be filled with cards from VA and MD. I would have to drive around for an hour to find a spot five to six blocks away.

        I can’t imagine how horrible parking would be if they didn’t enforce these rules.

    • You do understand the difference between parking on a public street and parking on private property, right?

    • Your analogies are awful. And it isn’t a money grab! If the OP’s friends filled out the proper paperwork, the “mafia” state would stop “harassing” them.

    • houseintherear

      Those places do not have the same laws because they are not as heavily populated as the city of DC. Parking in those places vs. DC is not comparable.

    • The difference being, no one willingly wants to stay overnight in VA when they live in DC.

    • I don’t need to leave the District for Costco, Target, the movies, memorials/monuments, or most anything else I need to entertain myself. But when I do I follow the law. I don’t act self-righteous or oblivious about why a jurisdiction might possibly have an interest in ensuring that residents of that jurisdiction properly register their vehicles–and creating a (relatively hassle-free) work-around process for non-residents.

    • Any DC resident that drives to the twin hellholes that are the Pentagon City Costco or the Arlington Target deserve to be ticketed, if only for stupidity.

    • Yeah. Sorry. You’ll have to explain to me why I would ever go to VA. We have CostCo, Target, and movie theaters here, and more than a few monuments. Also, your wine is awful. Sorry.

    • The judges deduct one million points for use of an improper analogy.

    • DCS: Just to throw in a less snarky reply, your premise is faulty.
      The folks in question are not parked legally – that’s the whole point. However, the city does provide a process by which they can become legal, the ROSA process, as discussed extensively above. Let them get the ROSA permit; then if they get a ROSA ticket their complaint will be legitimate and I will have some sympathy.

    • You’re joking, right? Old Town Alexandria and North Arlington will ticket you blind. DC residents can get ticketed just the same for parking in a residential zone without a decal.

      • No idea about Old Town, but I had a california license plate for about 4 months when living in Arlington (about half a mile from Ballston Metro station). Never got any ticket of any kind.

    • justinbc

      Virginia wine is terrible. I hope nobody is leaving the District to go out and consume that crap.

      • jim_ed

        Whoa Whoa Whoa, let’s slow down here. The stuff out in Loudoun isn’t very good, but Virginia has some excellent wines coming out of the Charlottesville/Orange area. Keswick and Barboursville make some really nice bottles.

    • Ha, Virginia is not as attractive to DC residents as you seem to think it is, particularly given that you cite Target, Costco, and the movie theaters.

      Also, there are enforceable limits to parking in all of those places as well. If you are really that worried about parking overnight on residential streets several times a month in DC, and don’t want to file for a ROSA exception, then park in your precious Virginia and take the metro in.

  • Maybe if folks didn’t keep using their parents’ address until the are 30 so they can vote in their home states while living here then this wouldn’t be necessary.

    • We can pretend it’s about voting, but everyone I know of that age runs into one road block and just gives up because their parents aren’t there to do everything for them.

    • If DC really wanted to make some money, they drive around the alleys of popular areas of NW DC (Columbia Heights, U Street, Adams Morgan, etc) and start ticketing out-of-state plates on private parking pads. On my alley alone, I know of at least 10 out-of-state cars parked there 24/7. Oregon, Texas, and Georgia seem to be popular on my block. And some of these people are actually property owners, which I find odd.

      • Under what law/regulation do you suggest DC ticket people for parking out of state cars on private property?

        • That’s the bigger problem. I lived in a high-rise before my current place and had underground parking. There were plates from all over this country and believe me, they all lived in the building for over 30 days. Many of the cars sat in the garage 75 percent of the time and police couldn’t come in to ticket them so they got away with it! These VA/MD residents don’t bother me as much as the true DC residents who don’t register their cars in DC.

        • Alleys are usually public property, not private. And usually nobody is supposed to park there, even though it happens all the time.

        • ROSA isn’t limited to public parking spots. Copied from above:
          429.3 This section shall be enforced as follows:
          (a) When an issuing officer observes a motor vehicle housed within the District that does not display District registration tags or a current reciprocity sticker the issuing officer shall record the following: . . .
          In other words, even if you’re in a private lot, or garage, you can get a ROSA warning, or ticket. Having DPW gain access to those facilities to start this process is another matter, of course.

        • The law that states you must register your car w/in 30 days of becoming a resident here. Most states have that law, but few enforce it like DC does.

          • Yes but mere presence in a jurisdiction does not equate to residency.

            Legally you are a resident in a jurisdiction where you reside for most of the calendar year, and/or the place you intend to return to.

            If a person from Iowa comes to the District for 8 weeks to care for an ailing relative, they do not become a District resident simply by being here. Naturally, they remain a resident of Iowa.

          • @Anon5: the law states you must register the car if it is in the District for more than 30 consecutive days. Full stop. It doesn’t matter if you spend most of the year in another jurisdiction. Furthermore, the DMV has a special 6 month temporary registration for such individuals (for a fee, of course).

