Smashburger Closes in Dupont


@pcpontificates tweets us:

“.@PoPville @Smashburger Dupont sign being loaded up in a truck. Location now closed. Dupont rats strike again?”

A call to the store confirms that they closed yesterday and are moving to Alexandria. They were unable to give a reason for the abrupt closure. Smashburger opened up back in Sept. 2013.

1739 Connecticut Avenue, NW

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  • justinbc

    Damn, I never got to use all those free burger coupons they gave me!

  • There was a burger overload on Connecticut Avenue… Five Guys, SmashBurger, BGR, ShakeShack… this seems like a needed restoration of balance.

    • Don’t forget Orange and Black, or even Bobby’s Burger Palace.

    • Five Guys has been closed for a bit so the only one of those still on the north side other than BGR was Smashburger. Granted one is probably enough. For those of us on the north side, I never quite have a bad enough craving for a burger to bother heading to those south side options.

  • Yes, “rats” must surely be the reason, on the same block with Flippin’ Pizza, City Lights, the Mediterranean Way market, Bistro Bistro, La Tomate, the Board Room….

  • randomduck

    My experiences there always featured glacially slow service. The place was terminally understaffed, and under even a moderate customer load, the place just couldn’t keep up.

    • justinbc

      It’s funny because I spoke to the founder during his opening and asked him how he was going to compete against all the nearby burger places like Black & Orange, BGR, etc and his response to me was (seriously) “I don’t consider them my competition. We are competing against restaurants, for when people want to have a nice meal out.” I just laughed and wished him good luck. It wasn’t a bad product, but he was completely full of himself. He’s had lots of success, so it’s not all unwarranted, but really needs to tone back the ego a bit.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        I thought they were mediocre at best, but I wouldn’t call Black and Orange or Shake Shack (mentioned above) its competition. Most people who work on the south side of Dupont are going to the other side of the circle for lunch and vice versa. The walk takes too long and pretty much eliminates your lunch break. It was far worse than BGR, but comparable to Five Guys.

  • The way they crammed in the seating, there was no chance of sitting comfortably. Everything was awkward about this place, so it’s not surprising. For this block, north of the circle, BGR is better all around.

  • My one experience was ok but provided no reason to go out of my way to come back.

  • Wait, they were closed because of rats before?

    • Yes, for a bit (as were other establishments on that strip for rat abatement). I have a feeling that the owner/proprietor decided to use this as an excuse to jump off the lease after lackluster sales (well, and product).

      • I think you are confusing this with Five Guys. I do not think this place was ever closed for rat issues.

        Smashburger was fine. I liked the fries better there than Shake Shack’s new fries. And the shakes were good. But yeah, I’d rather have a burger from BGR.

  • jim_ed

    Smashburger? More like Trashburger, amirite!? But seriously, this place had the worst burgers out of the current glut of “better burger” joints.

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