Burgers replacing Burritos – Red Robin’s Burger Works coming to former Boloco space Downtown

1028 19th Street, NW

Boloco burritos abruptly closed back in December on 19th between K and L streets. It is unrecognizable now as the wood front has been removed. But I noticed a new permit up saying a new restaurant is coming. Washington Business Journal reported it will be a:

“Red Robin’s Burger Works. This will be the second D.C. location for the Red Robin burger concept. The first is located at L’Enfant Plaza.”

You can see their menu here.


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  • Ugh. Red Robin was once pretty good, but they’ve gone way downhill in recent years, if the locations I’ve been to are a good example.

  • Not much of an improvement.

  • AntiAlias

    I’m confused. Is Red Robin’s Burger Works a different chain than the Red Robin with the commercials? There seem to be two websites with different logos.

    • I was confused as well. I went to the FAQ on their website. Says they take Red Robin gift cards but not Red Robin rewards cards. So they are definitely affiliated but clearly trying to keep division financially in most respects.

      I’ve never been to Red Robin. But my guess is that perhaps a regular Red Robin is more like a casual restaurant with waitresses like a Friendlys and this Red Robin Burger Works is more *fast* casual like a Chipotle or Five Guys?

      • Red Robin is pretty awesome if you enjoy screaming at your food and having 12 televisions within eye shot at all times. The one in Rockville even has a television buried under plexiglass in the floor by the front desk for some reason. Kids just love lying on the floor and looking at teevee.

        • Red Robin Burger Works is associated with the other red robin franchise. Burger Works just has a limited menu that pretty much sticks to burgers. Regular Red Robin “restaurants” are more akin to a hamburger hamlet (remember those?) or a bennigans (not exactly the same, but you understand my point). Burger works is trying to set itself up as one of those popular burger joints that seem to be closing all over the place these days.

          Burgers are out. Pizza cooked in 3 minutes in a super hot oven (a la Mod Pizza) are in.

          • Oh wow, Hamburger Hamlet! That place used to be awesome! The last nearby location in Bethesda hung on until sometime last year I believe. It was weird and old inside, but the food was still delicious.

        • They’re guessing that people who live in the suburbs will want suburban swill rather than the swill that bubbles up in cities.It’s probably a little late for this, at least when it come to burgers.

  • According to South Park, Red Robin is a good place to have a wedding.

  • justinbc

    Well the prices are pretty cheap by DC burger place standards, so it’s got that going for it.

  • maxwell smart

    I’ve really been lamenting the lack of burger restaurants in DC especially downtown. Oh wait…no.

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