          • The 6month permit isn’t renewable, so only viable for a short time. To register the car, you need a DC license. If you don’t live here, you cannot get a DC license. While the wording opens up the possibility of someone coming here often, living elsewhere, but having the car registered in DC, I don’t think its how the law was meant to work. 30 consecutive days seems like a pretty hard burden to meet, however, it’s not impossible: temp work, ailing parent, etc.

  • I had this exact situation happen to me (this blog posted my letter seeking help about it around last September). The good thing is you CAN file your objection online and in my case it worked and the ticket was withdrawn. The extra annoying thing is that according to the law, they have to see your car parked in DC for 30 consecutive days. That makes sense; not TOO many visitors stay that long, and those that do can still object online. But of course, my car had been there for only about a week, so the ticket shouldn’t even have been issued in the first place.

    It’s pretty awful.

    • “The extra annoying thing is that according to the law, they have to see your car parked in DC for 30 consecutive days.”
      Citation, please. I don’t believe this is the case.

      • It isn’t the case. I think people are misunderstanding this sentence from the website: “Automobiles housed in the District of Columbia for 30 consecutive days are required to be registered and display a valid DC inspection sticker and tags when parked or operated on public space.”
        That basically says that if your car is in DC for more than 30 days it needs to be registered in DC. It doesn’t specify anything about how/when they can issue a ROSA warning (car observed twice in a 30 day period).

  • “The city should be happy that these folks are spending their hard-earned money here in the district without consuming any of our services!”
    Any of our services? How about our public parking spaces? It’s supposed to be reserved for residents and short-term guests (2 hours or so), not folks who feel like storing their car here every weekend.

  • as someone who racked up a lot of my own overnight tickets, i feel for you. but why not get a visitor parking pass if you’re that upset?

    • VPP shouldn’t cover many overnight, but they may see the VPP and never check for ROSA which is a win-win.

      • ROSA exemption + VPP = the District parking goldmine.

      • I have on occasion borrowed my mother’s car for several weeks at a time and just get a VPP for it. It’s parked in the exact same spot the entire time and I have yet to ever get a ROSA ticket. My guess is the DMV is smart enough to know that no one is going to continuously go get a VPP when they could just apply for a ROSA exemption online if that is actually what they needed to be doing instead. If the car isn’t truly belonging to someone registered in DC, there’s no incentive to continuously get a VPP pass if you’re going to park there often.

        I’m also curious if the cops tend to issue ROSA tickets more frequently to people who have cars that are registered in the suburbs of DC. My mother’s car, for example, is not and I think maybe they recognize the car actually likely belongs to a visitor than someone who just moved into the city from the burbs.

        But who knows.

  • Are they getting ticketed for parking in residential zone parking w/out a permit? If so, that’s clearly labeled and I’m not sympathetic. The zone system is designed to protect residents from having nowhere to park. Humblest apologies to your boyfriend and the drunkies on the couch but street parking should be a priority for tax-paying residents.

  • Unless they changed something, there is no need to take any time off to come to DC. My boyfriend did this either online or through the mail, it was fairly simple and once he proved that the owner of the car lived out of state there was no issue.

  • Temporary tags from MD and VA that don’t expire for months are fine, visiting friends with out of state plates from time to time is not.

    The men who drink at the end of my block drive up and park with new temp tags every few months, I haven’t seen a new car in the bunch in two years. Then again, the parking enforcement will stop and hang out with them from time to time so go figure.

  • AMEN to the OP Anon at 2:26 pm. I’m very frustrated by this situation on my street and have spoken to the appropriate agencies and they have confirmed that this is in fact a loop hole in the system. VPP and ROSA are separate entities and there is seemingly no communication between the 2. VPP covers parking during the period of residential parking enforcement (usually day time hours) and ROSA is overnight. Once a car displays a VPP, and then gets the ROSA exemption, they are good to go until one expires.

  • Like many others, I fail to see an issue with what DC does. I registered my car for ROSA and it took about 5 minutes and I didn’t have to wait at the DMV, the lady at the counter took care of it right away, and now I don’t worry about getting tickets until January 2016.

  • This discussion VERY interesting to me. I have been on Capitol Hill for 45 years now and I have been wondering for years how heck people can conduct their love lives, given the residential parking restrictions. There weren’t such problems when I was young! Thanks for enlightening this oldster!

  • The solution is to get yourself a guest parking pass, or find them a garage for them to park during the weekend and tell them to metro overnight. The guest parking pass is the obvious low hanging fruit, and something most DC residents know about. This is on you. Like it or not DC targets out of town drivers who stay overnight, especially in restricted zones.

  • It should be noted, the district does not want people driving into it. This is to encourage people to use public transit. If your friends and boyfriend are exclusively drivers, don’t expect much accomidation if you fail to get the right parking. I fail to see the issue here. Those parking spaces are valuable in many places, especially for actual local residents.

  • You could get a guest permit too.

  • I dealt with this. I lived in Maryland and my boyfriend was in dc so of course I’d sleep over and I started getting tickets. But you don’t have to pay them. It tells you kn the ticket to send in some info to ROSA which was some parking thing. When you proved that you were visiting (I said I was sleeping at boyfriends) they save your plate, you stop getting tickets, and you don’t pay for anything but the stamp and copies of your lease/ bills yada yada

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